Reasons Not To Mourn Michael Jackson's Death

While many mourn the death of the great popstar Michael Jackson, many are scratching their heads about how they should feel about the death of the legendary Pop icon.  He’s a respectable, well-accomplised musician with an amazingly successful career and arguably the best performer the world has ever seen – but despite all the accomplishments, here’s a list of some of the strange, unusual eccentric points of Michael Jackson’s life that make us scoff.

1) Constant Legal Battles– Michael Jackson struggled in legal battles, surrounding himself with an army of lawyers and fighting allegations of sexual abuse of children that came about in 1993 – an unforgivable no-no in society. Someone as high-profile as Michael Jackson is under constant threat negative attention, spending millions of dollars on amusement park rides and zoos, inviting children to your home, and being constantly watched by paparazzi - don’t you invite this kind of attention?

2) Potential Pedophilia – Accusations that Michael Jackson was a pedophile snowballed over time as he fought through the legal battles, working with legal teams for a financial settlement to make the problems go away. Jordan Chandler, a 13 year old at the time, claimed Michael Jackson had touched him. Others who had met Jackson and had been on the ranch denied the claims that Jackson was a pedophile, but even his own sister La Toya Jackson at one point claimed he was a pedophile. Was Michael Jackson abusing children? The world will never know.

3) Typical Hollywood Stunt Marriage – In 1995 Michael Jackson married Lisa Marie Presley, daughter of Elvis, whom he depended on while addicted to painkillers and drugs through the trials. In typical Hollywood fashion, they married and were divorced within the first two years.

4)      One of the worst video games ever made – Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker released by Sega in 1990  was co-developed by Michael Jackson, featuring the pop star as he shoots his “magic power” at enemies that included Dancing, Bubbles the Chimpanzee, and incredibly boring gameplay.  A player is encouraged to walk through eccentric, unusual environments with the goal of saving children with Michael’s dance moves and listening to shoddy, MIDI-quality Michael Jackson music. 

5) Hilarious Obsession with Peter Pan – Michael Jackson lived a childhood being constantly told what to do, where to go, how to act, how to sing with parents that pushed and prodded him to musical success.  As he grew older, his thoughts of childhood grew and he embodied the idea of Peter Pan and “never growing up” to the degree that he built a multi-million dollar development in California called the “Neverland Ranch”.  Neverland Ranch featured Jackson’s own personal amusement park complete with carnival rides, a zoo filled with exotic animals, and murals of Peter Pan and cartoon characters.

6) Vain Obsession with His Looks – Michael Jackson, through the course of high high-profile life and music career, evolved from a dark black child to a light-skinned monstrosity with a sharply pointed nose, thick chin, wide, thin lips, and long straight black hair – many of the qualities of an eccentric white woman mixed with the profiled, thin facial shape of a Steven Tyler or a Mick Jagger. While denying unpopular allegations of plastic surgery, it is undeniable that his appearance changed dramatically over the years. Jackson blamed a rare skin disorder for the change in his skin tones and was often found. In addition to the physical changes in his appearance, Michael Jackson was often found wearing ridiculous eccentric clothing like a silk veil he would wear over his face to hide his appearance.

7) Holding a Baby over a Balcony – Does anybody remember Michael Jackson holding an infant over a third floor balcony in Berlin to greet his fans?  Remember that baby was even wearing a mask?  Come on. Who does that. Really?

8) Mistreatment of his own children - Any parent would have to agree that Michael Jackson sincerely cared for his children, but mistreated them horrible.  Naming one of them "blanket", he would instruct them to wear masks, give them anything they ask for, denying them a mother and putting them through the grueling attention of the Paparazzi that he had become immune to.  Hardly a normal childhood he claimed he wanted for them.

9) He left more debt than the GDP of a small country - For a singer worth somewhere near the billions of dollars, Michael Jackson's frivolous spending combined with lawyer fees and battles in court left him vulnerable to the point he was forced to sell his ranch.  Jackson died with over 400 million dollars in debt and his children will inherit it all.  Thankfully, the value of Jackson's music should outweigh the burden of debt he left behind while the mothers of the children fight to get their hands on the former Michael's assets.

We will all remember the good and the bad, and Michael Jackson's music will live on forever! I  hope you have enjoyed this compilation, I invite your comments and thoughts on this eccentric pop legend. For more on Michael Jackson, please see my hub for reasons why we mourn the death of Michael Jackson.

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7 years ago

How DARE you? You are nothing to criticize MJ! Nothing!

dusty 7 years ago

He was a freak! and nothing but a freak. I hated his music it was simplistic and cliché. I think he woke up thursday morning looked at himself in the mirror and realized just what a complete idiot he was and killed himself.

ANDREA S. 7 years ago


greg 7 years ago

Rot in HELL pedaphile !!!!!!!!

john 7 years ago

He was what every child molester would love to have. A amusment park, a zoo and a little bit of disney all at his private residents. Had the fortune and fame to do what ever the heck he wanted with young boys. It just makes me sick that we mourn this monster. His music and his trends will never remove the damage he did to those children. I would just hope that people just realize he showed no remorse for what he did! It does not take a rocket scientist to Know he was a child molester and now it is his time for judgement.

redwards54 profile image

redwards54 7 years ago from North Carolina

I am amazed at the people walking around in disbelief ,saying non-stop that they can't believe that he died.I mean are they really serious.Did they not see him personaly change his looks from a nice looking guy to a one man freak show??? All you had to do was to look at his face.

Rich 7 years ago

uh yeah, Pedophile, freak, and he left a huge debt apparently. Are people blind? stupid? both?

bill yon profile image

bill yon 7 years ago from sourcewall

Have you ever seen someone who has lost pigmentation in their skin?they look like burn victims it's a rare disease called vitiligo.Do you believe in the justice system?He was found not guilty.yes he was eccentric,crazy,weird,and all that,but so are a lot of celebrities,and yes he had plastic surgery and yes he took it to far.But he wasn't bleaching his skin to become white he was bleaching his skin to even out the tones,do some research on vitiligo,it's a very rare disease,and what kind of person are you that you would disrespect a dead man?

7 years ago

....and there are 100s of reason to Mourn Michael Jackson's Death!

wmd profile image

wmd 7 years ago from South Jersey

I am with the many people who are confused with Michael Jackson's death... on one hand I am a big fan of his work, and still enjoy watching him dance and perform... His music videos were like none other, and none will ever be like his.

On the other hand, the good Michael Jackson died a long time ago. We have watched him changed in such extremes and with the accusations tossed torward him it is just too much. He admitted to sleeping in the same bed as little boys and thought nothing was wrong with that.

It is always ashame when a legend dies... but the peak of his career was such a long time ago that it is almost as if he was gone long before he even died.

adrienne2 profile image

adrienne2 7 years ago from Atlanta

You people are really something else!

Quizzle 7 years ago

The first picture i thought was Stephenie Meyer, especially when the word "pedophile" popped out at me.

R.I.P 7 years ago

all you michael haters can go to hell and suck balls

michael was amazing.seriously i think most of you envy him 'cause he is something big and he mad something of himself while you sons of bitches are sitting on your lazy asses doing nothing.

come on a man is dead here and all you have are negative remarks. don't be sorry motha fuckers

i loved michael.for his insperational song.and even with all the haters and the liars he was strong and he still did his thing.


popintervention profile image

popintervention 7 years ago from Atlanta, GA

Being accused of a crime and aquitted on all 14 counts leaves no room for confusion. It's a "Big no, no" to persecute someone who has been proven innocent or who has served their sentences.

Sunny Josephine profile image

Sunny Josephine 7 years ago

Well, I agree with you to a certain degree, but this is not the time to be bashing him. He was a son, a brother, and like it or not, a father. It also should be noted that he was found innocent and no we'll never know the truth, but as not, he is now dead and shouldn't be bashed. No, I don't believe he should be idolized. He was a great entertainer, but even taken away all possible charges that he faced, he was full of mental issues. I remember at the height of his career and then then the child molestation charges came up which disgusted me. I don't know, or no one really knows, but I am now leaning towards the possibility that he may very well have been innocent after all and over the past few years of his life, I had come to feel sympathy for him. I really do hope he is at peace now which he never seemed to find in this life

CaffeineInsomnia profile image

CaffeineInsomnia 7 years ago from Planet ERF Author

Thanks for the comments, everyone!

This hub has been overwhelmingly more popular than the "good" about Michael Jackson, the hub is here for you to read:

ethelmertz profile image

ethelmertz 7 years ago

Hey R.I.P. : We can express our opinions just like you can. But name-calling just shows the lack of your intelligence. You can love Michael Jackson without calling others obscenities and being belligerent. By the way, what is the word 'motha'? I don't think it's in the English dictionary.

Caffeineinsomnia 7 years ago

Ethelmertz:Yeah I considered removing that one altogether but then decided the author spoke for themselves.


rest in peace michael. 7 years ago

hold on sweeties, how can ANY of you talk about Michael Jackson? i have a question.. where were YOU when HE was sellinq out shows, huh? probobly watchinq him on TV WISHING you had as much style, swaqq, fame, & fortune as he did. y'all are such haters! did any of y'all neqative monkey's even know him?! ..didn't think so! don't come on here talkin' cash shit when he's not around to defend himself. & if he was, [God bless the dead] he'll probobly look at you & lauqh, throw some money & tell you to qet a life & stop worryinq about his. damn, let the man rest in peace. he ain't been qone 4 a week & ppl already qot shit to say. i don't like a shit talker.. never have. y'all know he was a leqend.. turn on the TV every show that means somethin' talkin' about MJ whether it's qood or bad.. THEY STILL TALKIN' ABOUT HIM. who talkin about y'all lame ass?! nobody. this must be your entertainment.. but y'all talk it, he LIVED it. his name ain't DICK so keep it out your mouth. it qets me how everybody so "I LOVE MJ" when he dead. but when he was breathinq y'all ain't show him NO LOVE what's so ever! all i have to say is, he's qone. let him rest his soul. keep your neqativity & hatred inside that wicked brain of yours. he's not here so there's no need to talk about the dead as if they were one of the livinq.

he will always be missed. NEVER forqotten.. never..


r e s t. i n. p e a c e. [MJ] i qot cha homie.

-BAd- 7 years ago

oh yeah & "ethelmertz" or whateva. you need to chill. "RIP" can say what they feel just like you can. everybody qot their riqht to talk and state how they feel. im all for it. BUT don't talk about a deceased person because they're not here to listen. it's POINTLESS. have you ever heard of the sayinq "..if you don't have nothinq nice to say, don't say anythinq at all."? which means don't come on here with neqative comments about a dead man. stop beinq childish & qrow up. & as for beinq iqnorant? no, never that. you stay on that side of the cpu.. & i'll stay on mine.

just like you voice your opinions "ethelmertz" please believe i WILL excerise my riqht to voice mine too. now you have a nice niqht/day.. whatever it is on that side. just know who you are talkinq about before you talk about it.

God Bless!


r e s t. i n. p e a c e. [MJ]

olga88 profile image

olga88 7 years ago from TX

I have to say that Michael Jackson was a true Genius! Artisticly, there has been no other, and will never be another King of Pop like Michael Jackson. It was not only his songs, but his unique dance moves, and performances. He knew how to market himself, and knew what worked - boy did it worked. A lot of artists have tried to immitate him, why? Because he has been the one to follow to be successful. All Michael Jackson's works, truly phenomonal! No doubt about that. The evidence is there. So, I'll say it again, Genius!

Now, about the allegations? I wasn't there. I won't judge. But what I do know is that he was declared innocent. About the way he looked? I refused to judge someone because of his/her looks, or physical condition. I won't judge a book by its cover before even opening it, and have read through it. I won't point the finger at someone, or criticize him/her because he or she looks or behaves different than I do or the rest of us.

I believe we all have different mind sets, and different in our own way. Some, very few are a lot different, and maybe that's why these people are geniuses. Only the few surpass the rest of us, in a way that is difficult for us to understand because we are in another mind set. And we view things from a different perspective.  

If we would all be the same, I just can't imagine how boring life would be...May Michael Jackson, King of Pop, Rest In Peace!  Amen.

Here's more on Michael Jackson:

Ani 7 years ago

I know more about Michael now then I did before he died. I watch more of his videos now because it's everywhere. All I can say is that he really loved kids and I think that he never hurt any kid. I can't say this is true for 100 percent it's just what I believe. He had a father who was abusive, but he still came out strong, and created many things that we loved. His dance, style, music, and many other things. He used his fame to help kids. Not many celebs do that. I admire Michael. I think because he was so famous everyone tried to bring him down. That's what happens when you are so famous and have so much money.

R.I.P. Michael Jackson

ethelmertz profile image

ethelmertz 7 years ago

Hello R.I.P. (aka 'BAD'): I was referring about your use of verbal obscenities when talking about others. I believe Michael Jackson was a legend, too, and think your use of profanity would disappoint him completely. I didn't say you can't express your views about MJ, just be a little less coarse in your language when talking to others in this blog.

ethelmertz profile image

ethelmertz 7 years ago

ANI: Now, YOU have made some good points whether we agree with them or not. MJ's father, in my opinion, was a tyrant.

Jessica 7 years ago

I think this is so disrespectful.

anon. 7 years ago

It absence ever swift,Its soul now set Adrift.

Its HIStory Amid Civility & Anomosity,Yet Having Eternal Universal Luminosity.

Its evolution declare the Essence of TimeEmerging Ingenuity in every Rhyme.

Its Departure leave An indescribable legacy That'll Proceed farther than the Eye See.

The memory of you too timeless to lose it..

Rest In Peace MichaelRest in Peace Music

- JAYs e r e n e

roddma 7 years ago

The real child molesters are walking free. To john and greg what about the ones who hide behind religion just to get it on with kids? To me they are the worst kind. The ones on reality tv with upteen kids are the ones who need investigating in my opinion.Those who hate his music have no class and don't know what music is. He didnt curse in songs are degrade women like so many rap songs. He is ten times more talented than the ones who sing the junk music you like so well today. Celebrities pull crazy stunts all the time like riding with kids in their lap etc. Unless you grew up in the 80's you do not understand him. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.

pushpinder 7 years ago


luv u MJ always

JenRoering 7 years ago

I genuinely believe MJ was a tender soul who had a big heart and I think his love for children wasn't sexual, he was trying to make up for his perceived lost childhood.

I agree with some others here who say we lost him a long time ago. Watching him go from talented and handsome to a freak show was sad. I was relieved for him when I heard news of his passing because I thought he was leading a terribly tragic and lonely life. His life was quite a mess & he went out of this world at the perfect time, with 1 million ticket holders anxiously awaiting his farewell tour he wasn't able to deliver.

Now that he's gone do the kids still have to wear blankets in public?

Any death is sad, and we should be respectful but this business of being offended by anyone who says anything other than "I'm devistated" is silly.

Daniel Carter profile image

Daniel Carter 7 years ago from Western US

It's pretty evident MJ had to live with his inner demons all his life. EVIDENT. Rather than condone or condemn, I think it's well for each of us to consider our own lives and personal demons before throwing rocks. Chances are rather high that if any one of our private lives were plastered through the media for 4 decades, we would yearn for some privacy too. 

Still, I'm neither defending or condemning. I don't know what the truth of who MJ was to say one way or another. However, with all the allegations, there is probably some truth about them somewhere. To what degree, I don't know. 

Regardless of your opinion of him as a good or bad person, he was a genius in many respects. And geniuses usually pay a high price for not fitting in mundane, ordinary categories of humanity. 

I'm just sayin'...

Ralph Deeds profile image

Ralph Deeds 7 years ago

Michael Jackson was undeniably a super talented performer. However, I was never a fan beyond his Jackson Five stage. Aside from his performances, his life was hardly exemplary. For me the "big three" remain Elvis, the Beatles and Bob Dylan. And I could name fifty black entertainers that I prefer to Jackson, as performers and as individuals. Jackson was a tortured soul with whom I sympathized but did not admire throughout his troubles and triumphs. Perhaps he;s now found the peace he never enjoyed during his troubled life. R.I.P. Michael Jackson.

Lena M. profile image

Lena M. 7 years ago from Toronto

I must say I disagree... an obsession with Peter Pan and a bad video game are reasons to not mourn an extremely talented, legendary artist's death?

Ralph Deeds profile image

Ralph Deeds 7 years ago

There is no reason not to mourn Michael Jackson's death. However, this doesn't require a 3-ring media circus for ten days. And it doesn't require admiration or preclude criticism of Jackson's eccentricities.

rest in peace michael 7 years ago

"ethelmertz", you make me lauqh. you must do this for a livinq. & i can talk to others as i please. don't come for me. like i said, you stay on that side & i'll stay on mine. & how would you know what would disappoint him?! you're not even a fan. some "profanity" is what you ppl need because this whole bloq is so DISRESPECTFUL. & for you to come on here & tell me how i should "express" myself is very rude because you don't know me.

michael jackson WILL rest in peace whether you, or any of the world likes it or not. you should qo listen to "man in the mirror" OR "we are the world".. you miqht actually learn somethinq.

r e s t. i n. p e a c e. [MJ]


Ralph Deeds profile image

Ralph Deeds 7 years ago

Question for Michael Jackson fans--would you like to see your children grow up emulating Michael Jackson? Personally, I would prefer Hank Aaron, Louis Armstrong, Tiger Woods or a hundred other black entertainers, politicians or celebrities. Do you think he was a good example for his young fans?

rest in peace michael 7 years ago

"Ralph Deeds", its a lot of ppl i'd like to see my children emulate. michael jackson is one of those ppl whom NO ONE can replace. as for me, i don't want to see my children "try" to be like someone, i'd want them to be BETTER. you know ralph, i like how you state your opinions without beinq rude or cruel. i disqree with you, but i admire the way you express your personal feelinqs. =)

r e s t. i n. p e a c e. [MJ]


R.I.P 7 years ago

Okay.ethelmertsz is kinda right but hten wrong at the same time. the wrong part about it is that -rest in peace michael is right. Everyone one does have the right to speak their mind,and it does piss people off too come online and look for good memories about someone they love who has died and come online to see this shit.okay i've never been this angry in my life i swear.This just really pissed me off.

but you were right on one thing...

from what i see(no offence) your probley a little old school

correcting grammer and stuff like that......but your right im sure michael would be disapointed if he saw this but happy at the same time

ethelmertz says

R.I.P 7 years ago

um and what's with aka BAD ethelmertz cause that SO was not me

who's lacking intelligence now?


kiffy123 profile image

kiffy123 7 years ago

think im just sitting on the fence on this one!

ok so theres all the craic about him being a paedophile and ok he did do many mad things, but i myself hold no and never will hold any of it against him. as far as i'm concerned, he was one of the greatest music writers and performers in history! he adored his fans and announcing a 50 tour date takes guts and he deserves a hell of a lot of credit for it!

the king of pop is dead, his life should be CELEBRATED not CRITISIED!!!

rest in peace michael 7 years ago

thank you "R.I.P." i liked your comment. & i also admired "kiffy123". i aqree, he is a leqend & his life should be celebrated. =)

r e s t. i n. p e a c e. [MJ]


monkey39 7 years ago

Michael was a child molesting queer. Just because he paid lots of money for people to shut up about it, doesn' mean it did not happen.

Noha 7 years ago

Why do people call him a freak? Its not an insult. It doesn't mean anything, especially coming from you people.

The pedophilia though. Endangering his child, not to mention alienating all of his children for their entire lives. And, yeah, that video game.

If you're going to cry about the death of somebody you don't know, use it on somebody who didn't cry for themselves, someone selfless. There's plenty of people more deserving of respect than Jacko.

Research Analyst profile image

Research Analyst 7 years ago

Everyone has the right to their own OPINION, and that's basically all it is. It has no effect on reality, people can say what they want about how they think or feel about a person, but in the end it does not change the fact that Micheal Jackson made a lasting impression.

He will be remembered by people all over the world, whether they choose to remember only the bad things or if they appreciate the good he shared with the world through his life, music, talent and performances.

Many of us watched micheal grow up in the spotlight, where every part of his life was on public display for the world to see, it really does not matter what people think of micheal, what matters is that his music will live on forever.

Ralph Deeds profile image

Ralph Deeds 7 years ago

All very true.

fortunerep profile image

fortunerep 7 years ago from North Carolina

let the damn man rest in peace, not only was he abused as a child but never had A childhood. You people are so superficial.  I wonder what people will say when you die?

rip Michael


alittlebitcrazy profile image

alittlebitcrazy 7 years ago

Thank you for sharing your opinion. As an author, you have that right! I think it's kind of amusing that people get their undergarments all up in a wad, considering we do live in a 'free' country - and have the right to express ourselves! You have brought up valid points about MJ, reasons people may be hung up on hating him. But overlooking his human nature flaws, he was an amazing artist that I will remember for his talent, not mistakes. Again, thanks for the interesting hub.

Johnny Sparrow profile image

Johnny Sparrow 7 years ago

Wouldn't we all love to know your biggest flaws and mistakes. Ok, so they might not be so eccentric, but at least they show evidence of intense personality, genius and talent. All things I'd say you would be seriously found lacking if compared to Michael Jackson.

olga88 profile image

olga88 7 years ago from TX

I grew up listening and watching Michael Jackson's videos over and over. Michael Jackson's music will live for ever...he will always be remembered for his extraordinary accomplishments and performances! Because if he's not, a whole part of my teenage years, along with hundreds of memories will also be gone. There's only one my friends, one King of Pop!

tinkerbell09 7 years ago

I'll never get tired of defending Michael. All he wanted was for everyone to love him because he loved everyone. Even the people that hated him. You can say all the bad things about him you want, but that just makes him look better than you. And for those of you who are wishing him well in hell, God will have something for you at The Gates for passing judgement on this man. "Thou shall not pass judgement" remember from bible school? Study your commandments. I'll pray for you, your just angry about nothing important and want to take it out on something or someone. RIP Michael Jackson, our King of Pop.

SJ 7 years ago

Hahahaha. So jealous of him aren't you? You don't even have the dignity to have respect for a HUMAN being passed away. Tell me how does it feel? To live with such hate and jealousy in your heart? Do you try to deny it everyday? I feel so sorry for you. So sorry. What are you actually trying to achieve? Getting people to agree with you? So that you can feel a lil, just a lil better about your failed life? First of all, you will never achieve in your life what Michael did, and second, you cant take it away from him, so why are you trying? Im so sure that he is more better looking that you too. And i hate to dissapoint you there are ALOT of people out there who love him very much and always will. Your stupid article, is just lol plain stupid. Do this world a favor and go educate your self more. MJ had the sweetest heart YOU never will have. Awww.. feel so sorry for you, this website.. is that only how far you got in life? Keep talking all the hate you phsyco, King of Music isnt around here to heart that shit coming out of your mouth anymore anyways. Too bad for ya. Michael im so happy that you are in the presence of God and the Glory of God around you. Finally, no one can touch you. Not even this low life loser who wrote this. You dumb shit did they said he was guilty. You will die and be forgotten in a sec, HE on the other hand will always be rememberd.Fuck off this planet, or shut up. MJ We will always love you.

gunsock 7 years ago

MJ was undeniably a wonderful performer but the way he tried to change his physical appearance was bizarre. Some of his early videos show a healthy, handsome young black man. But the man who died was a freakish parody of his former self.

'Nonso  7 years ago

Can we stop crucifying MJ even in death??? Most people have their own demons inside of them which is not as glaring as MJ's because they are not a celebrities.

Rest in Peace MJ...

'Nonso 7 years ago

Can we stop crucifying MJ even in death??? Most people have their own demons inside of them which is not as glaring as MJ's because they are not celebrities.

Rest in Peace MJ...

ThePioneer21 profile image

ThePioneer21 7 years ago from Liverpool

Michael Jackson was undoubtedly a very confused and unwell person. His relationship with his father obviously had a big impact on his mental health, and then being catapulted into the lime light for almost 4 decades is enough so send anyone crazy. I think we should cut the guy some slack- he is the best performer, and the number of album and concert sales prove it.

He made himself an easy target for people like you to hate him, and anyone who has ever made an allegation about him seen him (and his bank balance) coming. Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty?

RIP Michael.

happyness3 profile image

happyness3 7 years ago

Kudos to you, I admire his success of the 80's and early 90's, but I also remember him for his odd behaviour. I think it is a shame that these things are widely overlooked in all the media attention his death has generated. I also think its a shame that his death has overshadowed Farrah's, she was a huge inspiration to me, and I think people should focus on her life more. MJ has been scorned and ridiculed for the past decade plus, and now that he is dead, people are just cashing in on it....we need to let it go, and let his family deal with it.

swingi 7 years ago

To all the ignorant haters. You've missed something beautifull, and you've deserved to miss it. Thinking of the emotional poverty that you haters live in makes me smile, you'll get the collorless lives you deserve :-)

goldentoad profile image

goldentoad 7 years ago from Free and running....

MJ was a perv.

\Brenda Scully 7 years ago

i FEEL SORRY FOR HIM and golden toad you are a bit of a perv yourself

goldentoad profile image

goldentoad 7 years ago from Free and running....

I know, I am not in denial about it. But I never slept with little boys and said thats beautiful.

I need a pair of boobs and a nice butt for it to qualify as beautiful.

\Brenda Scully 7 years ago

maybe we will just wait til you are dead, then start saying horrible things about you..............

goldentoad profile image

goldentoad 7 years ago from Free and running....

you can say them now, I don't mind. I am only for the truth. Truth is he was a perv. Imagine a grown man sleeping with strange children.

\Brenda Scully 7 years ago

you are strange....... leave him alone...... he was not well, and neither are you

goldentoad profile image

goldentoad 7 years ago from Free and running....

Its the truth though. What good does it do to deny it?

\Brenda Scully 7 years ago

dont upset me I had a hard day, I will get Fierycj on to you, he fights my battles, then you would be sad....

goldentoad profile image

goldentoad 7 years ago from Free and running....

cj is nuttin' I can handle him.

don't get upset, I'm just not one to brush aside the truth and I live my life with the idea that my hidin' truths will be exposed so better to come clean and live honestly.

Nicole Winter profile image

Nicole Winter 7 years ago from Chicago, IL

Proven innocent 'n all is fine & dandy until you make a statement about how it is OK for underaged boys to sleep in the same bed with you. That is unnatural and if it wasn't done out of lust then it was just plain stupid. (By the way, straight people molest children, too, it's not just for "queers," thank-you very much.) The man was a pop idol genuis, I feel poorly for his family and friends, he will be missed. He made some poor choices, though, and I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that he was behaving inappropriately with those children. Unless they are your own kids they shouldn't be sleeping in the same bed with you. Period.

borhag 7 years ago


Sleeping in the same bed with a kid that is not yours does NOT make you a pedophile. Is it strange, maybe, but there is hardly any normal aspect about Michael's life. Perhaps we should ban male elementary school teachers as well, because the next time a wheeping kid is sitting on their lap Ooh, they must be pedophile!!! The bottom line is, they wanted too nale him, they flooded his ranch with cops, they gave all they got and in the end he was acquited of all charges, that says enough. The strange thing is that a lot of people are still convinced that he was a pedophile. These people need to ask themselves if maybe some other 'mental illness' could cause an adult man to throw payama parties for kids. Maybe something like having no childhood, and trying to compensate for that? Saying that the only possible reason an adult man would let a child sleep in his bed is because he is a pedophile is very shortsighted, this actually tells us more about you than him. We should be carefull with judging that what we do not know. History has proven that an attitude like that can kill millions of people.

Dani 7 years ago

Is this a joke? A man died. A great man. He's got all my love <3

goldentoad profile image

goldentoad 7 years ago from Free and running....

He was a perv.

bdelehant26 7 years ago

Read my first blog! Michael Jackson will always be remembered as the "King of Pop" and the trials and tribulations will eventually be forgotten while his legacy will live forever!

site 7 years ago

Wow, you guys who say he is perv, freak, etc,...are you all perfect? What have you all done? Have you help people in need? Have you ever donated and really care for the needs like he did? He broke the world record for the most charity donor.

What have all you guys did? All you guys can think of is bad-mouthing him and saying all the bad stuffs. Hey, look at the man in the mirror. I am not going to say that anyone who are against him is wrong. You have your own opinion and I can understand that.

And to answer Ralph Deeds, I am a fan of him ever since I was young 5 or younger. And now, I am 19. I have learnt a lot from his songs and I am not like most teenagers you see nowadays who are attracted to the heavy metals genre, smoking, piercing, going out beating others up (even tho i know martial arts).... reason is, I understand that most people need love. I am not a linguist so I cant express myself well through words. But I do it through action - I am open to be friend to all - I have some friends whom are a little 'mental disorder' and not many want to befriend them. So I decided to make them smile. I am not saying that I am good or what, but I am just saying that his songs has meanings that can make you understand others who are in need.... not only monetarily in need but mentally. =)

Michael Jackson has always been my inspirer and I believe that he is not as bad as this hubpage is stuffing its reader.

CaffeineInsomnia profile image

CaffeineInsomnia 7 years ago from Planet ERF Author

Comedian talks about Michael Jackson:

Ford 7 years ago

Well I guess your another nut trying to get attention and more jam to your shd even be lucky to even have people reading your blog....Your working off what he made himself to be....your just using what MJ was to achieve the unachievable...its people like you that make the world more cant just see what the world is good at and can only think of your self and you alone.

You must admit, he was a genoius, I bet you and your family wd have to live for centuries to achieve what he achieved in just 50 years....You just stupid...I don't think you even know how to moon walk.

When your dead, trust me u will have few people to even laught at you, come on..just admit your one black african eagle trying to feast on a dead cow's body....

I hate you

Patti 7 years ago

"He who cast the first stone better take the speck out of his on eye." The prostitute was going to be stoned to death. When Jesus spoke these words everyone droppped their stone and walked off. I believe Michael is in Heaven. I believe he was saved. I think he Loved Jesus. He had issues. We all have secrets and issues. If you say not you are in denial. Denial is not a river in egypt..Since Michael was 'Hollywood' the Media jumps on it with everyone else. Greed was what I saw. Immediatley. P eople thought of ways to make money from Michaels Death. I saw t-shirts, music,you name it it was for sale, if it was remotly a Michael Jackson thing. it went for sale. Is this self serving? Greed rules. The light always puts ou the dark. Always. Anyone that calls hm a fool is a bigger fool. finger three come back to you.. Are you without sin, am I? People need to grieve when they loose something. it is a process.. Loss of parent, a job, a home, a vehicle, a bottle of booae, cigaretts, an animal, pot, coffee, sugar, drugs, stocks, savings,wheat, a breast from cancer. Get a grip. Live is about giving. He bothered no one. The Media claimeds he did.? He was proven innocent. God forgives us of anything when we ask. You don't think he had his times with the Lord? So what he had stuff, then lost it. I lost everything. I started over. he was trying to start over.. He was a gifted Artist. God created him with talent. If you did not like his music, you did not listen or did you?

Maybee your music suck too, so I do not listen. I g=do not go tell everone how you suck.Does it really matter. He will be missed by millions. He touched many lives. He gave love.He was a giving man. He got around the Darkness and it took him down. Jesus loves him. He is lucky he is in heaven no tears, suffering, pain judgement, illness, bad boy, good boy. He was loved. If millions of people are going to miss me when I pass that would tell me I touched a few lives. My human ego would like that idea. I was missed. Judge not less you be judged. "Shalom" (means joy and peace)

Where is your heart today?

DrJ 7 years ago

Michael Jackson hasn’t been this stiff since Macully Culkin spent the night at Neverland Ranch.Because Jackson’s body was 95% plastic, he will be melted down and turned into legos, this way kids can play with him for a change.Reports that Michael Jackson has died of a heart attack in his home are untrue… He actually died having a stroke in the children’s ward.In the spirit of recycling, Michael Jackson will be melted down into plastic party cups so kids can still get their lips around his rim.In accordance with Michael Jackson’s will, little boys’ pants shall be flown at half-mast today.Doctors are looking into claims that MJ’s death could have been caused by an allergic reaction from eating 12 year old nuts.I heard Michael Jackson died of food poisoning from eating a 5 year old wiener.Micheal jackson will always be with us… he is not biodegradable.Farrah Fawcett arrived at the Pearly Gates and God asked her what he could do for her having led such an honest life. Farrah asked God to simply make sure the children of the world were safe. Five minutes later, Michael Jackson died.MJ’s dying wish was to be melted down and turned into straws so he can still get sucked on by kids.It has been released that MJs last wish was that he wants to be melted down and made into a slide so kids can go down on him forever.In memory of MJ’s death, McDonald’s is coming out with the new “McJackson”. It’s 50 year old meat between 12 year old buns.Michael Jackson’s ashes are going to be put in an Etch A Sketch so kids can still twiddle his knob.Michael Jackson’s death has now been ruled a suicide. Apparently doctors told him that the only way he could get whiter is if he died.Only in America can someone be born a poor black kid, and die a rich white woman.Madonna sent her condolences to the Jackson family. Then asked how much they wanted for the kids.Breaking News: Casper the friendly ghost was molested in the early hours of this morning!Michael Jackson’s last words: “Take me to the Children’s Hospital!”What was Michael Jacksons last hit? The floor!Michael Jackson died of a heart attack. He really shouldn’t have looked at the man in the mirror.

Leave for people to see 7 years ago

Q: What’s the difference between Michael Jackson and a grocery bag? A: One is white, made out of plastic, and dangerous for kids to play with and the other you carry your groceries in.

Q: How can you tell if Michael Jackson has a hot date? A: There’s a big wheel parked outside his house.

Q: Why does Michael Jackson like twenty eight year olds? A: Because there are twenty of them.

Q: Who does Michael Jackson consider a Perfect “10″? A: Two 5 year olds.

Q: How does Michael Jackson pick his nose? A: From a catalogue.

Q: Why did Michael Jackson place a phone call to Boyz-2-Men?? A: He thought it was a delivery service.

Q: What has 18 balls and 3 pubic hairs? A: A Michael Jackson slumber party.

Q: Did you know they’re putting out a Michael Jackson stamp? A: Fans get to vote for the white or black Michael Jackson.

Q: What’s brown and often found in a baby’s diaper? A: Michael Jackson’s hand.

Prince Michael Jackson, Jr. – you know in a few years they’ll probably change his name to: The Child Formerly Known as Michael Jackson’s Baby.

Bruno 7 years ago

Comedian Sacha Baron Cohen is a fearless, equal-opportunity offender, but when it comes to jokes about Michael Jackson in Cohen's new film "Bruno," there apparently are limits: at the last minute, "Bruno's" filmmakers have cut out a sequence about Jackson and his sister, La Toya.

When the film was shown to audiences several weeks ago, "Bruno" included a scene where Cohen's title character -- a flamboyant Austrian fashion journalist -- conducts staged interviews with C-list celebrities, including Paula Abdul and La Toya Jackson. When Cohen's Bruno character is interviewing La Toya, he asks about Michael Jackson and then takes La Toya's personal digital assistant and begins looking for Michael's telephone number.

Cohen then begins dictating some numbers in German to an assistant (the suggestion is that they are Michael's phone number) as La Toya becomes increasingly alarmed by Cohen's conduct, which includes using kneeling Mexican laborers as chairs). Soon thereafter, La Toya leaves in the middle of the interview.

But when "Bruno" was shown to Hollywood insiders at the film's Thursday night premiere, the scene was nowhere to be found. The sequence was apparently deleted between Michael Jackson's death in the middle of the afternoon and the commencement of the screening around 8 p.m.

Universal Studios, the film's producer and distributor, issued a statement saying the scene was removed out of respect to the Jackson family.

anti-borhag 7 years ago


the only reason he was not send to jail is because he paid off the kids parents. not only that but when you have money you don't go to jail, even if you are black or at least born that way and later wanted to be white...Your argument is weak and undersupported with ignorance... Not only are you not good with words, you lack common sence!!!

site 7 years ago

Michael Jackson is a great dancer. Read my above comment(somewhere up there).

Lastly to the hubpage creator, looks like a nice strategy to make this hub being in top of google. Nice seo method. Thanks for the indirect help :)

I will never forget Michael Jackson - my inspirer

Halle 7 years ago

It's a shame how judgemental human beings are

yes he did crazy things but the fact remains and nobody can change it he was the best singer dancer performer of his time and our time and will be of our children's time MJ is a true icon his record his been unbroken for decades and the person to brake it still needs to be born.

NOW LET THE MAN REST IN PEACE and focus on your on lifes

iced Mocha 7 years ago

People are SO quick to judge. Yet if ONE person is a freak/pedophile etc., (based on your speculation) and not worthy of acclaim, why do you not judge ALL celebrities the same?

Woody Allen, R.Kelly, ELVIS PRESLEY, Jerry Lee Lewis, Roman Palanski, etc. were all PROVEN pedophiles, no doubt about it....where's the outcry over those that still roam, free to practice their perverse pleasures sans scorn or ridicule???

As far as him changing his looks...Michael apparently wanted to change features on what? How many of you "keyboard supermodels" out there wouldn't change something on yourself if you could? Not saying that you'd go to the extent Mike did, but who's to say?

When Mike was most of your ages he had ammassed a fortune. What are you doing with YOUR lives now, besides spitting on a dead man's grave?

In addition how many 50 year olds can you name (including some of you, your mothers, fathers, etc.) that are not GROSSLY overweight. The man was 50...about to do a world tour. While you sit at the computer, stuffing your face with whatever, being vile cretins under the guise of "freedom of speech."

You people disgust me.

solarcaptain profile image

solarcaptain 7 years ago from california

Some live their lives through the artistic works of others, somehow getting satisfaction out of the buzz created by a celebrity who was out of their reach but living vicarously, they received more than a small measure of satisfaction and pleasure buying and sharing whatever his laltest performance had to offer. His genious was in his choreography, his amazing dance steps, and the big show with all the music, the lyrics, and the dance written and performed with himself in the lead. His life, like many artists before him, was a tragic diorama that puzzled him as much as any of his fans or his detractors. He tried to make his life imitate his notiton of what a life should be , and not a life complete with lines on the face, warts, or a misshapen nose that most are born with and just have to put up with. He never learned, I suppose, the tragedy of mixing life with art, or that life is not fantasy for most of the people who have to take responsibilty for all the basic stuff that makes the performer look larger than life, while performing, and gets him to his fantasy castle and those toiling behind the scenes at home to go-fer and to hustle and cater to his every whim, all bought and paid for, of course. Sadly, he failed to learn that those in the center ring are subject to tight scrutiny, of the type that can lead a person to the inqiusition. did he do it? Well, that doesn't matter when the harsh light of the inquisitor shines directly into one's eyes. It is the act of placing oneself at risk, so that whether anything happened or not, the appearance of something happening, or the likelyhood that something happened, well, he did admit to sleeping with the boys and no society can accept it, even though he was acquitted, he is guilty in many peoples eyes. Consider the stress one must go through at such a charge, proven or not. His body, already malformed from various attempts to improve his already fine appearance was also abused from too many prescription drugs. He is gone but his great music will live on for other generations who will not have the conflicting feelings that swirled around him in life. The name calling will eventually die down but discussion about his work will live on in universities across this and in other lands as well. His work will be performed and copied. This is the way of all art. The muse makes a choice, and for a brief time the artist soars, greater than life, then the lights dim and go down at an all too early age. Often amid contraversy and confusion from those who only see the entertainer, the performer, and not the greatness lying within his or her works of art, there is that clamor to discredit the work, and not the tragic life that created it.

A gentle, naïve and loving soul is among giants. His sins will be decided by other than man, and that is as it should be.

Ralph Deeds profile image

Ralph Deeds 7 years ago

Iced Mocha, not sure who R. Kelly is, but the others you named have gotten plenty of bad publicity and criticism over their behavior although it was not as eccentric as Michael's. I'm not sure it's accurate to say that Woody Allen or Roman Polanski  are pedophiles. Polanski was charged with statutory rape and has been unable to return to the U.S. for fear of arrest and trial, Woody Allen fell in love with a young girl adopted by his then wife Mia Farrow, divorced Farrow and married the adopted daughter--reprehensible but he wasn't accused of a crime. Jerry Lee Lewis's marital life was scandalous. According to Wikipedia his third wife was only 13 when he married her (he claimed she was 15). When this became public he was banned from radio, and his career nearly came to an end. I have no doubt that when he dies people will be reminded of this sorry episode. Public scrutiny and criticism are the price of celebrity. Jackson has not been criticized any more than many other celebrities whose strange or immoral behavior came under the public spotlight.

Bon Kute 7 years ago

these are pretty well-know facts

EZGI E 7 years ago

YOU SUCH A LOSER.How dare you can say those stupid things,are u sure you are the right person to criticise him.I don't think a person thinks the way you think can judge him with these nonsence.IT IS OBVIOUS THAT YOU ARE NOT RIGHT.I DO PITTY YOU. do make some research about his chilhood,he has been through so many awful things but still ,he never wanted to talk about it.MJ IS STILL THE KING , nomather what stupid people like you say.GET A LIFE ...

Ralph Deeds profile image

Ralph Deeds 7 years ago

I agree with almost everything you said.

1twistedbaby profile image

1twistedbaby 7 years ago from Middle of a cornfield, Iowa

May I comment please?? I understand what M.J. has been through having been through alot of it myself, however, I did not grow up to impose those demons onto another human being. I have been in the company of some who believe that because they were molested or abused as a child, it is ok for them to inflict the same onto other children. M.J., in my opinion, is guilty of child molestation. Just as guilty are the parents of those innocent kids for child endangerment, child pornography, and prostitution. No amount of money could make up for someone harming my child, shame on the parents who allowed their children to be alone in the company of M.J., even if only suspected of such a thing. As for M.J. himself, I did not care for him as a person, his personal decisions are not mine to judge. I do believe him to be genius no matter what he may have done. I cannot completely condemn his legacy, but I will not support him either based on my suspicions that he is a guilty man.

Thank you

Nicole Winter profile image

Nicole Winter 7 years ago from Chicago, IL

Ugh. Seriously, people. Ugh. In response to everyone who is using bible quotes to support MJ's extra-curricular activities, judge not lest yea be judged, etc, etc, etc... GOOD GRIEF. What is *wrong* with you people?!? The man made some poor decisions in life! Anyone else would have had their children snatched away from them by social services and possibly spent a goodly amount of time in jail. I DO NOT care what happened to him as a child; abusing other children as an adult led him to become something of a monster in my eyes. Okay, borhag, you do not believe that sleeping with children that aren't yours makes you a pedophile, but ask ANY parent if they would *mind* if a man slept with their child in a bed, (I don't care how big it is,) who isn't a family member and I *dare* you to get a yes answer from *anyone* ... Your argument about male school teachers is RIDICULOUS! No teacher, NO TEACHER, has the right or responsibility to have MY CHILD sitting on their lap, not male, not female. DISGUSTING! As Deeds said to Iced Mocha, the people you mentioned, Mocha *were* blasted in public. Lewis's carreer was nearly ruined because of his disgusting behavoir. I don't admire any of those people, (R. Kelly was supposedly told by the girl that she was 18, however, not sure how to feel about that,) Woody Allen *should* have been charged with something, honestly, he took advantage of that girl and his wife's trust. As I said before, my heart goes out to MJ's family during this time, I did admire his incredible talent, but ya'all who are defending him by using the bible as a cover make me sick.

1twistedbaby profile image

1twistedbaby 7 years ago from Middle of a cornfield, Iowa

I agree with you Nicole, there is no excuse for that type of behavior at all. And I have never and will never read the bible, sorry to those of you who do, just not my thing.

CaffeineInsomnia profile image

CaffeineInsomnia 7 years ago from Planet ERF Author

Thanks for the comments. This hub has gotten more attention than I ever imagined it would. Thank you all for participating!And yes maybe I will write about r kelly and jerry lee lewis. Sounds fun.

hipriestess4u 7 years ago

Michael reached his fulfillment in the generation of me. The cult of

personality, fecundated then slowly putrifying. Michael was just a symptoms

played out by nature. the flower blooms giving full glory to god, then wilts,

slowly dies and returns to the earth from which it came.....


olga88 profile image

olga88 7 years ago from TX

CaffeineInsomnia: Thanks for helping me promote my hub (indirectly) Totally the opposite of this hub. See my postings way above. I have to say CI, this article has been very clever of you to gain a lot of views. I'm not being sarcastic. I truly admire your cleverness, and your guts to have written something like this. I don't agree with a lot of things, but I have to admit it was quite witty. You had a genius idea. As a hubber, I congratulate you!

Krystian17 profile image

Krystian17 7 years ago

what the fuck?

Why are you critizing Michael? What did he ever do you? Granted he wasn't as normal as other people and was still living in his childhood mind but he change everything and including people lives. He have many admirers mor than you ever will. He didn't discriminate against color, sexual orientation, or where you came from or who your parents are. He made a few mistakes but hey what the fuck everyone makes mistake. Nobody isn't perfect. Michael was only asking for help because he didn't know how to and just wanted someone to love him the way he love them. But apparently when it comes to ignorant ass people like you you cant see that. Who cares about the negativity Michael had? Granted he did some wrongful things but don't we all do? People always griefing his negative side what about his positive side? Donating millions of dollars to charities, becoming the king of pop, being an icon to the entire world. Ok granted the child molesting thing but do you have proof he actually molested the child? Do you have the proof we need such as done a rape kit on the children to prove it? I don't think so, I don't want people to look at Michael as he was freak bcuz we all make mistakes and everyone isn't perfect at all. If you don't like Michael ok, welldone your opinion but you shoyuldnt blast things you have no clue about but only what the media have told you and showed.

Let me ask you a question "How would you feel being denied a child hood? Always being called ugly, and being told that you weren't gon grow up to be anything? How would you feel? everytime you think you find love end up being what i wpould called "Pety love" a game for some fame..How would you feel?

Michael wasjust looking for love and he was just confused. He was a very good grateful, generious guy with loads of talent that made wrongful decision.

CaffeineInsomnia profile image

CaffeineInsomnia 7 years ago from Planet ERF Author

Olga: Thanks, glad you liked the idea. I was shocked to see how many people found this hub and the interest in posting on it. I can only hope that others will enjoy my writing, including my upcoming novel and my protest blog:

Krystian: I disagree with your premise because on principle it's not OK to sleep in bed with other people's children as Michael Jackson clearly did. But we're all welcome to our own opinions. Did you read my hub linked towards the beginning, praising Michael's accomplishments? I don't have to accuse him of anything, my friend... like most who have read my hubs, they tend to enjoy reading the controversial, it seems yourself included. And there's no problem with that, we all like controversey.


olga88 profile image

olga88 7 years ago from TX

Indeed, Controversy is the Queen of popularity...

Neha 0010 profile image

Neha 0010 7 years ago


Surely he was a bad guy.

sam 7 years ago

You really have to get your facts right, all children of celebreties are posed to paparazzi that is not highly unusual in Hollywood. LMP already braught the details of their marrige out, including that it was real and why they broke up. If he was really a pedofile she wouldn't endanger her children for a "Hollywood marige". And the assets of MJ are more worth than his death, leaving his children behind wis capital and not debt. Come on get real!!!!!!!!! I am not a die hard fan of MJ but clearly you only want to see what you want, the question is why? Besides, there is nothing wrong with spoiling your childeren.


Lyl 7 years ago

Pray for his soul

maria_g28 7 years ago



Big John 7 years ago

I love the outdoors.

fortunerep profile image

fortunerep 7 years ago from North Carolina

He was human just like everybody else. He wore masks to cover the pain inside. Personally I feel bad when anyone dies but there are 1000s' of missing children who deserve just a fraction of the attention he has gotten every time he screwed up or now dead.


dave 7 years ago

if he wasn't a child molester why did he pay $20,000,000.00 to that kid to shut up,stop revering these freaks of society

Carlito 7 years ago

I respected Michael greatly as an entertainer. As a person who really knows? Only the people who truly knew him can judge him accurately. From what I saw at the memorial. Do you haters seriously think if he was a pedophile. That all these important and respected people would tarnish their reputations and put it on the line for him ?

He could have been a real great person, to which I'm leaning more towards. With how the media is at times, no denying how influential some networks and magazines are in twisting things to make a quick buck and cause mass hysteria.

So I'm glad there's people who voice their opinions with some class. I just feel sorry for some when I see them voice out with utter stupidity from both sides.

We have to many keyboard warriors who believe in the media to much and let their imaginations filled with hatred run rampant.

Justthinkingoutloud 7 years ago

I think if every person had to live their life in the eye of the public, it would drive us all nuts. What's funny is for those of us that have nothing even comparable to his accomplishments are the ones that Judge the hardest.

It's hurtful to my heart that people believe only what they want to believe whether there is any truth to it or not. Which lithmus test do you use to determine how you make an opinion about something? Usually based on your own life and limited circumstances which is HUGELY out of range for being fair or with any regard to humanity. Has anyone ever turned to "good news" on T.V.? As the news highlights that which is the MINORITY, we have to put those things into perspective.

Michael, a pedophile? I don't believe it all all and here are my reasons:

His life was an OPEN BOOK...from start to privacy, no sympathy....he was abused as a child and turned into a Mega-Star...I bet Joe Jackson didn't think that would happen...He was used, deprived and neglected as a he decided to give back..not just to little boys as many would like to say, but $300 million dollars to charity? Some celebrities would do good to make $300 thousand a year let alone give something away to a good cause. Trying to give back what he never received as a child made him an AUTOMATIC target. As a mother of 5 children, if I was worried about sending my kids to MJ's house, I would either go with them or they wouldn't go without $$$$ could keep me away from my children..but look at Debbie Rowe...she took the money over the that's a switch, but could it be because she knew those CHILDREN would never be harmed? That the money she gained in that deal would give her the chance to live out her own dreams? She wasn't worried about those kids because they would never be harmed.....why people don't think about that, I just don't understand it!

If you had to open up your life, you mischevous, your lies, your skeletons in your closet, what would people think of you? But greater than that...why are we at all worried about what that Man did with his life, with his choices, with his appearance....when he left this earth and went to heaven, God already forgave his sins, no matter what they might have been. So why can't we get over what it is that we THINK we know about him and appreciate the music that he shared with us through our lifetime! Thank him for his kind and loving heart to the betterment of mankind as a whole! He not only spoke about peace, he lived was the world that attacked him with no mercy and decided to Judge him just as they did Jesus....We crucified him in our world nonetheless and we stole his childhood for our livelihood...

If Michael was here today, I guarantee you, he wouldn't change not one thing in his life so what changes do each of us need to make in our our little world? In our minimal existence? What have we done to make things better for anybody? Those are the things that I think about....let us not be so selfish but think of others first! What kinds of mess will we leave behind? Oh and don't worry, Michael Jackson can accumulate money while he's dead so his family will never have a want all the days of their lives....he is STILL providing in spite of his death!!

Peace first....Judgement comes later!

I_am_a_mom 7 years ago

Michael Jackson was exonerated because he had millions of dollars at his disposal for a defense attorney, a PR Rep, Image Consultants and support from the many friends, family and fans who had not been abused by him. Don’t you think that he would have been caught many years ago if he didn’t do his best to control who and when he abused? Pedofiles are smart that way. If you abuse 8 out of 10 kids you get caught. If you abuse 1 out of 100 kids then you have 99 witnesses to say you’re innocent. Having a hard life, a horrible childhood, incredible talent and being very charitable does not excuse you for even one incident of abuse. Just because you are a celebrity does not give you the right to do whatever the hell you want but then again, I guess it does. There is your example. I do feel for his children. They have lost their father. But there have been many children of pedofiles, murderers and rapists who had no idea what their father was doing and had perfectly normal wonderful childhoods. It’s a perfect cover. What really bothers me is the fact that the taxpayers of LA will have to shell out money to pay for this very over the top memorial which should have been a very private ceremony.

IrishJig89 profile image

IrishJig89 7 years ago

First of all, Michael was not convicted of any sexual offense. 2, mainly when you criticize Michael it's out of ignorance of what happened to him as a child (remember the incidents with his father). 3, Michael was an extremely accomplished super-star in the world of pop (hence the name), the only reason for that marriage stunt with Presley's daughter is obvious, to get the attention off of the accusations of him being a pedaphile. Michael is innocent, and did so much for this world and the people in it.


jgoodz 7 years ago

LOL you are pathetic, you want to ridicule a mans memory because he liked his own looks? or had an obsession with peter pan? you are pathetic, and your jealousy is puerile...........

shocked+horrified 7 years ago

im horrified! im a young person and now seeing what all these MJ haters have to say really scare me, because there are going to be bastards like u in the real world! michael jackson was a kind soul! he was aquitted for the charges. and these whole crap reasons not to mourn him is horrible!!!!!!! y r u trying to reduce the memory of this great man. im just sickened by this. THANK YOU all TRUE michael jackson fans who have stuck with him through all this. sure when i was younger i never really listened to the media but i made jokes about the guy but since his death i learned about him! i learned he has NO RIGHT to be disrespected like this. U HAVE NO RIGHT to disrespect him. REST IN PEACE MICHAEL "THE KING OF POP" JACKSON! U DISERVE IT!!!! MJ haters can suck it

liya 7 years ago

Jealous Alert, You Are Pathetic. GET A LIFE.

MJ LOVER 7 years ago

1. He had vitiligo which is a skin disorder that causes the pigmentation of the skin that's why he used gloves, hats, umbrellas, and clothes that covered all his skin.2. He had problems because of that, he had cancer and his nose had a problem it colapsed.3. He didn't wanted to wear black, straigth hair, his hair was burned while filming Pepsi's commercial.4. He actually never was a pedophile, jordan chantler actually just confesed it was all a lie and that he did what his father told him to.5. You see the video of the baby in the balcony, well if you see a women helped him open the window, he was showing tha baby to the fans not trying to throw him or something, it was just for like 2 seconds, and he covered tha baby just because he didn't want him to be seen by the people in the world and might kidnap him and ask money for it, that's why he hide his other children. 6. He never wanted to kill them, you see his daughter spoke beautiful things about him.7. He was such a sweetheart, when his video partner Naomi Campbell said like Damn, he told her not to do that, he suffered a lot of emotional and physical pain, because of those rude people, but NO ONE EVER would be like him, he changed the world, he was one of the better persons in the whole entire universe, and i know God is proud of what he did for the world, and his family, and children, and fans who really care about him know he is better than most of the rude people.

Taxslave 7 years ago

The only thing worse than MJ is, the MORONS who will excuse anything this queer child molester did.

Maybe now that the king is dead we fill find out what a phony, lowlife, monster he was,is and will always be!!!!!!!

star 7 years ago

first of all you can name your kids what ever you want and his name is not blanket that's his nickname ...his name is Prince Michael Jackson the Second

So Get it right you gone try to talk smack about his sons name

plus your a very sad person to try to stop people from mourning him he was a good man ... just leave him alone its sad how he still has to go through this and he isn't even alive anymore

Shaley LaFleur 7 years ago

And who is going to mourn you? No one.. If you aren't a fan just leave him the HELL alone and let his fans and family mourn him. Just because he was famous doesn't mean he was perfect because no one is. I would like to meet a perfect person! And despite his quirks and troubles he was a HUMAN BEING, who did a lot of good in the world. I would like to see you get on a stage and perform your heart out, then donate all the proceeds to starving Africa, Children with Cancer. I would also like to see you create a burn center. Compose a song with a roomful of other famous top artist and again donate to charity. Can you do that?? I don't think so considering i've never even heard of you in my LIFE! And yes i realize that every one is entitled their own opionion. But lets not be stupid, Don't trash talk the dead no matter whom they are for it will come back on you. Karma is a BITC'H. And if you aren't a fan GOOD for you, do you want a freaking cookie. If you aren't a fan, then why go look at articles on Michael Jackson, Yes i realize he did things that aren't to be proud of but everyone does, he was just a person. A person who did more and accomplished more in life than you ever will. Why don't you go look at things you like and let those who do like him and are mourning his death look at articles on him. Makes no sense.

RIP MICHAEL JACKSON, if they ever let you.

LeeAnn Van Der Byl South Africa 7 years ago

Im a MICHEAL LOVER 4 SURE, my submission is as follows,there is a difference in celebs givin money to charity, and when it coems from someone simply because they hurt at what pain and suffering they see, and that they never came from a rich background, or inherited money, or have a degree in something, but a raw GOD given talent that he(Micheal)polished to the perfection that we came to enjoy, and from that 39 charities, world breakin record, he gave and continued to give.And this has nothing to do with his eccentricities, God knows we all have our things we do, and the more money you have the more you are able to endulge yourself. But that never takes away from the person this world had.I honestly believe, as I have made up my mind a long time ago, that this world MISJUDGED MICHEAL, and there are so many apologies coming from those who misjudged him, because the truth is coming out now, as to whether he ever really molested anyone.The planters of that destructive seed(Jordy and his ilk)achieved their objective, they destroyed his(Micheals)career, but truth comes out.Its amazing how easy it was for the media to feed minds like yourselves, and you drew a conclusion before Micheal could even tell his story, yet its difficult for people like yourselves to believe that Jordy Chandler has confessed to the biggest plot of all time.And that may have a lot to do with why people are already apologising to dead Micheal for their misjudgement, because Micheal took it worse than the media said, and he handed his pain and disappointment to a drug to help him deal with it.Maybe a weakness on his part, or bad decision, but that soul was housed by a normal body like yours and mine and it feels pain.

When a person cannot do what we take for granted"sleep at night" one should wonder, because murderers and peadophiles sleep well at night, its what they do, why would they loose sleep at night? A crazy person doesn't know they crazy!But when you really get accused of the thing that goes against the core of your being, it can make you seek medical assistance that you become addicted to.I BELIEVE MICHEAL HAD A STRONG HEART, AND WAS STRONGER THAN HE THOUGHT, SURVIVING 50YRS OF BEING MICHEAL JACKSON,AND REFUSING TO HAVE HIS MISSION ON EARTH DISTURBED BY THE STANDARDS AND EXPECTATIONS OF THIS LOST MEDIA CRAZY SOCIETY, IS COMMENDABLE, HE DID WELL!!! And yes, i don't see nothing wrong with letting kids sleep in my bed, when all they want is to be with someone they love to be around.Im female and a mom of 38yrs, and have 2 sons who are part of a dance crew and there is nothing wrong and will never be anything wrong with how we lay next to each other when we watch tv, together with my sons and husband. These boys don't even have parents and live in my hse, and i give then the love they don't get, and there is no sexual anything involved there, but even if the world frowns, who cares, like Micheal, we choose to live in our world where there arent any sick adults and everthing there is natural and beautiful, the way GOD would have it be, and still without sexual connotation.AMERICA IS MEDIA CRAZY, AND FOR THOSE FEW WHO THOUGHT FOR THEMSELVES, they came to realise like i did long ago , that MJ was a manchild, who refused to grow up cos he loves that world he created and only with a childs heart can one relate.unfortunately when adults enter so does contamination, opportunity and destructive agenda!! YES THIS WORLD MISJUDGED HIM SO BADLY, AND HE SURVIVED YOU AND STILL GAVE AND GAVE,HE STILL LET BOYS COME TO HIM, COS HE HAD DONE NOTHING TO BEGIN WITH.Anyone guilty of paedophilia, would aviod a recurrence, moreso since the world zooms in when you are as large as MJ was and is.

I was at first disappointed at MJ settling out of court on the Jordy case, but later realised as is now being confessed by Jordy that his dad said: 'Either way we win"

Even if MJ saw this thru to the end, he was already convicted and found guilty by public opinion, through the hungry media of course!He was already losing his fanbase, and huge contracts before the case went to trial!Either way he was going to pay and the Chandlers win! The seed planted is what grew in the public, and the media kept that garden well watered...Trials take years, and your career dips during that time.The best advu=ice at the time was to settle and try to pick up the pieces while there were still some left.And I say, that as a mom, if anyone touches my sons inappropriately, no money will stop me from telling the world what the real MJ did, it amazing how 22 million consoled the Chandlers.They stood to make money anyway, by selling their version of the story to the media/tabloids for and equivalent to the settlement amount.YOU THINK ABOUT ALL THIS FIRST, INSTEAD OF GETTING ADDICTED TO THE DRUG(MCL)That is MEDIA CRAZY LOSERS,Mike had flaws and imperfections, but by expert analysis,could never fit the profile of peadiphile. Yes I know its hard to believe something so good, even with eccentricities, could be with us in this world,MJ was Christ, and when we don't fully understand, as humans, we fear, and when we fear, the only thing to help overcome our fear is to destroy the cause of the fear...we been doin this forever, and nothing's changed! MICHEAL SURVIVED YOU!, Not with money but with the spirit that God put there, and MJ's job here was done long ago...everthing else thereafter was a bonus(extra time)Try loggin in and hear what psychics say about MJ, from the spiritual side!

michael's greatest fan 7 years ago

im immensely honoured that i lived on this planet in michael jackson's era.there's no chance of another electrifying performer like him,in the rest of the centuries.talking about him as a person,i don't think none of his haters have had a close look at the way he smiled,so pure,so innocent.he did not did not did not molest children.if he did he wont be repeating in his interviews that he shares his bed with children.all he meant was sweet and friendly.he'll live till eternity,for me.i love him.and i know that i will meet him soon,wherever he is.ill be waiting so bad for that moment

manmade76 profile image

manmade76 7 years ago from Kolkata

I think different people having different opinion, for me its a shock

krisco 7 years ago

sick mind with sick article. what kind of insecurities issues you have? what you bitter souls get from this anyways?

Me..! 7 years ago

Oh my god i HATE YOU... How can you just wright something like that?... CHRIST!!!!! It makes me SO angry. Normally im not that mean to people, but GOD your disgusting and EVIL and i HATE YOU SO MUCH!

Jackie 7 years ago

It is people like you that killed him. As strange as his behavior was it is you and all of the people calling him terrible names, even though he was found not guilty. but people like you and the accusers who would sell their own children for money. It hurt him to his heart, yes, he started to die then and has been dying ever since. People like you wanted his money, his fame and his greatness. There are over 100 million reason to mourn Michael Jackson, because that is how many loyal fans he had and still has.

Jenn 7 years ago

Are you guys serious? Everyone who has something negative to say about him, probably don't even know anything about him. You think you do but you don't. The fact of the matter is, none of us do. Most people just don't have the compassion or want to take the time to understand someone, or the reasons for why they are the way they are. Instead, everyone jumps to conclusions or hops on the bandwagon to judge him. Sure he did some questionable things but it's really none of our business and we are nothing to criticize him.

Everyone should just bugger off, because he was a greater person than most of us will ever be. Someone the world needs more of. People should be ashamed of themselves for continuing to call him a pedophile and what not. The man has passed away, and people should at least figure out where he's gonna be buried for christ sake.

Gabbey 7 years ago

In my opinion, this page should have never even been posted up ! ! All Michael Jackson fans have every right to mourn this wonderful humanitarian. He was one of the most misunderstood human beings on this planet. And actually, you MJ haters already got what you wanted ... HE'S DEAD ! ! ! WHAT MORE COULD YOU WANT FROM THIS MAN ? ! All i'm really trying to say is to leave Michael alone and to let him get the peace that that he can finally get.

R.I.P. Michael

mjfan 7 years ago

love this video love how u are defending michael jackson love the song love how u r telling theses dumb stupid freaks whose really the freaks.

mk777 7 years ago

I'm amazed at some of the comments. As far as the accusations against Michael Jackson, if you study the cases and the facts its very easy to see that he was innocent. His debt was in the form of loans based on collateral weath of over a billion. Do you really think banks just give people money with out collateral? He admitted many times he liked to live in fantasy, the real world was so ugly. At the same time he gave his time and millions of dollars to charities across the world. Also he never said he slept in the same bed with any children! He was one of the greates talents and promoter of peace and love this world will ever know. Ofcourse those of you who chose to hate don't have love or understand it. But even if your a cold person, know the facts and have some understanding of a persons life before commenting.

Fantasy 7 years ago

That is the most ridiculous thing I've ever read & I am amazed also at some of the things being said. A lot of you keep titling Michael as a pedophile, but what you need to do is seek the truth. Do your research before you label someone. Facts are Michael never mistreated his children. First of all, naming a child "Blanket" isn't mistreating at all. It's simply a nickname Michael used with all of his family & friends. He loved his children very much & would do anything to keep them protected. It's understandable why he had them to cover their faces when they went out in public. Steve Harvey even stated that when he met Michael's kids, they didn't act like rich kids so it's obvious Michael didn't spoil them too much. Michael never denied them their mother. Debbie Rowe said out of her own mouth that she didn't want her kids calling her mom. Watch "Living with Michael Jackson: The Footage You Were Never Meant To See" as proof of that. Michael was the biggest star all over the world so of course his children wasn't going to have a normal life & Michael knew that, but he did his best to make it as normal as possible. Michael was not forced to sell Neverland. He left Neverland because during the 2005 charges he claimed police completely trashed his home. Police left his home in a mess & Michael said after that, Neverland didn't feel like a home to him anymore. It was just a house. He disliked Neverland afterwards. Part of the reason why Michael was trying to do the 'THIS IS IT' tour was to help bring in money to pay off those debts so don't act like he left them on purpose. His marriage with Lisa was no stunt. He said he had liked her for many years & the feeling was mutual. It's not uncommon for a couple to divorce in less than two years. A few years ago, a couple who got married & divorced a week later. So why is it we don't say anything about that, but we are quick to judge stars? The baby dangling stunt was, I admit, a very dangerous thing for Michael to do, but I'm he would never want to harm anyone especially his own child. There's a culture in a country not too far from Berlin who throws newborn babies off the top of a hotel to land on a bed sheet being held by several men. To them, it's not dangerous it's some type of tradition so why is it you dog this man, dead & alive, but yet say nothing about those who deem it's ok & make it tradition? The obsession of Peter Pan is also understandable. Understand what the story Peter Pan is about, then look at Michael's life story & ask yourself, "Have I seen Michael's childhood?". Michael's changing face shouldn't even be an issue here. I mean, who really cares about how he looks? Many people in Hollywood has had plastic surgery. So why aren't we making a big deal about the others? Plastic surgery wasn't invented for Michael Jackson you know! Clearly he was not satisfied with the way he looked. If you had a father who constantly teased & put you down about the way you look, then you would do everything in your power to change your appearance too. So everyone needs to get off & stay off that subject. Now, as I close I must comment about one more thing. As far as the molestation charges, Michael's sister LaToya was forced by her abusive & controlling ex-husband Jack Gordon to make those claims. I have provided the site, for those of you who want to read the truth, of a very descriptive article that was written in 1994 about what really happened with the case of Jordan Chandler & how the financial settlement came about. Remember people, get your facts before you trash talk someone dead or alive. You don't want anyone trash talking you when you move on to the next life so don't trash talk others. If you must trash talk someone then do it on your own time AWAY from their loved ones. For those of us who truly loved Michael; family, friends, & fans; let us mourn his death in peace for however long it takes one to accept his death.

lauren 7 years ago

okaay, all im gonna say is.. you gave me 10 reasons (reli pathetic ones might i add) and i can give you a million reasons to !

And about wot you put about being a peodophile ?? i say this to everyone who doubts him.. show me sum fucking proof !?


well for anyone thats interested in the FACTS and the PROOF reply to this and i will show you proof that he WAS NOT A PEODOPHILE !!

your all total dickheads who have nothing else better to do.. one small piece of advice.. GET BACK IN YOUR PLANT POT AND GROW THE FUCK UP !!

RIP Michael x

kidkill 7 years ago

"dave says:

3 months ago

if he wasn't a child molester why did he pay $20,000,000.00 to that kid to shut up,stop revering these freaks of society"


I am gonna tell you:

Because he lived in nightmare and all he wanted was to be free.

That's why.

He couldn't ever harm a child.

That's it. Just let him rest in peace.

lauren 7 years ago

Michael is up in heaven right now, laughing at all you sad pathetic little people who cannt leave him alone and get over it. The people who matter... know he is innocent and always was.

Believe it or not, you people cannt hurt him anymore, he is now truly imortal from your cruel words and spiteful nature.

You make me sick that you cannt leave a dead man (who did FUCK ALL wrong to you) alone. But just think, he is laughing at you, at all the people who ever judged him..

i love you with all my heart michael. i wasn't ready to let you go, but heaven needed another angel... and they got the perfect one the moment you left us xxxx????xxxx

Antoinette 7 years ago

You are so WRONG!!! How dare you say mean things about the dead! He loved his children and tried them lovingly! He was never accused of ANYTHING and his excentricities are his own...there is such such thing as NORMAL and we all have our own "qwarks"...So stop writing this smut and thinking that you are so much better than anyone else.

Fans mourn him because of his body of work. His talent and love for music and humanity! Stop and think before you blast people...oh and get a life!


Nick 7 years ago

Pedophiles are calling MJ pedophile :P

You are so stupid and ignorant that you think he was a pedophile because the media told you so.... You are 1 with the system because your parents wouldn't play with you when you were a child and you learn to live through a tv set.

I personally think he wasn't. The most famous guy in the world is an easy target and a little fish can became a whale

But you are SURE he was. Why is that? Did he touch your tiny winy ?

tina 7 years ago

n the same room with kids and not touch them are just the sickos that would touch them if given the chance. It never entered Michael's mind. He wouldn't have said it on tv that kids wanted to sleep in his room. He slept n the floor. Brad Pitt says he sleeps with all of his kids, some adopted so what does that make him? I sleep with my daughter and her friends if they get become afraid during the night. He was sweet, innocent and gave the children attention they didn't get from their busy parents. He did so much for the world to help people and this is what he got in return. Like I say it is probably you that would do it,it is on your mind not his.

do u reeeally care what my name is? 6 years ago

this is so freaking disrespectful and hurtful! how would u feel being accused of something terrible like what MJ was??? in his position what would u have done? the same exact damn thing!

Love 6 years ago

This is a horrible article, there are never reasons why not to mourn someone who dies, especially if they are someone you know and who has been a part of your life in the past. That said, all the first people who commented on this article are heartless idiots. There the kind of people who tell you "to never judge a book by its cover" but do so anyways because they have no clue what that comment refers to, they just know that what people say. Simply stated the media could have been lying for years, yet you and everyone else assumed Michael Jackson to have been a pedophile, yet if you took the time to research it truthfully (not by using tabloids or what you believe to be evidence because someone said it was, but real evidence), was this the case. If you had looked up the evidence you would realize that there really was none, and that Jackson was innocent. Hopefully some day you heartless jerks will make the effort to analyze the case, but knowing how you guys are brainless, you will prefer to be spoon fed your opinion, as well as your actions on how to act, think, and feel about things.

KD 6 years ago

The Michael Jackson I liked was in the 80s, I did like his greatest hits. That being said, I don't even know the Michael in recent years, when he did all that stuff to his face and questionable situations with children really struck a chord in me at the time. I don't know for sure if he messed with children but feel like it's possible. It is sad that he died, leaving his children behind, any child would feel loss for the death of a father, even if that child may or may not have a good relationship, it's still a loss. I feel like we should just put him to rest and let God be his judge.

freebird 6 years ago

michael jackson can rot and kill all the worms he is a jerk was always a jerk i never liked him at all and well as far as i,m concerned i,m glad the sick freak is gone he was nothing but a glory hound who sang like his jock strap was to tight and his family are nothing but golddiggers. I have no feeling for his family at all and well that little who was crying last year the jacksons no doubt put her up to it

M&Kay 6 years ago

Michael Jackson was and IS the only person to actually bring a whole nation together. Matter of fact, he brought the world together with his music but also his kind heart. All of your hateful callous cynical people need to shut the hell up and stop hating on him. You Must not have a life if you believe lies without hearing what he has to say. Every conflict has two sides to it, STOP BEING DUMBASSES AND KEEP THE BULLSHIT TO YOURSELF! -M


How dare you judge someone without even knowing them... you go by the media and believe what they say... Of course, you take their side without knowing his side of the story. That's ALL EVERYBODY did was... Judge, Judge and Judge him. Hell, Do you know what the poor guy went through in his life? Spent his childhood working as an adult... abused by his own father whom he had to call, "Joseph", was lonely for half his life and was taken advantage on many levels. Don't you even feel a little pity for him what he had to go through? What a crazy life. He didn't ask to be in the spotlight... People put him there. So if you are going to insult him, At least back your shit up... and know what you are talking about using BOTH sides of the story.

M and I are big fans of MJ... and we love him to death. through thick and thin. Without him, We wouldn't be friends today. -Kay

RIP MJ; We love you.

Claire 6 years ago

you are a sick horrible person. Do your research you dope and you will see 99% of the stuff you wrote was bullshit. And Mj did NOT mistreat his kids. If you watched his memoriol or home videos you will see how much those kids loved and adored him, he was a brilliant father and he consealed their faces so the press would not know what they looked like and he kept them out of the presses sight as much as he could

liz 6 years ago

HOW DARE YOU TRY AND WRITE ABOUT MICHAEL IN SUCH A WAY! i think everyone who is a hater is purely jealous of Michaels undisputed talent, and every single hater on this page is NEVER going to be half as succsessful as Michael. all haters will one day rot in hell.

Johnkillrory 5 years ago

Dusty you are a sad human creature that will never be as good or caring as Michael was and still is. I would love for U to just shut up...U are what is very wrong with this country

Neecy 5 years ago

Until YOU yourself have lived the life Michael Jackson lived you can not judge - he was beyond famous, constantly ridiculed and judged and not one of you have to live like that. NONE of us can judge - NONE... and still beyond all the leeches around him, all the unfounded accusations (That's right - go do some research) that haunted him for ever after, all the ridicule, not being able to walk anywhere or go anywhere without being surrounded by everyone - he STILL did so much for this world.. so so much. You can all sit behind a computer screen and judge him but you are useless compared to him. And i love the fact this article criticizes his parental ability yet almost 2 years on his kids are brilliant - intelligent, kind, charming and 'Normal' - and they still love their daddy and talk about him all the time. He was a great Father. He never let the haters get to him so you can give up now. Tabloid Junkies are a joke - go do a bit of research before stating your pathetic opinions as fact 5 years ago

If you knew what you were talking about, you would know that the public made up the name BLANKET

Lizz 5 years ago

you think just because its an article or that it has been a long time issue for michael jackson of being called a "pedophile" that you think its true? how can you not question where did this all start? how did this all start? why do you think he could have molested children? what was the cause of this? do you just read something and believe its true? can you read harry potter and believe that your going to have an acceptence letter to learn wizardrey? how can you just assume something? you don't ask questions like whos opinion is this in?, is this biased?, what side sounds real?, where is the proof?, where are the witnesses? truth is this could all be a lie, all of the children who said they had been abused by michael, their parents could have told them "this man has alot of money, if we say this this and this we could take all of his money away and be rich" nobody ever stops to think about this do they? this article could be a bunch of lies and we wouldn't even know it, we would just sit there and say oh dear lord i cant believe he molested all these children. that is what all of you are doing your not asking questions your just taking the side of the article. face it, you don't know what to think until the media tells you what to think. the world we live in, the economy is horrable, we all believe what we want to believe. i am 13 and i know its not right to accuse some one until you have the facts. the truth. i bet most of the media, what you read in the newspaper, or in magazines, or watch on t.v, wheather its the news or not, that more than half of it is NOT true.

Alyanna 5 years ago

WTF!You're a MJ hater!I know you're just jealous of MJ.Why don't you just go to hell?!You will fit in there!

MikeyJLove4EVER 5 years ago

Ugh I am so tired of all the lies! No one even stops to think for a second that if the media wasn't all crazy about Michael's personal life that we would all love him for him. No one even considers the fact that maybe there wasn't anything wrong with Michael what so ever. No one stops to think that maybe he is just a person. NO ONE tries to put themselves in his shoes... Not even for a minute! Please if anyone has questions go to my youtube channel, my username is MikeyJLove4EVER, message me with any questions you have. Chat with me and you will see that Michael Jackson the KING OF POP is just Michael Jackson The King of Pop. There is nothing eccentric about this man. Trust that you can question me because i honestly always make sure to see an argumaent from both ends to make the fight fair and sincere. Just think for a second; "What if I was the biggest superstar in the world? What would I do?" Please go to my channel... :(

Rob 5 years ago





i love u mj 4 years ago

this is ridiculous i wanna rip ur head of u pig..............

miriam 4 years ago


miriam 4 years ago


Wade 4 years ago

What a horrible article filled with lies. RIP MJ, may one day you finally be vindicated.

Dunga k.c 4 years ago

He is my man and a model as well ,R.i.p micheal jackson, u change ppl 's mind set by trying 2 make things out of noting . Adue jackson

nopssnali 4 years ago

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dream 4 years ago

Blind? Really? Who is blind? There are some blind haters like you!!! He found not guilty and boy said he lied! But you always belive he is guilty because you are blind! So good luck with that!! RIP MICHAEL WE LOVE YOU!!!

steph 4 years ago

Why that's just a silly superstion, I like Michael Jackson, he's one of my favorite singers, he's an angel to the rest who loved him, including me, and you should stop talking about this kind of baloney, I've had it!

I agree with the rest who loved him. God, take care of Michael.

And another thing, his death reminded me of Selena's, but different.

brian 3 years ago

I would love to go undercover as a black man.

Elizabeth Carney 2 years ago

This is a disgrace, how dare you disrespect a man that only ever wanted to give people what he never had, love. You have just proved the whole point of the songs that he made, that we need more love in the world, you are not showing that you have learnt from his messages in fact you are all just being horrible people. Every song he ever wrote had his life and emotion embedded within them and his love and passion wrapped so tightly around the lyrics that they toy with your emotions and every time you saw him sing them you felt his pain and you lived his life but unable to say because you know that if you express your emotions people will laugh at you like they did to him because they wanted what he had, care,love and passion that never ends and will live on in his name. But of course you can't see this because unlike him you don't have a soul, you don't have a heart and most importantly you will never know because you are too wrapped up in your own self pity that you can't stand to see someone smile and make others happy beacause you don't have the soul to love like he did. I tell you what why don't you get a life and be more respectful to your fellow beings and then only then will you have the slightest piece of respect for this man , this man who was the light of the world for most people including me and this man who will never be forgotten despite and regardless of what you haters think because in the real world that is all you are, haters who have nothing better to that hate, hater.

still cant belive it 2 years ago

u ass holes have no ears obv the amount of times all of this shit was explained but im gonna do it again cuz ur all thick shits

he was found not guilty to the child molestation and it was boys in his bed that wanted to be in his bed while he was in it he didn't inprison them in the bed or lie in it wen they were asleep they got in his bed

he only got plastic surgery cuz his father drilled it into his head he was nothin and made fun of his nose when he was very young we learn 1+1=2 very young micheals version was my nose+my dad=childhood trauma so he got the surgery because he had no childhood and when he looked in the mirror he saw himself as a child and his dad makin fun of him so to get out of that mind set he changed his appearance yes it was a shame but u don't moan about the beiber wannabe and that is also why he had so many mental health issues and explains why he was obsessed with peter pan it was because of he never lived his childhood so when he had the money he lived it and good on him

his wifes wanted him for money wen he found out he got rid they wernt marrying him cuz of his looks after the surgery lets be honnest cuz after he died that's all they were going for his money and his stuff they were all gold diggers

blanket is his 3childs nickname that he called him it not on his birth certificate he was called that because when micheal hugged his he felt warm like he had a BLANKET on ffs and holding him over the balcony yes it was wrong but he would have made sure never in a million years a million times over he wouldnit have dropped his baby that was his way of showing him to the world and showing him the world wiered i knw but his way

he alsi adored his kids he was used to the paps cuz he had it all his lifeand he put masks on his kids so the paps couldn't take pics of his kids faces which is what they didn't want as they were young and he didn't want the same thing for his kids with wat he had

and his debt the best one

u fuckers obv don't care bout charity cuz most of the debt was setting up charites and helping set others up and sending most of his cash to 3rd world countries

and so what he tried to branch out and make a video game that was shit but most first games are shit that is the worst excuse not to mourn MJ's death if people ask why don't u mourn MJ what do you say because he made a shit video game they will laugh in ur face and say ur a retarded twat it was a flop that's it so was most first games are who remembers the first ever Call Of Duty i do and that is just turd on a disc and yes it better now but why should MJ do another thing in his succesful life for you lazy arses that sit playin games all day cuz ur a loner and got no real friends only friends online ur pathetic all of u that slate him off he was a great man the most successful man ever and all of the court cases were to get money out of the legend they saw ohh hes rich lets target him well get lots of moneyout of him exactly eat his wifes did but u lazy pricks come on here shouting ur mouths off u aint going to do shit with ur life and ur slating a man that was and still is and always will be a legend and did everything for his kids and u just sit down on ur fat arses to look for an easy target just cuz he is dead he cant defent him self just like jimmy savil easy rargets cuz they dead so u haters get fucked

James 2 years ago

He is a legend... No one can deny it no matter what you say about him...

RIP MJ... We love you and miss you..

Johna13 2 years ago

I got what you intend, appreciate it for posting .Woh I am lucky to find this website through google. I was walking down the street wearing glasses when the prescription ran out. by Steven Wright. keafefagedkg

Hayley 2 years ago

My reason to Mourn Michael Jackson's death he is better than whoever wrote this

Alison Williams profile image

Alison Williams 2 years ago

I always felt sorry for him. His worldwide rise to fame at such a young age would have surely had a psychological effect on him. I'm not sticking up for any bad things he might have done but we will never truly know for sure. People could easily have made stuff up to get money out of him.

I try to put aside all the negative stuff about him and concentrate on what he was - an entertainer. He was one of those singers who made it sound effortless. And his dancing was pretty unique and interesting.

Oh, and to the people who have said such nasty stuff about him and the article writer - it sounds like you have some issues of your own to be so hate-filled. Damn trolls! :P

Kai 12 months ago

Whoever wrote this article I hope the day you drop dead that no one will mourn your death.

Vincent Wheatley profile image

Vincent Wheatley 3 months ago

This is so fucking biased, and you are so fucking ignorant. Reasons 4 through 6 are so stupid. First of all, you are telling people to be happy he died because he co-developed a terrible video game? What the fuck? And number 5 is just judgmental; his obsession over being young. You are basically judging him for wanting to be young, and that's your own opinion. And trying to use it as a valid point is fucking biased, which makes you fucking retarded. Let us add number 2, his potential pedophilia. He was accused of being a pedophile, with a child claiming to have been touched by him, yeah, but this was debunked. Rodney Allen, who went under an alias known as John Templeton, admitted that he had told the child (Who was actually 15 at the time) to say what he did. It was a big lie, and you are a fucking dumbass to not do your research. Also, I was doing some research myself. I did find that his drug use was true, but the only thing I found myself on subject of his marriage with Lisa was that she was pressured to have a baby with him. She said that she wanted to, but only had one concern. Unless you give me a source of information that you got this from (And it better not be a fucking wikipedia), that is bullshit. Number 6 is biased because you are judging him based on his looks. Using your own opinion to try and make a point is fucking disgusting itself. Number 7... don't get me started. Did you think he was gonna fucking drop the baby? No! He had a perfect, firm grip on the baby so there should've been no way he could've dropped it aside from just doing it on purpose. The baby was in safe hands, and that's all that matters. Additionally, 9 is horrendous. Yeah, he was in so much debt, but you just rebutted your own reason. His debt, in fact, was paid off about three years after you posted this. Fucking disappointing. All of it. Just delete this article, it's too biased and has inaccurate information.

Dhdhdhd 6 weeks ago

All he wanted to do was fukc kids

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