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My name is Valerie Read and I currently live in Lynnwood, Washington. I have spent the last ten years working as an insurance biller for a pathology lab in Seattle, Washington. I tried to attempt a degree in Business at the Edmonds Community College in Lynnwood, Washington, but after two years I found my true passion go in another direction. I took an English class from a film teacher from the University of Washington who after reading my work told me that my true gift was writing. She had asked me if I ever thought of writing for television or movies, and my answer to her was no. I had kept my promise to keep my feet firmly planted to the ground, and I wasn’t going to make a good living at being a screenwriter. So, I thanked her and after the class was over I never thought of it again. Toward the end of the fall quarter in 2007 I fell flat on my face and failed my math class, but I received a better grade in my higher level writing class. I realized that Professor Tish Lopez was right, and my true gift was writing. So, after two years I came across a website and starting applying for film schools in the Pacific Northwest. I didn’t get in to the Seattle Art’s Institute, but I was accepted in the Los Angeles Film School and received partial aide from financial aide.

The most important part of my life was a change that overcame last summer. I started to write a story from four different aspects on how everyone was surviving this sudden up wave of a down spiral economy. I created four female characters from people I had known over the course of my life and began their tale of how this new part of our history was affecting them. The four women met at the University of Washington and put together as roommates in their freshmen year. Casey came from upstate New York and a wealthy family. Her dream was to study acting and be a star. Adrianna’s family came from Mexico and enters the US to give their daughter a better life. Their dream is that she aims for a career in business and a better life, but Adrianna wants to be a Radio Host. So, she is on scholarship at the University of Washington, because her family will not pay for her college tuition. Cheryl is a shining star as an interior designer, and strives to have her own business, but she has a problem with her mother. Their relationship is strained because Cheryl wants to live in a dorm and not at home. Karen wants to be a Journalist and publish a novel that will shake this country to its very core. She wants to be a star, but keeps this ambition to herself. Their story is anyone’s tale of hardships, friendships, love, family, and striving to be successful, especially in today’s bad economy. This story needs to be made into a movie and that is one of my goals.

I want to learn to transform my short story into a screen play and make a movie out of it. I need to be taught the right tools and skills to do this. I know that the instructors at the Los Angeles film school can help me with my work. I would like to work as an intern at a production company and learn what I can on how to obtain the funds or aide to make a movie out of my screenplay. I hope that this production will employ me after graduation and help me obtain skills for my future work in movies. I will start anywhere that I can obtain employment and that could be a screenwriter for a television series. I am set to work hard for my goals and the skills I learn will help me succeed in my future goals.

In the future I would love to make my favorite novel series The Red Hats into a movie and any proceeds of my films will go into a scholarship for future students at your school. Once I make a promise like that I don’t break it. The one important project for me is to make an independent, large budget, film based on the life of Pearl S. Buck. I would like to tell about her life as a child growing up in China with her missionary parents, becoming a missionary herself and teaching at a college. I would like to show the audience how quickly things change from when the Western Europeans to how the Communist took over in power, and how Pearl escape with her family from their imprisonment in an old abandoned temple. This is why I have passion for films, because of the influence books had over my life. I will dedicate it to my grandmother, Katherine Heim, who taught me to love films that told stories of people’s lives, and helped to conserve history. I want an audience member to leave remembering the impact that my film made on him or her.

Later, in my career I would love to teach film at a college. I want to teach my students what skills and tools that they will need in the movie industry. I only hope that I will open their minds to how a movie tells a story, or what it takes to create magic for the silver screen. Also, that it takes a team working together to make a movie, not just the director. As a director you are not anyone’s task master, but someone to help your team tell a story and portray it how the screenplay is written. I hope they will never be afraid to be bold, or take advice from anyone if change is needed to help a scene out. This is what I will work for and I am not afraid of hard work.

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Gilbert Smith profile image

Gilbert Smith 6 years ago from New Mexico

My goal as a filmmaker is to make people go "DAMN!"

I think I come at this from a very different direction than most.

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