Mongolian Girls

Mongolian girls are the most beautiful girls in the world. Mongolian girls are sexy and attractive. They do like to show their figure and hence they do dress up for the occasions. Mongolian girls and Mongolian women are indeed are very sexy and beautiful.

Mongolian girls are the most beautiful creatures in Asia; they are most naturally very different from any South East Asians. They are tall with broad shoulders, and beautiful body shape, really classic. In the capital city of Mongolia, Ulan Bator, a large number of foreigners are based and many of them have married Mongolian girls.

In the last few decades there has been strong European influence on Mongolian girls and women. For instance, they have started to wear western clothes instead of the traditional Mongolian clothes considered to be simple and elegant. As far as the traditional Mongolian clothes are concerned they are very bright and very much decorated with sheep horns and with wings. Often clothes would be lines with golden and silver threads and decorated with corals, pears and jewellery. Mongolian girls traditionally like to have long hairs and decorate them with silver hair pins and often with precious stones; that often goes well with their clothes.

In bars and clubs in the capital Ulan Bator, it is possible to see dances of the Mongolian girls. However, the most traditional Mongolian girls wear white blouses and round skirts, dancing in Mongolian wild pastures. Many Mongolian girls are flocking to attend courses in modelling in the last few years particularly Ulaanbaatar city girls.

Sexy Mongolian Girls

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Mongolian girl  6 years ago

yep, of course Mongolian girls are the most beautiful girls in the world. If u wanna see, lots of mongolian girls use facebook and hi5 etc... there u'll look our girls are really btful.

Girlmanlover 6 years ago

I would like to say that Girlmanlover likes Mongolian girls

SUp 6 years ago

loved your article :D

68b dota 6 years ago


kazakh 5 years ago

there is nothing to do with being tall its all about porpotion mongols kazak kyrgyz we are all same our race itself is mixed thats what make us beautiful i ve met some half japanes half white or half chinese half europian girls somewhat look like mongolians or kazakhs

JC 5 years ago

well he mentioned Tall, cause they are tall indeed,compare to other east asian girls ( they bloody short. man)... and they are beautiful, i like this article,very true

this is insane 5 years ago

i'm from mongolia and after you said mongolian girls are nice beautiful etc u didnt write a single true thing.

Momoko 4 years ago

Hi all yu baitsgan

Sotruee 4 years ago

Yeaa man ur article is fuckinnng trueee ... Mongolian girls are the hottest! out of all the asians out there! Its cause their tall and pretty haha and not to mentionn sexayyy umm it's funny but umm i go to glenbrook south high school and there is this Mongolian girl named... Well N.O (her initials) at my school, whoooo mann she is fuckiing hoottttt! Soo adorable tooo;). I really wanna talk to her but i just don't know how? Please help me thanks guys :)

panchi 4 years ago

hi yu btsgaana

Bsg fan 4 years ago

While mongolian girls are hot, that pictures is Grace park and she is korean

chic 4 years ago

But, girls on the video are real mongolian girls. They are natural beauty not cosmetic surgery results like all korean girls

bmx 4 years ago

yeah. everybody know about mongolian nice women. i just last year visited mongolia that was very very nice it is true mongolian girls the best of the asian girls. this year i wanna to be again for mongolia. because i decided my wife looking in that country. lets do it everyman!!! it is good idea..,

Temsü jamir 4 years ago

ya mongolian grls r v.beutiful jst wana mary wt dos original mongolian race heh

tutu ur mama 4 years ago

Factually incorrect in regards to the height of Mongolian women. They are on the average shorter than Japanese, Koreans or Chinese. Also, why does the article show a pic of a Korean woman?

Anna 4 years ago

They are Mongolian girls not Korea. Beautiful and sexy.

derek 4 years ago

very beautiful

22 4 years ago

Really? u gotta be kidding me right?

They might be some pretty girls but they dont have any of the things u said.

TALL? :D funny

Goo 4 years ago

Yeah really beautiful!!! And Also so polite :)

Aryan 4 years ago

My Name is Aryan. I am from Pakistan. My forefathers came here in Pakistan from Mongolia about 500 years ago. Any body from Mongolia is welcome. plz contact me at

tuu 3 years ago

mongol girls have only black hair, not brown hair. The brown hair are russians colonized by jeng ghis khan. Manchu tribes have black hair married to mongol lords of black hair.

John 3 years ago

Yeah it's all true,. I have been in Japan, Korea, Thailand and Mongolia and i know most pretty, beautiful and hot girls is Mongolians. In mongolia, everywhere you can see!! Body shapes are not like japanese or koreans. They have very great shapes such as long straight legs, tall, big boobs ( cuz they eat lot of dairy products) and etc...Also they have great personalities. Japanese girls are short and they have ugly body shapes and legs. Korean girls are also short and just product of surgery,. Thailand girls are so weird and most are ugly. I would find my wife from Mongolia.

nike 3 years ago

yea its very true. mongolian girls are so so cute and very beautifull, and they have very lnyc body too. long legs and with very softly hair, i had been asian other country, were girls very ugly but mongolians are different. they just beauty and very proud!

tony 3 years ago

ok, if that's what you think and you've all been to other asian countries, then you didn't look very hard or travell far, there is in every asian country, bomb shells, stunners call them what you like, can't pick one country better than the next, but, you do find specific ethinic groups of the countries stand out more than the rest, not saying the rest don't have beautiful woman, you get tall were they're meant to be short and visversa, some of you dudes should really travell before making statements so silly.

alı 2 years ago

mongolıan gırls is very good

Maggie 2 years ago

I am proud to be a mongolian. I am a girl n i am called pretty much attractive all the time. Thanks for mongolian blood. I like to being the one out of 3 million Mongolians.

stéphane 11 months ago


je suis actuelement en couple avec ma fiancée mongole,nous nous sommes rencontrés en France.

elle gentille ,courageuse,droite ,fière et très belle

ses gouts musiquaux douteux son le seul défaut que je lui trouve

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