My Movie Review on the Political Satire War Inc

     The movie War, Inc., produced by New Crime Productions and Millennium Films, came out in independent movie houses across the country on June 22, 2008 without studio back up which was a first for them. It was directed by Joshua Seftel, co-produced by Grace Loh, with executive producers David Victor and Steve Pink, and the script written by Mark Leyner, and Jeremy Pikser. The movie was filmed in Bulgaria with a assemble cast of popular actors, and a large budget that was spent on cinematography, sets, and special effects. Many questions on if they spent too much on cinematography and not toward a solid story line.

     This movie which is John Cusack’s brain child, who helped produce and co-write, takes us on a dark satire that gives a look into the power of corporate funded wars. The story line takes the viewer in a world corrupt on war, drugs, and sex. One aspect of this movie shows the audience a young female Asia pop star played by Hillary Duff dropping a scorpion down her pants, which shows how our society is too much into selling sex than realty. It created an outburst among all the viewers on how the creators of this film could allow a young actress to do this, but in the end that is how you get people’s attention if you want a movie to sell. My suggestions is that I would like to see John Cusack stuff something similar down his own pants when he films the sequel to this movie which was mentioned on his MySpace website.

     We are given a story of a distant future, where individual countries no longer exist, except as faceless corporations, whose depend on profits from war after bombing the hell out of their neighbors, rebuilding them after a healthy dose of shock therapy, reorganization of a nation, and outsourcing the jobs to third party contractors.

     If anyone gets in the way of profit, the corporation sends out a lone gun man to take care of the problem. That is how Brand Hauser comes in played by, John Cusack, who poses as a corporation's trade producer, and has been asked by the ex Vice-President played by, Dan Aykroyd, to take care of a minor problem, an oil sheik name Omar Sharif over a oil pipe line. He is told to contact the Viceroy played by, Ben Kingsley, to aide him in this mission.

     Brand Hauser meets human rights activist, slash journalist, Natalie Hegalhuzen played by Marisa Tomei, who tries to side track him to get a story on, what is really happening in war torn Turaqistan. Hauser than meets Asia pop star Yonica Babyyeah played by Hilary Duff, whose marriage is the main event at the trade show, and it is his cover to help cordinate it. Hauser tries to stay on the course with the help of his operative partner Marsha Dillon played by, Joan Cusack, whose only desire is to get him to complete the assignment. So they can both go home. Hauser’s emotions are conflicted between his duty to complete the mission, the sexy journalist, and the strange hold that the pop star has over him. Hauser's only release is a daily dose of hot sauce to soothe his nerves.

    This movie is similar to Dr. Strangelove who had the same zany characters who are just trying to solve a problem quickly without a large body count. War, Inc was supposed to be a sequel to Grosse Pointe Blank, but instead took another turn toward the political arena. I am glad that the writers of this film decided to portray a future that will impact a message to the audience, but give them something to think about and suggest to there friends or family members to go see this film.

     War, Inc. was released on DVD on October 14, 2008. So, if you want something to open you mind to the after affects of capitalism or shock therapy, than I think you will like this funny, brilliant, movie about a diverse set of characters who are just trying to survive a world being sold on government propaganda, and trying to escape a war-torn country, caught in the middle of corporate enterprising.



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