Movie Review: Vampyres - Daughters of Dracula

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Miriam (Anulka) and Fran (Marianne Morris), two beautiful bisexual women, lure unsuspecting men to their castle in the English countryside to seduce them. Sounds like a pretty sweet deal, but unfortunately, the lovely ladies are vampires who are more into sucking their victims blood instead of cuddling after intercourse. Everything seems to be going well for the two, but when Fran seduces Ted (Murray Brown) and doesn’t drain him completely (for unknown reasons), he is intent on finding out just what strange things are transpiring in this castle, where his hosts disappear to during the day and why he keeps waking up with bleeding wounds on his body. He is aided in his endeavor by a couple camping nearby, John (Brian Deacon) and Harriet (Sally Faulkner), who also have their suspicions when they see the two vampire ladies creeping through the woods.

While the premise might make you think of Jesus Franco or Jean Rollin, Vampyres (also known as Vampyres: Daughters of Dracula) was actually directed by José Larraz (The House That Vanishes, Symptoms), and what he created is probably the best of all the lesbian vampire movies. What makes this movie stand out is his mix of both British and Spanish (or maybe one should say, continental) sensibilities. While the pacing and the general narrative is distinctly British, there are many almost surreal, dreamlike sequences in the movie, owing to the Spanish cinematography (think: The Blind Dead). What is also obviously Spanish is the explicit portrayal of nudity and sex, which resulted in the movie being cut for release in Britain and the US. This cut version of course robs the movie of all its flavor and spice, and thus degrades it to just another piece of tame lesbian vampire eurosleaze. Fortunately, it was recently released in its uncut form in the UK (by Anchor Bay) and the US (by Blue Underground), so now more people can revel in its unique blend of gothic style and Spanish sleaze.

What also sets this film apart is its lack of clichés: There are no pointy teeth, no coffins serving as beds, no bite marks on necks. The ladies also don’t seem to mind walking around in sunlight, although they obiously prefer darkness. This can actually make one wonder if they are vampires at all and further adds to the movies unique style. Vampyres is definitely a film to check out if you’re a fan of lesbian vampires. And seriously, who isn’t?

Get it now, fully uncut!

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