Megan Fox Before and After Plastic Surgery Photo Gallery

Megan Fox
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Megan Fox's Plastic Surgery

Megan Fox has been resistant to answering questions about her obvious plastic surgeries, but observation makes it pretty clear that she's had a significant amount of work done.

One Los Angeles based plastic surgeon says, "It's quite obvious Megan has undergone at least one rhinoplasty operation to change and improve the appearance of her nose. From pictures and footage, it is also evident Megan has had a series of Botox treatments in her forehead, as her expression lines are no longer present even when she moves her face during speech. Megan appears to have plumped her lips using lip injectors such as Restalyne, as they sit higher and further outward from her face, while her bottom lip appears to have been altered. Megan also appears to have undergone breast enlargement surgery. Her surgeries have been well executed. Megan Fox has in fact changed her appearance using cosmetic enhancement surgeries; her current look is definitely not natural."

She looks amazing after her surgery but... she does not even slightly resemble her former self.

— Fan

Plastic Surgery: What do You Think?

Is it all worth it? Depends on who you ask. Hollywood definitely has been offering Fox more jobs, now that she's a curvier, more glamorous version of her old self. But many former fans now refer to her as "Megan Faux," because of her extensive overhaul. Says one fan: "She looks amazing after her surgery but knowing that the only natural facial feature she has left is her eye color puts me off. She does not even slightly resemble her former self. She is no longer natural."

The following photo gallery has a list of before and after pictures of Megan Fox, detailing her surgeries and how they have changed her figure. Does she look better? Worse? Was it worth her career change? Megan Fox herself may be the best judge of that, but that doesn't stop the rest of us from spouting our opinions all over the internet. Check out the pictures and judge for yourself.

Megan Fox Photo Gallery

Megan Fox Nose Job

In this pair of photos, Megan Fox's nose is clearly different. In the left photo, her nose is broader than in the one on the right, in which her nose has become smoother and narrower. Her natural nose was not unattractive, but perhaps her self-esteem was too low to realize that.

Nose Job and Cheek Sculpting?

In this second photo, you can get a better view of Megan Fox before and after her rhinoplasty (nose job). It appears she might have also had some cheek sculpting done.

Megan Fox's Lips

Again, Megan Fox before and after her nose job. Here, her lips also appear different. In the first photo, she appears to be trying to purse her lips to make them appear fuller. In the second one, her lips look unnaturally full, and the bottom lip looks different than in any of the "before plastic surgery" photos of Megan Fox.

The Boob Job

This "before" picture seems to have been taken after Megan Fox had already had her nose job and other facial plastic surgery. Her breasts, however, are noticeably smaller and less full in the first photo. In the first photo, her spaghetti strap dress reveals that her breasts are small and her cleavage is wideset. In the second photo, however, Fox wears a strapless dress that is completely filled out in the bust. Her breasts are fuller, and her cleavage is spaced closer together.

The Transformation from Girl Next Door to Busty Bombshell

This photo shows a true depiction of Megan Fox before and after plastic surgery. In this before photo, she looks like a fresh-faced, all-American girl next door. Her face is pretty, her chest is natural. She looks like a model. In the after photo, Megan Fox has already undergone all of her plastic surgery procedures. She looks older than her years, despite all of her plastic surgery.


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Comments 34 comments

ivory 6 years ago

well she does look way different but we cannot judge what makes her happy that's her decision..i belive she is really pretty now but she had the natural beauty before.. sad what hollywood does to ppl

bella 6 years ago

it is not her in any of this "before" pics

iluvceleb 6 years ago

Megan Fox has still the body, which other girls would like to have :D

me 6 years ago

yes it is her "BELLA" Why do people constantly deny the amount of work megan Fox has had? She's had 2 nose jobs, a boob job, botox, chemical peels, dental work, chin implant / shaved jawline. AND she wears blue contacts sometimes. She is 100% plastic.

clay 6 years ago

she is HOT

hater 6 years ago

hahah what makes her happy hat girl is that fucked up she wouldn't know the difference between up and down, if u have ever read any of her interviews you would understand that it is all for attention, she clams that she that ugly she wants to die because she confessed that she thinks shes a man in a womans body and then shortly after she did a string of mens mag shoots if she was that embarrassed of her body she wouldn't be able to do those shoots she also said shed never touch a man because they r disgusting and dirty then she said she wouldn't touch a woman that's been with a man, then she said shes been fucking since she was 14 and if she could shed fuck her self then she got married to a MAN, and she thinks her director is Hitler, if u watch shoes like 20 to 1 it proves that before picture are her,

as u can tell im not a fan not to mention she just got her eyes done to now shes got chonga eyes

still her!!!!!!!! 6 years ago

. .8s okki!

. .your still beautiful 4 me!!!

. . i just kyk you the way u do!!!

rezaul 6 years ago

Megan Fox nose job before and after plastic surgery photos are splendid. There is no doubt that she looks better than before.

MXN 5 years ago

If you ask me, I do like her new face shape cause she looks gorgeous in her new look, though some people might argue with this

MXN 5 years ago

If you ask me, I do like her new face shape cause she looks gorgeous in her new look, though some people might argue with this

so what 5 years ago

whatever floats her boat...i think shes pretty at least she got a good doc.

so what 5 years ago

whatever floats her boat...i think shes pretty at least she got a good doc.

celebritie profile image

celebritie 5 years ago

I didn't know that megan fox had plastic surgery done, but from the pictures it is obvious she has went under the knife. I think she looked better before the operations.

timesnewstoday 5 years ago

After watching the photos all I can say is that she looks very hot after the I like her even more...

juno 5 years ago

c''re telling me that if you'd had the change to have surgery you'd turn it down? let's face this days it's all about the looks.

Aegina profile image

Aegina 5 years ago

I just wonder why she did it when she already so beautiful and perfect. Unbelievable.

Astra Nomik profile image

Astra Nomik 5 years ago from Edge of Reality and Known Space

There are many kinds of hot...Megan is just 2 of, before and after. Heh. :)

lilyfly profile image

lilyfly 5 years ago from Wasilla, Alaska

Well, in a patrynomic system, you can expect this drek. Matrilineal is the way to go... but hey, I like this stuff... lily

... 5 years ago

To me it is not about the fact that she does these suregerys. Its just so friggin anoying that every signle guy deeep within really wants to fuck this girl. Boyfriends never admitt it, but i busted my friends boyfriend almost druling at a topless photo of her. And she is not even real, she is made on a doctors table under a knife because she can afford it. And she walks arround and is praised as the most beautifull girl in the world and it is buoght beauty! THAT is what annoys me....

Harvey Stelman profile image

Harvey Stelman 5 years ago from Illinois

Cyn, Looks good either way, but which makes her happier? H

Dimegirl 5 years ago

If she does not watch it she will look like HEIDI MONTAGE soon!

Philpott Online profile image

Philpott Online 5 years ago

I think Megan Fox is gorgeous before and after. If I had the change to tweek a couple things and get a new look, I do it. Go Megan!

sam 5 years ago

Wait, isn't the 3rd "before" picture Katy Perry?

mulberry1 profile image

mulberry1 5 years ago

I'm not good at this. It looks like maybe she had botox and some type of enhancement of her "boobs" but beyond that I can't tell much difference.

jamesjacques profile image

jamesjacques 5 years ago from Seattle

wow that was way more information about megan fox than I needed to read. I will never see her the same lol

CynVela profile image

CynVela 5 years ago from The Interwebs Author

Sam, before her surgeries, she did resemble Katie Perry. She had more of an all-American girl-next-door look, like Perry.

FunnyShirts profile image

FunnyShirts 5 years ago from America. The Northern One. WERD

sexy now, but cuter before. Cuteness >>> Sexiness, as it's more "authentic" and therefore come across as more "personal".

sparklycrown profile image

sparklycrown 5 years ago


john cina 5 years ago

she is hot

Viewerx 5 years ago

At least 2 of the before photos are of other people. Look at her on-line high school pics and compare to new ones. The 1st and 3rd pics would not fit in any way between the old and new.

essie 4 years ago

Even with surgery or without,She is very pretty

Ani 3 years ago

I think that there is no use for surgery for she was enough pretty and the real beauty is much estimated now.but definitely there are differences before and after surgery.

gel 2 years ago

She is prettier now...

truth 2 years ago

She is totally different now... 100% a different person.. I don't like the way she looked before ..too ugly in before photos and in movie confession of a teenage drama queen IMHO

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