Movie Review: Wild Zero

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Movie Poster

Rock ‘n’ Roll JET-movie starring Guitar Wolf
Trash and Chaossss!!!! THE GREAT PSYCHO OF THEM ALL!

No, I’m not drunk; this is coming straight from the DVD cover of Wild Zero, a movie by Tetsuro Takeuchi released in 2000. Now, with a tagline like this, what is one to expect? Well...take Sogo Ishii’s Burst City and Electric Dragon 80.000V and put them in a blender. Now add some Rock ‘n’ Roll (incl. leather jackets and hair combs), zombies and aliens. Mix that with a good helping of Evil Dead 2 style humor, the most colorful music video you can think of and even more Rock ‘n’ Roll. Stir for 10 minutes, then filter through a broken guitar amplifier with every dial set to 11. That’s what Wild Zero is like, and then some.

The movie takes place in and around Asahi, Japan. Ace (Masashi Endô), a wannabe rock star, is on his way to a gig by the band Guitar Wolf (playing themselves). After the show and a confrontation between the members of the band and the club owner (who wears a pair of extremely short shorts the entire movie), Ace becomes blood brothers with Guitar Wolf and gets handed a whistle which he should use to call for help whenever he’s in trouble. And he’s going to need it sooner than expected, as aliens are invading and turning everyone into zombies. And then there’s also Tobio (Kwancharu Shitichai, Ace’s love interest, who may or may not be hiding an intimate secret...

Wild Zero is a B-movie at it’s finest. Campy acting, zombies, aliens, a ridiculous storyline, insane characters, guitars shooting lightning, blood, guts, motorcycles, guns, microphones that shoot fire, guitar picks used as weapons and a soundtrack that is just...well, Jet Rock ‘n’ Roll. Tetsuro Takeuchi’s former jobs consisted of directing music videos (for Guitar Wolf, no less) and it definitely shows. The film is a psychedelic roller coaster ride of insanity and noise that will fry your brain and leave you begging for more. So grab some beers, turn up the TV and get blasted in the face by the atomic explosion of Rock ‘n’ Roll that is Wild Zero.

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