Megan Hartig: A Beautiful Star Destined for Celestial Heights!

Who is Megan Hartig? This is a question I found myself asking after stumbling across a photo of her on the Internet Movie Database. Specifically, she was featured in their "Fresh Faces" section along with other up-and-coming actors and actresses. Among a page of impressive faces, however, she stood out with eyes so blue that the sky itself might envy her. If this lady has any acting ability, I thought, she will certainly be a star. It crossed my mind that perhaps I should rent one of her movies.

This turned out to be a perplexing problem as her only listings at the Internet Movie Database were two short films, Ghost of a Chance and Denial . I have tried to find short films for viewing before and it is almost always a difficult task, so I sighed, moved on and hoped I would soon have a chance to see her in a film. Certainly such a beautiful woman would soon be flooded with offers for major motion pictures. I would have to be patient and wait for the rest of the world to recognize what I could already see.

But those blue eyes would not let me forget this lady and later that afternoon I found myself searching for her tiny masterpieces online. It turned out that this time, finding these films was easy. In fact, I found even more...

Ghost of a Chance

Megan stars as Charlie in this short film with Colleen Benedict as Eve and Buster Satterfield as Richie. Obsessed with the disappearances of three local women, Charlie seems to sense odd things are happening in the town of Strodesburg. Is she just paranoid or is there something sinister going on? And just how does Eve fit into these odd events? A spooky little film written and directed by Brit Godish.


Megan plays Bethany in the short horror flick Denial with Jessica Sherr as her friend Amy. Bethany has been feeling a bit under the weather and Amy thinks a change in what Bethany eats may be the solution. Bethany tries to resist, but Amy just will not take no for an answer. Written and directed by Ruben Rodriguez.

Keep Your Hands Off My Soul

I also found a short called Keep Your Hands Off My Soul which stars Sean Deblat as John and Megan as Sybil, a young woman trying to offer John's body as a vessel to her demon master. But those evil spirits can be so frustrating! It was written and directed by Valerio Lanieri.


And finally, I found Mirrors . This very short film (under two minutes) just features Megan waking up and getting ready to start her day. It was written and directed by Ibro Bawa and is probably meant mainly to show his impressive cinematography skills, but with a woman as beautiful as Megan, it cannot help but become a beautiful piece of art!

I also learned that Megan has supporting roles in three films -- The Rough Cut (directed by Mariya Somova), Ten Buck Baton (directed by Mike Brochu) and The Sitter (directed by Ruben Rodriguez). I am not sure when these films will be released or how big the roles she has in them are or even if they are features or shorts. She also had featured parts (that I believe are fairly small) in two other films (that I believe are short films) -- Benevolence (directed by Lee Peterkin) and Melancholia (directed by Michael Woods).

Megan Hartig has just begun the journey to stardom but she certainly has a bright future ahead of her. Will you join me as we watch this fascinating young lady become a star of tomorrow?

Megan will be starring in an upcoming short titled "The House Guest" from MOJO Creative Group -- the same people who brought us "Ghost of a Chance" and "Denial"!

A Couple More Photos from the Internet...

Do you see what I see in this fine young actress?

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kittythedreamer profile image

kittythedreamer 5 years ago from the Ether

Wow! How gorgeous and unique is she! Well-written hub and great pictures you've selected. Voted up and awesome.

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