Movie Review: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2

The Best Potter Ever!

Everybody has been waiting for this film and now it is finally here and it is the most spectacular Harry Potter of them all. I nearly lost control of my bowels watching it, I was so excited.

As everyone already knows, Harry (Daniel Radcliffe) and Hermione (Emma Watson) and Ron (Rupert Grint) are on the run, looking for the horcruxes, hoping to collect them all to destroy Voldemort (Ralph Fiennes) while Voldemort and his minions are trying to take over everything. It's so scary!

Things amp up to unbelievable levels of excitement in this final saga and the final battle between good and evil is like nothing you've ever seen. In fact, the entire movie is like one, big thrill-ride, filled with action-packed sequences that will leave you completely breathless. I think this film was better than the first time I made sweet, sweet love. I just felt so overwhelmed, so completely swept away by its magnificence.

If one harkens back to the first film, Daniel Radcliffe doesn't even seem like the same actor now. It's like he used to be Brad Pitt and now he's Robert De Niro. Though I loved him just as much then as I do now and will give him children one day if he'll let me, his growth as an actor has been nothing short of astonishing. I think the same goes for Rupert Grint, who has really developed Ron into a great character. Both give their characters a seriousness and levity that we simply haven't seen before. I expect big, big things for them both for the future, like maybe Prime Minister of Britain. Hey, if acting is political capital, they deserve it.

There's so much in this film that delivers catharsis that I almost exploded with joy. There's been so much tension between Ron and Hermoine and finally we get to see them express their love for each other and it is beautiful and inspiring, like flowers blooming in the spring or fish spawning or like when you open a jar of peanuts for the first time and that peanut smell just wafts into your nostrils.

Then there's the revelation about Snape, which is so wonderful because I've never believed that he was as bad as everyone was making him out to be. He's kind of like the Newt Gingrich of Hogwarts. I really always believed Dumbledore and finally - vindication! Then, of course, there's the battle between Harry and Voldemort, which is everything a fan would hope for. The final cathartic moment is the coda, where we see Harry in the future - so beautiful, so touching. And Ginny, so beautiful, like Grace Kelly and Natalie Portman rolled into one, with red hair.

Like so many others, I cried tears of joy. I'm going to miss Harry Potter so much, but it's nice to know I can go back and rewatch this film when it comes out on DVD and pretty much enjoy it just as much again because it's that good. This series has changed me as a person and as a human being. I am so much more complete for having experienced this book series and film and I will never forget J.K. Rowling or these wonderful actors and what they've contributed to not only me, but the world and the history of cinema and literature.

Harry confronts his nemesis, Voldemort.
Harry confronts his nemesis, Voldemort.

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Matt in Jax profile image

Matt in Jax 5 years ago from Jacksonville, FL

Good review. Hope you keep it up and I look forward to reading more.

Johny 5 years ago

While watching this movie for the first time, all I could think was, "Wow." Ever since I left, all I could think was, "I want to see? it again." I actually did see it again at . Yeah, I loved this site and this movie...

profile image

ruffridyer 5 years ago from Dayton, ohio

I enjoyed your review. It was obviously written Tongue in Cheek. Besides there will be dozens of reviews on this movie so you might as well have fun with it.

profile image

Casey J. Winters 5 years ago

Great review, Sychophantastic! +1. If anyone is feeling a Harry Hangover, or if you're wondering what all the fuss is about, I put some thoughts down at

Sychophantastic profile image

Sychophantastic 5 years ago Author

What's Empire? And I'm proud to be childish! Aren't you tired of all those formal movie reviews?

Nigel byrne 5 years ago

Most childish spoiler ridden review ever. How old are you? Pick up a copy of Empire and at least impersonate a movie reviewer. Jeez.

Sherly 5 years ago

Part 1 ends with Voldemort taking the Elder Wand -.-

Kayla 5 years ago

Nope the 7th movie ends with Voldemort taking the elder wand. I'm going to see the midnight session on the 13th can't wait. But hehe Australia gets it before the rest of the world this time 2 days before

Rick 5 years ago

Anyone notice how she hasn't mentioned how she saw the movie or really avoided all questions that only someone who saw the movie could answer? This review easily could've been written just reading snippets about the film from articles. And of course she knows the first scene - it's the scene that the last movie ended with!

SayNo2NewsOfTheWorld 5 years ago

Love the review! But how on earth didya get to see this already?!?

JustB 5 years ago

This is one of the nicest reviews I've ever read, I'm so used to reading formal crap, it was like a breath of fresh air, I literally laughed all the way through it :)

Sychophantastic profile image

Sychophantastic 5 years ago Author

Ron and Hermione's kiss - does any scene like that where we've been expecting and anticipating it for so long live up to our expectations? I think most will feel like I did which was there was almost nothing the filmmakers could have done to ruin it. I mean, we just love these characters so much that seeing it finally happen is so cathartic.

RandomThoughts... profile image

RandomThoughts... 5 years ago from Washington

I too, am astonished at the growth of the characters. It was like they were born to play the part or more like, they are the characters that play at being human when not in the film. When I saw the first film, I kept hitting my husband and saying "this is just like the book!!" I couldn't believe it. I hadn't seen a film so much like I pictured the book in my head. I haven't been disappointed since. Thanks for the hub!! Awesome/Like

Lisa 5 years ago

Was Ron and Hermione's kiss scene done justice?

Professor Potter 5 years ago

HI sypchofantastic. May I ask how did you get to see this film? Were you invited to the preview screening they had a couple of weeks ago? Was a Monday I think it was.

YadiraE profile image

YadiraE 5 years ago from Puerto Rico

Im so excited to see this movie!!!! I loved your review!!!

Leandrew 5 years ago

I saw the trailer and it looked exicting! But i don't get when harry [dies} because eventually harry will defeat voldemort?

DaKears2011 5 years ago

Haha really!??! Your bowels...

scott33thomas profile image

scott33thomas 5 years ago from Germany, Colombia, USA, Panama, Mexico, Spain

yes the movie isnt out yet

Bob 5 years ago

How did you wrIte a review of the movie when it isnt even out yet?

Mac 5 years ago

I am going to the midnight viewing on the 15th, I can't bloody wait, I believe this review word for word and I am so excited about going, it's like the effects of Butterbeer warming me up!! :D

Matt 5 years ago

I appreciate your review of the final film in the Harry Potter series. I am going to see it when it comes out. Can't wait. If anyone reading this wants a pen pal to talk about all things Potter, email me at:

Ruthjoh 5 years ago

What a fantastic review!! It has always been my idea of an ideal job!! Can't wait to see Part 2 and I have read the book but seeing it on the big screen will definitely be the icing on the cake!! At least we have the new JK Rowling website to look forward to next! Thanks for the review :-)

clintonb profile image

clintonb 5 years ago from Adelaide, Australia

You saw the movie? Thats nice. It sounds awesome! HP really changed everyone's lives. Cant wait for the 15th! Gonna go too! =]

scott33thomas profile image

scott33thomas 5 years ago from Germany, Colombia, USA, Panama, Mexico, Spain

finally finish this story without end in July and will see its unbinding

Sychophantastic profile image

Sychophantastic 5 years ago Author

Remember that JK Rowling has absolute final say on any prequels. I doubt there will be any more movies unless she writes a book first.

Shadow 5 years ago

If I may say so myself, I honestly doubt the Harry potter franchise will end after this movie, if they're smart they'll make more like on what comes next, or when his parents went to school. Needless to say I'm a huge Harry potter fan (read the books about 7 times each) and I'm excited for this movie, especially the scene with snape

Cora 5 years ago

Nice Review (: I really can't wait for Snape's scenes. Someone I know went to the test screening and said they were the best part.

andrebreynolds profile image

andrebreynolds 5 years ago

What a funny review!I really enjoyed it.

MommaNique 5 years ago

I don't know why people take so much energy to exert their negativity on other people. Anyway sycho, I totally get the enthusiasm and the uncontrollable bowels. haha I too am a Harry Potter fan to the fullest! Great review... : )

Sychophantastic profile image

Sychophantastic 5 years ago Author

Oh, I'm not sure what you think I'm lying about, but that's okay.

Hpfan 5 years ago

Okay, you are lying.

Sychophantastic profile image

Sychophantastic 5 years ago Author

I'll get somebody in trouble if I tell you that.

Hpfan 5 years ago

Ok, but, when and where do you see the film?

Hpfan 5 years ago

Ah ok. One last question.

What is the first scene?

The Harry's Parents death?

euchy 5 years ago

'12 yo girl on speed'... To be honest I expected more negative comments than just one. I hope your bowels are better now, maybe you will notice how much sarcasm there is below your 'review'.

Sychophantastic profile image

Sychophantastic 5 years ago Author

I love everyone's enthusiasm! I will just point out for you non-Hubbers that I have the ability to delete any comments, but I approve them all because I believe everyone should have a right to express themselves, so even if you have a negative opinion, I'm fine with it being posted, so don't be afraid if you don't like something.

Sychophantastic profile image

Sychophantastic 5 years ago Author


You don't seem very nice.


If you want me to give you a rundown of their individual screentime, I didn't take those kind of notes. However, Luna has some crucial scenes helping Harry search for the Grey Lady.

Hpfan 5 years ago

Has Luna many lines and scenes? And Lupin, Tonks, Kingsley, the twins, Arthur, Molly, Bill and Fleur?

NiceGuy 5 years ago

This review appears to be written by a 12 year old girl on speed. It has no substance or intelligence. Its a basic spoiler alert. I have read many bad movie reviews in my life and this is up there with the worst of them.

Sychophantastic profile image

Sychophantastic 5 years ago Author

Since I've been asked so many times, one of the significant changes from the book involves Snape's memory scene at Godric's Hollow. I won't say what was different, just that what changed was done to expand the characters and give Alan Rickman, who's a fantastic actor, a chance to hook the audience because, after all, Snape has been a bad guy for the last 7 movies.

Sychophantastic profile image

Sychophantastic 5 years ago Author

I'm so flattered with all these questions. I'm glad everyone is so interested. It's funny that people want so much detail because normally in a film review, giving too much plot and too many secret details is very much frowned upon. I try to write my reviews so that people know how much I love something, but also so that somebody reading it can enjoy the film for themselves without learning something critical and ruining their experience. I know that's how I like to see a film. And since this review is so early, I knew that was important here, especially with a Harry Potter film.

And I noticed I kind of messed up with my comment about Snape since I've of course read the books. And I feel bad that I revealed that secret because there are probably people who have only seen the movies and not read the books, so I'm really sorry.

bg 5 years ago

needed to ask since the testscreening back in april never clarified.

The bit that we get where Ron says "we can end this", where and when does this take place?

Also when hagrid brings back "dead" Harry do we see Ron and Hermione's reaction (and others perhaps)? Do they cry.

Jealous that you already got to see it. (btw how did you get to see it? They're already doing screenings for the public?):)

Sychophantastic profile image

Sychophantastic 5 years ago Author

I feel bad that I did not mention Emma because I think she's beautiful and wonderful. I guess I was a little overwhelmed by it all. Emma has developed much like the others, into an actress who discovered the nuances in her character and grew accordingly with her experience. I bet she goes on to incredible things.

hub 5 years ago

How was Emma's acting?

Sychophantastic profile image

Sychophantastic 5 years ago Author


Do you want me to ruin the movie for you? Do you want me to discuss how the final showdown between Voldemort and Harry differs from the book? Do you want me to tell you stuff like Goyle is killed instead of Crabbe? Let's leave aside the fact that about an hour of research can produce all kinds of little factoids like this.

I'm a huge fan, but not a big enough Potterphile that I can even remember the details of the book well enough to make comparisons given how many years ago it was that I finished it.

I write reviews that I hope people enjoy reading because I know so many movie reviews can be so dull for so many people, though I love pretty much all reviews.

I just hope you enjoy reading mine and that it puts a little light in your soul.

5 years ago

you make me laugh so much with the brad pitt, daniel radcliffe, ROBERT DENIRO come on you cant compare mister ROBERT DENIRO with daniel radcliffe.

BlueFlier 5 years ago

A little part of me died when the last book was out, and a little part of me will die again when this movie will be out.

I'm kinda sad that everything Potter is gradually coming to an end :(

Spazz 5 years ago

Oh, ok :)

Can you tell us a summary of the movie?

The main differences from the book :)

Luck 5 years ago

Yep, i'm big fan of Harry Potter, because of this I'm asking you about the review Veroce

Sychophantastic profile image

Sychophantastic 5 years ago Author


After you see the movie, you can come back here and let me know how you liked it. Most people aren't as enthusiastic as me about movies, but if you're a Potter fan, I bet you leave happy.

Luck 5 years ago

This review is real?

Sychophantastic profile image

Sychophantastic 5 years ago Author

Hi, Spazz.

That's the Hubscore for the review, not the rating of the movie. I would have given it 1000 on a 100 scale.

Spazz 5 years ago

Only 78?

It deserves 95 or more.

Sychophantastic profile image

Sychophantastic 5 years ago Author

I love you all.

JT Walters profile image

JT Walters 5 years ago from Florida


lorlie6 profile image

lorlie6 5 years ago from Bishop, Ca


JT Walters profile image

JT Walters 5 years ago from Florida


I appreciated her enthusiasm but yeah do make a doctor's appointment because you aren't going to find a date let alone marry anyone with those loose bowels.

But it was a hysterically fun review.

lorlie6 profile image

lorlie6 5 years ago from Bishop, Ca

Okay, Sycho (or is it Psycho)? ;) Now that I'm following you, I'm afraid I am worried about your health. Nearly losing control of your bowels, almost exploding with joy, and finding the spawning of fish a glorious thing is worrisome to me. Do make an appointment with a doctor soon.

Oh, and this review is hysterically funny, by the way!

Grand job.

JT Walters profile image

JT Walters 5 years ago from Florida

I apprecite your enthusiasm.

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