Michael: Michael Jackson Album Review

Rest in Peace King of Pop

“Michael” is the first of a long line of MJ releases over the next few years by Sony. The album follows his untimely passing in 2009, I am Michael Jackson’s biggest fan however, I do believe that this was kind of thrown together. I like most of the songs on the compilation but I think if Michael were to be alive he would have probably picked some and scrapped some, as he was such a perfectionist. The album comprises of 10 tracks, a few of which are duets with other well known artists.

“Hold my Hand” is a track that is not new to MJ fans, on this track he duets with the award winning Akon. There is also “Another day” with Lenny Kravitz and Monster featuring 50 Cent. 

“Hollywood Tonight” is an upbeat funky song that has some blissful harmonies. This song will take you back to the good old days, the Jackson 5 days. “Monster” is somewhat haunting and kind of sends shivers down your spine. This song is a look through lens type of song. It details the media treatment of Michael Jackson, and even though it is upbeat, it does leave you feeling a little bit teary.

“Behind the mask” is a glorious funky track that mixes saxophone with crowd sounds and various other interesting noises.

If you prefer slow tunes, one of my favourite tracks is “Keep your head up” which is backed by a gospel choir. This song is somewhat inspirational, and again will send shivers down your spine. “Much too Soon” is the closing number, it is a blissful ballad that thrusts you into a time machine back to the Thriller days. This song features vocals from the Thriller recordings and provides the most powerful vocals on the entire album.

This album might not have been put together by Michael himself. He may not have chosen certain songs, however it is a treat for the fans who have been longing for some kind of MJ fix.

Rest in Peace MJ.

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intriguewriter profile image

intriguewriter 5 years ago from worldwide Author

My 50th hub congrats to me! I have done 42 out of my 100 challenge and i have 50 left to do! wish me luck and RIP MJ.

St.Cyprian 5 years ago

Congratulations on writing so many hubs. Interesting about this compilation album, I hadn't heard of it. But, the last album he released during his life didn't get much press in the U.S., although it was a big hit internationally. I've checked some of it out, especially the lyrics are very intriguing. I truly believe his sister when she says he was murdered and, for me, it casts doubt on the terrible accusations against him so many years ago.

Great hub! Accolades and voted up!

intriguewriter profile image

intriguewriter 4 years ago from worldwide Author

Thank you so much for your comment! I love MJ and I hope his legacy continues to live on1 Thanks again!

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