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Last weekend I was fortunate enough to go to the movies and watch The Vow. I hadn't been to the movies for a year or so, therefore it was quite a treat. I liked the movie, but I didn't love it. Most of the acting was good, except for the role played by (Channing Tatum). It thought that he looked too young for the role and not serious enough. Having your wife of several years forget who you are is a serious matter. Whilst he looked concerned he didn't look desperate enough. In fact he had a weird smirk about him, which I didn't think the role needed.

What was interesting about the movie was the story line. Having discussed it with a few colleagues, I have received a mixture of responses to the question of whether you would give up on your partner if s/he forget who you where following a horrific head injury. Would you try and win her/him back?

In the movie The Vow, the male actor Channing, tries very hard to win his wife back. He gives her every opportunity to find her old life, so that she can return to it. However there does come a point where he does say, I can do no more. He places the responsibility back on his wife to first find herself and then their relationship, should she want it.

Throughout the movie, Channing provides commentary about what he believes really counts in our lives. He calls them moments. Some are good and some are bad. Their collection is a reflection of the relationship a couple shares. I liked this concept and could relate to it. The fact that we can remember these moments, gives us something to reflect upon. Should these moments disappear, like they did in the movie, then they have to be rebuilt, from scratch.

The energy to rebuild them these moments, is a heavy burden even for the partner who can recall them. For the partner who can't, well they are lost. How do you create a relationship on moments you can't remember. The energy however to rebuild them comes from how important and happy these moments where. If they were on the whole great, then they are worth fighting for, if however they were average or less than average then maybe not.

In my own case, if my partner was to have had a similar accident several years into our marriage, I would think that I would have fought for it. Our relationship was on the whole a good one. I am also not one to give up so easy.

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