My Ten Best Actors of All time

There have been a large number of actors through the years that have entertained us through their acting caliber.  It is in deed very diffficlut to choose one over the other. For instance, how can you choose between Richard  Harris and Rex Harrison? Silent era had Charlie Chaplin. Then came Clark Gable etc.  Movie releases increased then and a host of good actors like Cary Grant appeared on the scene. Acting these days, I am sad to say, does not provide any scope for bringing out the prowess and going through the motions is enough. So, not many current hot favorites find a place here. I list here ten best actors I liked through the years. They may not figure in your list but please tell me what you think!

Explanations as to why I like them are not given here but if you recall the movies that had these actors in them, you would be able to find the justification for their inclusion.

1. Richard Burton

2. Edward Norton

3. Cary Grant

4. Jerrard Butler

5. Robert deNeiro

6. Al Pacino

7. Charlie Chaplin

8. Dustin Hoffman

9. Meryl Streep

10. Elizabeth Taylor

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irwanfazri profile image

irwanfazri 7 years ago from Malaysia

I like Tom Cruise, yeah!

Mike Lickteig profile image

Mike Lickteig 7 years ago from Lawrence KS USA

Everyone on your list are fine actors and actresses. I would include Paul Newman and Jack Nicholson for consideration, also. A contemporary actress that has impressed me is Kate Winslet, but I'm not convinced she's ready to belong on an all-time list just yet.

Another good list.

Mosco 7 years ago

1 Pacino

2 Brando

3 Nicholson

4 Newman

5 Stewart

6 Duvall

7 Bogart

8 Grant

9 Hoffman

10 Lemmon

figment profile image

figment 6 years ago from Texas

Good Hub!

Thejus 5 years ago

My ten best acter in indian cinima .amithab bachan .mohanlal .kamal hasan .amir khan .rajanikanth .sharuk khan .vikram .mamooty .nagarjuna .salman khan

thirdmillenium profile image

thirdmillenium 5 years ago from Here, There, Everywhere Author

Not seriously? Rajnikanth and Nagarjuna?

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