Music from The Misfits TV Show

The Misfits is a UK TV show. The music and soundtrack from the Misfits is awesome.
The Misfits is a UK TV show. The music and soundtrack from the Misfits is awesome.

What is The Misfits?

The Misfits is a British TV Show that has just finished it's Second Season. The soundtrack and music from the show contains a really great collection of songs.

The show itself is an original and fresh take on the super power genre. Personally I think it is brilliant, but whenever I try to tell people about it they say, "Oh, so it's like Heroes then?". No. It's nothing like Heroes. Comparing it to Heroes is like comparing an american college grad with a UK football hooligan. The Misfits is Heroes on crack without the polished to perfection characters and the big budget. But trust me, all of this is in its favour.

I cannot highly recommend the show enough if you enjoy shows from the UK. But let us get to the real reason for this Hub. The Music...

The Soundtrack...

Having watched both Seasons of the show, I could not help but notice how great the music and the selection of songs was, and that is what inspired this Hub.

So if you were watching The Misfits like me and thinking, "Oh, this song is great!", then never fear, for I have compiled all of the songs for you into one neat Hub.

The tracks are listed below in episode order & in order of when they are played in the episode. The Song/Band is shown as: “Name of the Song” – Band Name.

There are a few quirky songs in here along with the great ones, but bear in mind they were used for effect (generally humour) for the TV show! Anyway, here we go...

Season One

Episode One

  1. "Out at the Pictures" - Hot Chip
  2. "Echoes" -The Rapture (Theme Song)
  3. "Here Today Gone Tomorrow" – Gang Starr
  4. "Heroin" - The Velvet Underground
  5. "You've Got The Love" - Florence and The Machine
  6. "Stick to Yr Guns" - The Cribs
  7. "I'm Just A Prisoner" Candi Staton
  8. "Get Innocuous" LCD Soundsystem
  9. "Lonely Soul" Unkle

Episode Two

  1. "Echoes" - The Rapture (Theme Song)
  2. "Rollin' and Tumblin" - Jeff Beck
  3. "24 Hours from Tulsa" – Gene Pitney
  4. "Something's Gotten Hold Of My Heart" - Gene Pitney
  5. "Franz Schubert" - Kraftwerk
  6. "Atlantis to Interzone" - Klaxons
  7. "Tamphex" Aphex Twin
  8. "On Dancefloors" Metronomy
  9. "Europe Endless" Kraftwerk
  10. "Girl You'll Be A Woman Soon" Urge Overkill
  11. "You're Beautiful" James Blunt
  12. "Atmosphere" Joy Division
  13. "Girl, You'll Be A Woman Soon" Neil Diamond

Episode Three

  1. "Echoes" -The Rapture (Theme Song)
  2. "Attitude" - Hardknox
  3. "Krazy Krush" – Ms Dynamite
  4. "Growing Pains" - La Roux
  5. "A Place Nobody Can Find" - Sam and Dave
  6. "Until We Bleed" - Kleerup

Episode Four

  1. "Johnny Too Bad" - Taj Mahal
  2. "Echoes" -The Rapture (Theme Song)
  3. "Rudy A Message To You" – Specials
  4. "Rolex Sweep (Vandalism Remix)" - Skepta
  5. "Hotel California" - Gipsy Kings
  6. "Underdog" - Kasabian
  7. "Four Horsemen of 2012" - Klaxons
  8. "Phantom Pt II (Boys Noize Remix)" - Justice
  9. "Stress" - Justice
  10. "E Trips" - Benga
  11. "26 Basslines" - Benga
  12. "Hometown Glory" - Adele (High Contrast remix)
  13. "In For The Kill" - La Roux (Skream's - Lets get Ravey remix)
  14. "Beautiful Burnout" - Underworld

Episode Five

  1. "Echoes" -The Rapture (Theme Song)
  2. "Not Nineteen Forever" - Courteeners
  3. "(Baby) Hold me tight" – Kitty Daisy & Lewis
  4. "Stars" - The XX
  5. "Delicate" - Damien Rice

Episode Six

  1. "Symphony No.2 In C Minor" - Gustav Mahler
  2. "Echoes" -The Rapture (Theme Song)
  3. "Primary Colours" – The Horrors
  4. "Just Dance" - Lady Gaga
  5. "Smack My Bitch Up" - Prodigy
  6. "Low Rider" - War
  7. "That's Amore" - Dean Martin
  8. "Pieces" - Chase And Status
  9. "Such Great Heights" - Iron and Wine
  10. "To The End" - Blur


Season Two

Episode One

  1. "Take My Time" - Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
  2. "Rifles" – Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
  3. "Echoes" - The Rapture (Theme Song)
  4. "Darlin'" - Richard Hawley
  5. "Natural's Not In It" - Gang of Four
  6. "Lullaby" - The Cure
  7. "All Come Down" - Steve Mason

Episode Two

  1. "Smokestack Lightnin'" - Howlin' Wolf
  2. "Echoes" - The Rapture (Theme Song)
  3. "Blue Blood Blues" – The Dead Weather
  4. "Answer To Yourself" - The Soft Pack
  5. "Dirge" - Death In Vegas
  6. "Swoon" - Chemical Brothers (Boys Noize Summer Remix)
  7. "Restless" UNKLE
  8. "U.F.O" Matta

Episode Three

  1. "Echoes" - The Rapture (Theme Song)
  2. "Run Run Run" - The Velvet Underground
  3. "Thickfreakness" – Black Keys
  4. "Careless Whisper" - George Michael
  5. "Till It Happens To You" - Corinne Bailey Rae
  6. "Spanish Sahara" – Foals

Episode Four

  1. "Ghost Symbol" - Zero 7
  2. "War" – Edwin Starr
  3. "Echoes" - The Rapture (Theme Song)
  4. "Innocence" - Nero
  5. "Put a little love in your heart" - David Ruffin
  6. "Aloha los Pescadores" - Jack Nitzsche
  7. "Laser beam" - Low
  8. "Steal Drums (Rivva Starr Remix)" - DB40
  9. "Empty Vessels" - Phil Kieran
  10. "MmmBop" - Hanson
  11. "4th movement, 1st part" - Krazy Baldhead
  12. "Eumir Deodato - Also Sprach Zarathrustra" - DB40
  13. "Paradise Circus" - Massive Attack

Episode Five

  1. "Echoes" - The Rapture" (Theme Song)
  2. The Killing Moon" - Echo And The Bunnymen
  3. "Die By The Drop" - The Dead Weather
  4. "Small Time Shot Away" - Massive Attack
  5. "Creepin Up The Backstairs" - The Fratellis
  6. "Zoom Boom Zing" - The Cadillacs
  7. "Stay Up" - Evil Nine
  8. "Love Will Come" - Maps
  9. "Radiates" - Riton and Primary 1
  10. "The Law of Life" - Elite Force
  11. "Adagio for Strings" - Leonard Berstein

Episode Six

  1. "Some enchanted evening" - John Langley
  2. "Hall of The Mountain King - Peer Gynt Suite No1 OP 46" - Edvard Grieg
  3. "Echoes" - The Rapture (Theme Song)
  4. "Sabortage" - Beastie Boys
  5. "Morning - from Peer Gynt" - Massive Attack
  6. "I've seen That Face Before" - Grace Jones
  7. "Lakmé - Acte 1 Flower Duet" - Mady Mesplé & Danielle Millet ( Paris Opéra - Comique)
  8. "I Don't Know What Happened to The Kids" - Labi Siffre

Episode Seven (Christmas Special)

  1. "Christmas Is Going To The Dogs" - The Eels
  2. "Echoes" - The Rapture (Theme Song)
  3. "Is This Christmas" - Wombats
  4. "I wish It Was Christmas Today" - Julian Casablancas
  5. "The Every Day Will Be Like A Holiday" - Sweet Inspirations
  6. "Santa Baby" - Eartha Kitt
  7. "Oh Happy Day" - Edwin Hawkins Singers
  8. "Merry Christmas (I don't Want to fight tonight)" - Ramones
  9. "Stars" - Warpaint


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Dani 6 years ago

THANK YOU! I have been looking everywhere for these lists! :)

tomsum profile image

tomsum 6 years ago from Australia Author

@Dani - No worries. I'm glad it was useful to you :)

American Dude 6 years ago

Thanks! Google search brought this as first link. I will now head to Amazon and pick up a few of these.

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tomsum 6 years ago from Australia Author

@American Dude - Hey, no problem. I'm glad you found it helpful, and good to see Google is giving my Hub some priority ;) Thanks for your comment.

kittygalaxy 6 years ago

Thank you so much for this list!!!

Definitely the music is excellent!

I couldn't agree more with you on the Heroes vs Misfits subject.. I don't even try to explain to people anymore..

We can make them watch the show if we tell them about the music though... ;)

tomsum profile image

tomsum 6 years ago from Australia Author

@kittygalaxy - Haha that is true :) Maybe we should just recommend the music and say they should watch the show as a side-note, then wait a few weeks and they will come to us saying how awesome the show is!

Thanks for your comment kittygalaxy, hopefully you found the song you were looking for!

MalmoB 6 years ago

God, you're a life saver! I've had a song from series 2 episode 1 stuck in my head for a week now and couldn't figure out what it was. Thanks for posting this.

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tomsum 6 years ago from Australia Author

@MalmoB - Hey, no problem! I'm happy people are finding this Hub useful :)

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crystolite 5 years ago from Houston TX

Well organized piece of work,thanks for sharing.

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tomsum 5 years ago from Australia Author

@cyrstolite - Thanks for your comment :)

Ted 5 years ago

Towards the end of the last episode of series one, when they are 'gearing up' and selecting their 'right kind of tracks', well i could only pick Kraftwerk - Radioactivity on Simons ipod. Anyone know the other two? Good work on the list to btw.

AMber 5 years ago

I could hear the song "Hollow Inside" by Chantelle Tibbs on the Misfits...

how do you suggest songs for a TV show?

DT 5 years ago

This must have taken a good deal of time and effort, and I really appreciate it. Thank you!!!

asterio 5 years ago

Thanks for sharing. I had the same thought, but hopefully I found your compilation first. Great job!

Candice 5 years ago

Start a new list for Season 3?

There's this song in the scene where Alisha is telling Simon that she's 'not that person anymore' after a run-in with Rudy at the pub. I'm trying to find out what the name of the song is...

Atli 5 years ago

Does anyone know the song being played at 32:30 into the first episode of the third season when they are talking about Alisha being a cock monster? Ive searched high and low and I still haven't found it. Tried shazam as well as googling it. Alas no luck.

Frances Torrez 5 years ago

This is sweet!!!! Thanks for compiling this list of music, I love this show and the music is fabulous!! Can't wait for the next season!

red 5 years ago

mmm maybe S 3 could be an option

Season three 5 years ago

When are season three songs coming out?

Marks 5 years ago

Amazing!! Thanks so much. You are my hero!

waterdragon11111 5 years ago

In season 2, episode 3, with the rising of the sun on the morning after future Simon and Alisha's first night together, there is an instrumental piece of music playing. Would you happen to know the origin of this music?

Sheila 5 years ago

Thanks so much for the lists....a great help! Are you going to list series three?

misfits music hunter 4 years ago

awesome hub. thanks very much!!

Lenka K. 4 years ago

THANKS so much for the playlists!

Liz 4 years ago

U r awesome!!! I have wanted to know so many songs and had no clue where to go!! Thank u!!!

zei 4 years ago

this is fantastic, thanks so much mate

Ben 4 years ago

Thanks for the list! Do you have a list for Season 3?

Shayna 4 years ago

You. Are. Amazing! Love the show, love the music, love this list! Thank you very, very much!

Devin 4 years ago

It's just misfits not the misfits, the misfits is a band

WickedlyGoodWitch 4 years ago

You are the best dude! I have been looking for the music from this show since the first episode came out. This is the best show EVER!

LEAD 3 years ago

Great show and great music!! This list helped me more than Shazam :)

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