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Good deeds
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Vanishing Values in Exchange for Becoming More Valuable

I have to say that Tyler Perry did it again. Not only was his latest movie Good Deeds a box office hit, but many of his loyal viewers made their way to the theatre to see another one his many movies. While trying to hold on to my little pennies, I had to break the bank just this once to see this blockbuster.

Within the first five minutes of the movie, I figured out the plot and the ending. Although his movies are interesting enough, Perry’s trademark screams predictable. The crafting and the directing were well done, but ingenuity is not in Mr. Perry’s repertoire. But what made the movie stellar and kept my attention was the incredible performance of Thandie Newton. She made her character come alive, and she was believable. Even though she is one of his recycled actresses, she still is able to bring something new to the screen and ultimately get positive feedback from viewers.

Now let’s talk about the actual content of this movie. While the plot was predictable like most of his other movies, Perry threw us a curve ball, by tossing out his traditional implications of Biblical values and the use of Godly discretion. He definitely shied away from celibacy and typical church scenes. Not once was the Bible or Christian references embedded in the movie.

Perry’s character Wesley shacked up with a girlfriend not once but twice. Since I’m Mother Teresa incarnate, I have to admit that I closed my eyes at the intense sex scene I saw. After all, I had to swallow an extra dose of uncomfortable because I was watching this with my mom. I wasn’t expecting to see this sex scene because Tyler usually plays it safe. Not only that, but Tyler Perry added more sexual references to this script.

These changes make me wonder if Mr. Perry is trying to make more money. Is he trying to enlarge his audience? If he is, it looks like it’s working. According to Prominence Magazine, this movie came at number two at the box office opening weekend. I am not surprised. Considering that while he used a predictable plot, it seemed as if he tried to appeal to his viewers by spicing it up. And spicing it up means sexing it up. People never get tired of sex scenes. I would think that would draw more people, and the 16 million dollars that the movie earned in the first week of box office reflects the rate of approval.

 All in all, I’d have to say that I liked Good Deeds. Perry did a spun on the scenery, and it was funny to see him try to act cool (I bet he had to use a stunt man for the scene that involved him dancing). Was this a work of art? Yes. Is it typical Tyler? No. The abandonment of high values vanished. The movie did well, and I wonder if the low values helped sell it. I don’t have a major problem with the lack of morality, but I am predicting that more of his movies will stay on this track, and this modification might draw more people in the theatre. While I don’t mind the explicitness, it would still be nice for him to promote the good ole Christian values somewhere in the movie—especially for a girl that is in the Bible Belt.


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