Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

Review of the Show

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is a kid’s television show targeted for the preschool audience. It is part of the Playhouse Disney block of shows the play every morning on the Disney Channel. It typically airs one episode on Sunday through Friday and two episodes in a row on Saturdays.

The main character of the show is of course, Mickey Mouse, who at the beginning of each episode invites you to join in the fun at his clubhouse. To make the clubhouse appear you chant the magic words “Meeska Mooska Mickey Mouse.” In the episodes viewers get the feeling of interactively helping Mickey Mouse on different adventures to help his friends. Recurring characters include Donald, Daisy, Minnie, Goofy, Professor Ludwig Von Drake, and Pete among others that do not appear quite as often as the above listed.

In each episode before the adventure begins Mickey Mouse gets four Mouse-ka-tools to bring along that come in handy later. One of them is a Mystery Mouse-ka-tool, which ends up being used when it is the only one left or logically the known items left would not be right for the situation. Each time it is time to use a tool Mickey encourages the viewers to logically choose what would help in the situation. This is one of the main ways the show helps teach basic problem solving skills.

The series is a wonderful preschool show. For one, it is entertaining with its interesting interactive plots. Secondly, the animation is a great improvement over past Mickey Mouse shows. Lastly, it makes learning basic skills fun. Besides problem solving many of the episodes also include other basic concepts such as counting.

List of Episodes as of March 15, 2008

Season 1

Episode 1: “Daisy Bo Beep”

Episode 2: “A Surprise for Minnie”

Episode 3: “Goofy’s Bird”

Episode 4: “Mickey Goes Fishing”

Episode 5: “Donald’s Big Balloon Race”

Episode 6: “Donald and the Beanstalk”

Episode 7: “Minnie’s Birthday”

Episode 8: “Donald the Frog Prince”

Episode 9: “Goofy on Mars”

Episode 10: “Mickey Go-Seek”

Episode 11: “Daisy’s Dance”

Episode 12: “Pluto’s Bail”

Episode 13: Mickey’s Treasure Hunt”

Episode 14: “Daisy in the Sky”

Episode 15: “Pluto’s Puppy-Sitting Adventure”

Episode 16: “Pluto’s Best”

Episode 17: “Mickey’s Treat”

Episode 18: “Mickey Saves Christmas”

Episode 19: “Minnie Red Riding Hood”

Episode 20: “Sleeping Minnie”

Episode 21: “Mickey’s Color Adventure”

Episode 22: “Goofy the Great”

Episode 23: “Goofy’s Petting Zoo”

Episode 24: “Donald’s Hiccups”

Episode 25: “Dr. Daisy MD”

Episode 26: “Donald’s Lost Lion”

Episode 27: “Mickey’s Great Clubhouse Hunt,” this is an Easter themed movie originally released direct to DVD and has aired on the Disney Channel a few times

Season 2

Episode 28: “Fancy Dancin’ Goofy”

Episode 29: “Mickey’s Handy Helpers”

Episode 30: “Goofy the Homemaker”

Episode 31: “Goofy Baby”

Episode 32: “Minnie’s Picnic”

Episode 33: “Goofy in Training”

Episode 34: “Mickey’s Big Band Concert”

Episode 35: “Goofy’s Hat”

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trusouldj profile image

trusouldj 3 years ago from Indiana

My 5 year old used to love this show, but it seems that he has outgrown it lately.

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