My Personal Top 50 Comedy Films: 44

44. Bad Taste

Hard to believe that this is Peter Jackson's first effort looking at what he has also done and what he is doing now; minor to mainstream. However, it is a great piece of inspiration to anyone doing anything and feeling that they may not be doing their best work.

The film opens (after a distress call) with one of "The Boys" being pursued by a man, with an axe, on a beach.

What proceeds sets the tone of the film..

It is a great opening scene and it is not for the gore dodging type.

After dealing with the axe wielding man, Barry, takes a walk around the local area where he runs into a gang of sledgehammer wielding maniacs.

Everything looks bad for Barry until Derek, another one of "The Boys", starts to torture a maniac he managed to capture.. Jackson plays both of these characters.

Derek ends of coming off worse after a very gruesome battle which is when the rest of "The Boys" show up.

The rest of "The Boys" are Frank and Ozzie.

Frank, is rarely seen with out a cigar in his mouth and Ozzie has a taste for violence and carnage.

Something is not quite right in the town they are in so they all regroup.

They find that a vicar has been kidnapped and so set out to save him and on the way find out the truth of what has been happening in the town..

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Asp52 profile image

Asp52 3 years ago from England

I loved this film! So glad you reminded me of this classic film!- I may have to track it down, I can remember watching this in my last year of secondary school. Great stuff!!

Georgie Lowery profile image

Georgie Lowery 3 years ago from Slaton, Texas USA

I've never heard of this movie but, since I'm stuck at home recovering from surgery, I am going to look it up. Thank you for sharing!

Tyler Bracken profile image

Tyler Bracken 3 years ago from Berlin, Germany Author

Asp52: :) I can remember watching it for the first time and felt like I had found the holy grail. I taped it when it was shown on CH4 as part of the 'forbidden' season way back. I take it you have seen Braindead too? it is the sequel.. it features higher up on my list.

I was just reading your Viking Diet hub, sounds like something worth trying out! I will see if I can track down some mead! Definitely will be checking over some of the other hubs you have too.

Georgie: I hope you like the film. It is quite low budget but I think it adds to the charm. Good luck with the recovery. I think I will be doing a horror top 50 soon.. So I will check out some of your hubs for sure. They seem pretty interesting!

Asp52 profile image

Asp52 3 years ago from England

Yes Tyler I remember that film also, you are really bringing back memories from 20 years ago!!- Keep up the great work!

Tyler Bracken profile image

Tyler Bracken 3 years ago from Berlin, Germany Author

Wow.. making me feel old! :-/ That one's in the top 20.

Mark B 2 years ago

Hah!!! This film is fantastic!

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