Mr. Lee Vs. Mr Lee (Another Interesting Korean Film To Watch)

Lee Dae Geun's Family

I will always remember this movie as Lee Dae Geun's Family. A Korean film that is, to me, strange and unpredictable. This one is a sure winner. All you have to do is watch this and prepare for an unpredictable turn in the story. Korean film making has gone a long way.

It is a story of a father who's family fell apart when his youngest son Jong Bae went bankrupt. His other kids also lost money as his guarantor. His wife died and he was blamed for his death. A story of a lonely father living in guilt and pain. His kids never came to visit the old man after the big fight he had with them during the first year death anniversary of their mother.

A Strange Family Reunion

Mr. Kho, the agent Mr. Lee Dae Geun commissioned to look for his Youngest son Lee Jong Bae, is the narrator of the story. While giving the old man an update, Mr. Lee made a request that troubled the agent. The old man wants him to bring back his kids together for the memorial service to mark the third year death anniversary of their mother, said he has something to say to them. Mr. Kho thought he could find the youngest son easily, but where would he find the others? A strange request.. just very strange. But what makes it difficult to find the others..?

Before the final day comes, we see Mr. Lee in front of a mirror rehearsing what he would say to the kids when he meets them.

"How have you all been? It's been a while. Thank you for coming. Let's all try to be nice today. All agreed?"

They finally met in a rented venue for the ceremony. Now we meet his family. His eldest son is a struggling actor. He came with his wife. Mr. Lee's daughter has a temper. She's the only one who can confront his father. She hates that her father holds memorial services as it does not go with her religion. She is a pastor's wife. She, too, came with her husband. The ceremony cannot be started without the youngest son. Here's a conversation while waiting for him:

Mr. Lee: How's Grace? (addressing his son-in-law who's a pastor)

Son-in-law: Grace? Oh, I get a lot of grace.

Mr. Lee: No, you stupid. I'm talking about your daughter.

Son-in-law: Oh Grace. She's studying hard by the grace of God.

Mr. Lee: Church is not doing well that's why you're driving a cab?

Son-in-law: Not many customers. Not many church members. Not much offering either.

Mr. Lee: What does economy has to do with the church..?

Just a tinge of comic relief. Mr. Lee Vs. Mr. Lee will grip your heart as the story moves on. The twist in the ending is startling and unexpected. You'll wish you can be near him to console him, take away his pain.

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