Munger Road (2011)

Munger Road is a ultra-low budget horror film that tries to be interesting by trying to combine a super natural thriller, Slasher and a slow burn horror film into one. What it ends up being is a slow boring and pointless horror film that should have never been made in the first place.

Munger Road is the story of two couples who are trying to get on tv by capturing ghost on film. They drive up to Munger Road where legend states that a school bus stopped on train tracks only to get mowed down, the spirit of the kids push all stranded cars off the track in order to avoid their faith. Meanwhile two local police officers are on a manhunt looking for an escaped prisoner, who years earlier killed several people.

I wish I had something to do.
I wish I had something to do.

The whole film is basically a waste of time, it’s one of those movies that are so bad that you ask yourself “why did I even bother?” The worse crime that this movie commits is that the ending is utter bull. Anyone who spends their time hoping for some sort of pay off, ends up getting ripped off and left with a cop out of an ending. The acting is subpar along with the directing with some scenes being so badly lit that you can literally see nothing. The movie seems a lot longer than it is because of some of the early scene that consists of talking heads. There are some hints that the filmmakers tried to come up with something at least a tad interesting as they use a camcorder to display some scenes but it never worked out.

I like to give all movies a far try and I tend to enjoy most movies that others don’t tend to like either because of the acting or directing or what not. But I can’t stand behind a movie that insults the intelligences of the viewer by making them spend 90 minutes only to end up dumbfounded. I don’t recommend this to anyone, 1 out of 5.


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