Modeling Tips

Many girls grow up dreaming of being that beauty found on the runway of famous designers and the pages of high fashion magazines. It all looks so glamorous, but as any successful model knows, going from an aspiring pretty girl on the street to international fame takes a lot of hard work and dedication. Here are some of the best modeling tips to help you in starting your career.

1. Have personality and style. Sure, you are pretty, thin, and tall. However, what makes you stand out from the hundreds of other girls at a casting? Spend time defining your specific look and learning how to own it. Your hairstyle, clothing choices, and attitude (along with your beauty, of course) will help you make a lasting impression.

2. Learn awareness of your body. Practice exercising such as yoga, ballet, stretching, deep breathing, and meditation. You want to be elegant and graceful with your body.

3. Practice. Look through fashion magazines and use the poses and facial expressions of the professional models to practice in the mirror. Do you have a friend who is an aspiring photographer? Do practice photo shoots with them so that you can get feedback on how your poses work in front of the camera. Local college fashion departments or even may have castings for fashion shows where you can practice your runway walk.

4. Know everything about fashion. Stay on top of the latest trends by visiting the mall often, watching the shows from fashion week in Paris and New York, and reading the most important magazines such as W and Vogue.

5. Learn the most important tips for staying beautiful - getting plenty of rest, exercising daily, and eating healthy and mindfully. Learn what works best for you, and have a routine that feels comfortable and easy for you to do daily. Taking care of your body and looks is a crucial aspect of a model's career. You may be blessed with beauty, but do not take it for granted!

6. Build up a great portfolio. The saying goes that "you are only as good as your worst photo," so make sure that you have gotten the best images you can, showing yourself in a diverse style of looks and poses - head and full body shots, high fashion, beauty, and swimwear. Look at the portfolios of models from your favorite agencies and see what kind of shots they have in their books. Your portfolio shows a potential agency or client what you are capable of. They will use your book to envision how well your look will be able to work with them.

7. Be confident. Know what you want and go for it. Modeling can be very competitive, but do not become discouraged. Even the most famous models had to face these hardships at the start of their careers. Keep trying, and going for the best you know you are capable of.

8. Be smart. No one got to be a famous supermodel just by luck! They all worked hard and diligently to be where they are today. Make friends in the industry that you can learn from - these are the girls who know best what it takes to become a successful model. They are living the dream, and so will you!


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