My Ten Best Rock Songs then, now and for ever

Does any of these songs figure in yours?

Another list of mine to talk about ten best rock songs of all time. You may not agree with some, some songs may surprise you that they are there at all, some may make you outrageous like one song here made my friend Joe Hazaria. I have always been neck-deep in rock and other songs and have zeroed in on the songs that have/had stayed with me for a long time after I first heard them and had hunted for the record through heaven and earth (those were the days of vinyl records and the bed type tape recorders accompanied by the compact little cassettes were making us gawk in awe) or otherwise sat with the transistor radio to the ears, waiting for a Frank Zappa or a Little Richard come on line and do his thing. Guitar simply was God and we had all turned into idol worshippers. Grateful Dead were always on mind and Jerry Garcia, complete with his pot belly and graying, unkempt hair, was the object of love. The praise he is showered upon today in the youtube space by Justin Beiber generation gives such a pleasure to deadheads like me. I am proud as though the praise somehow includes me. I was the first then to be surprised that none of GD songs, Uncle John's Band or Scarlet Begonia or any other song is not in my list of Ten Best Rock Songs of all Time. Fair is fair, right? Anyway, here goes the list . I left the names of the singers/ songwriters out for, I know you would feel insulted if i did. Thanks for reading.

1. Johnny B. Goode

2. No Satisfaction

3. Jailhouse Rock

4. My Generation

5. You were Wonderful Tonight

6. Long Cool Women in a Black Dress

7. Sweet Home Alabama

8. I heard it through the grapevine

9. Hotel California

10. Nights in White satin

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alastar packer 5 years ago

Great choices . Its kind of ironic about no.6 the Hollies of course were U.K. but the song didn't do much there but was big hit in U.S. Being from the South you know i gotta especially agree on no.7- all good though.

thirdmillenium profile image

thirdmillenium 5 years ago from Here, There, Everywhere Author

Hi Alaster


nextstopjupiter profile image

nextstopjupiter 5 years ago from here, there and everywhere

Handmade music - good choice, thanks for this hub!

WD Curry 111 profile image

WD Curry 111 5 years ago from Space Coast

I would give you my list, but that is not what this is about. I have old Hollies and Kinks records (sixties) that sound like early Punk or modern Indy Globo Trash.

How about one I am relating to more each day? "How do you know when your over the hill . . . when your mind makes a promise that your body can't fill." Old Folks Boogie (Little Feat)

Emily Sparks 5 years ago

Just out of curiousity, why are you into rock and roll when you say you love Jesus? Rock and roll is filthy, wicked music which is not pleasing to God.

thirdmillenium profile image

thirdmillenium 5 years ago from Here, There, Everywhere Author

Dear Emily

I apologize for not responding earlier. I am afraid you would have to wait a little longer until after New Year for a detailed reply to this and other one about Hell.

A very happy New year to you and your family


thirdmillenium profile image

thirdmillenium 5 years ago from Here, There, Everywhere Author

Hello Emily, I hope you had a wonderful New Year celebration.

Now, my premise about hell is based on love. The love God has for his creations. The love Jesus demonstrated by his self-less living. It is my firm belief that Jesus has taken away human kind's sins and will continue to do so until his second coming. Besides, only a mentally incapable person will allow anyone - even his worst enemy - to suffer indefinitely. God, can not be such a sadistic entity.

There is unending argument about whether hell exists or whether it denotes to Jade, a place where there used to be permanent fire outside ancient cities in Israel.

Lazar and the rich man are not in heaven and hell. It is only an allegory. I request you to clear all these doubts from which is not affiliated to any Christian group. (If you feel like it)

Rock songs:

Ha, your concerns are very real and I completely agree with their being filthy. However, I have found a way around. I NEVER listen to the words, I have developed a habit of being completely blank about the words. It is the music that I am interested in. I refuse to believe that music can be evil. For, me and my friends (100s of them) have always enjoyed and cherished rock songs along with country, folk and are/were in love with Jesus. I do not really see any contradictory interests here. I have always tried to keep away from evil.

I hope I haven't offended you by any of my remarks

I wish you a very prosperous 2012

Thank you

msorensson profile image

msorensson 4 years ago

I love this description of you on your profile : " I think I should keep writing and boring folks near and far." Oh, you made me laugh..Thank you.

I can relate to 5 of your favorite songs. The other five I do not know.

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