Musings of a Lazy Rocker - I

He Had Nothing Better To Do!

REM wrote a religion that would last a century
But can the man sitting in the corner be real?

Did crocodile on the rock bite and injure Elton ?
No, thankfully Pat Boone was undecided on plagiarism

And, if George Harrison did not serenade the Chiffons
He is so fine, he and the judge who both had selective amnesia

Who was to imagine Jody Foster would turn into a reason?
David Chapman shot down music that December 8 in 1980 for her!

Jefferson was an airplane first and evolved into a starship
The nuclear furniture there killing Jefferson

Every night transformed into Saturday night
With fever raising, blame the Beegees

Hot chocolate is brown but the best music was black
Jane Austen was not at Emma's side

Donovan caught the wind with his guitar
Lost Mickey the Most but gained Paul McCartney

Rick came to the party in the garden
Had no way of knowing the idiocy of the mad people

Weight undid dear Jerry Garcia but who said he is dead?
There are thousands of deadheads still alive

Sweden was thankful to ABBA then
Meryl Streep brought them back now

Not only did Vandarmere lose Darcie Farrow and followed her
But Rocky Mountain lost John the Denver, damn the airplane

Damn it again, what about Lynyrd skynyrd?
Don't damn Orville and Wilbur though

Car is not far behind to victimize
Gloria Jones driving one and Mark Bolan to death

Is Youtube a blessing or a curse?
Everybody from Frank Sinatra to Justin Beiber the tail of a mouse

Elvis started it all as you and I know
Thankful should we be that he did not take music away with him

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thesingernurse profile image

thesingernurse 5 years ago from Rizal, Philippines

Keep rocking brotha. :) It's nice to find a fellow musician here at Hub pages. :)

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