Michael Jackson: Black or White ??

Now with Mikaeel (or the artist previously known as Michael Jackson, aka Wacko Jacko) much in the news for his name change and religion change and all, I keep thinking of his other spectacular changes over the past years. His skin color change, his (many) nose changes, and countless other changes that rendered the original MJ well nigh indiscernible in the new and unimproved version; the list is seemingly endless. Look here for a hilarious and comprehensive catalogue of his sad metamorphosis from the photo on the left to the photo on the right.

One thing that always bugged me was the lyrics of his song Black and White: witness the lyrics of that 1991 song where the songster repeatedly assures us that IT DON’T MATTER IF YOU’RE BLACK OR WHITE.

Now if Will Smith had said these words, I would be willing to listen; the man personifies cool, and his talent certainly makes an irrelevancy of something as inconsequential as skin colour. If Denzel Washington said them I would take my mind off the central fact of his terrific good looks for a moment and listen.

But when person who has spent incalculable amounts of time, energy, effort; to say nothing of actual money in getting from Black to White, one does indeed raise the eyebrows. If it actually DON’T MATTER IF YOU’RE BLACK OR WHITE, why try so hard to achieve Caucasian looking facial features?

The change in skin colour may well be the result of an actual and ineluctable illness (reportedly leukoderma) rather than something achieved by design; however admittedly repeated procedures of rhinoplasty and other plastic surgeries to achieve distinctly non-African–American looking nose, cheekbones, chin, brow bones, lips (don’t think I left out any part of the face there) does not sound like a person who is particularly unconcerned with his racial characteristics.

Then again Black or White happened at a time when MJ had already morphed into a non-black person right? I if you check the old video (path breaking for its time and still rocks) of the song the MJ featured there is nothing like the MJ of old doing Beat It or Billie Jean.

So then perhaps these are the magnanimous warbling of a white person announcing to the world that IT DON’T MATTER IF YOU’RE BLACK OR WHITE! So he took all that trouble to become white, in order that he could tell the world that it did not matter whether a person was black or white.  Rrrrright; that makes perfect sense.

I am the first to admit that I love Michael Jackson’s music; always have; but I also have to admit that in all else the man’s a basket case…..

Before and After

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cashmere profile image

cashmere 7 years ago from India

What a change! Great comparision photos!

KymAlicia92 profile image

KymAlicia92 7 years ago from Mount Isa

Did he really change his name to "mikaeel"?

Reena Daruwalla profile image

Reena Daruwalla 7 years ago from INDIA Author

According to reports he changed not only his name but also coverted to Islam.

tomdhum profile image

tomdhum 7 years ago from memphis tn

Do you think that he was treated justly before his trial and after the trial? Who was Michael Jackson we only saw many of the strange behaviors presented by the media and by Michael Himself. Like to hear what other people are thinkng of Michael now that he is gone.

Reena Daruwalla profile image

Reena Daruwalla 7 years ago from INDIA Author

I have always thought that he was being targeted because he had money, not that he was spared because he had money. Eccentric, weird, tremendously talented I would call him all of that, but not go so far as use the word pedophile.

lrw 7 years ago

i like ice-cream

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