Memphis By Daylight

Memphis By Daylight

Memphis By Daylight

by Chuck RitenouR 12-2-2K2

verse 1:

I've got black coffee pumpin' thru my veins

I'm rolling like thunder in a runaway train

Radio's blasting, the window's down, miles of black top nobody around

took a handful of "Beauties" about midnight gotta make it to Memphis by daylight.

verse 2:

on my last leg, gotta make this ole rig move

gonna be holdin' my baby in my arms this afternoon

dropped my load in Chattanoga at a quarter to three

now there's no one on this old highway but "Smokey" and me.

a quick stop for fuel and to grab a fast bite gotta make it to Memphis by daylight

verse 3:

My head is throbbin' and my hands are shakin'

Got the hammer down and I swear I ain't brakin'

There goes that Memphis City Limits sign, Lord I've missed that girl of mine

there's an urgency I can't fight and I'm in Memphis by daylight

the end.


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