My Top Ten Most Disturbing Songs Ever

When I started writing this article I obviously already had some songs in mind, but when I began researching lyrics I found that the research was surprisingly easy. While there is no shortage of disturbing songs by bands like Cannibal Corpse, I was looking for more subtlely disturbing songs. Turns out there is no shortage of those either. These are songs from all era's and all genre's that are seriously disturbing, some of which you may have even heard on the radio, if the DJ was satan, cause most of these people are going to hell.

10. Little Sister - Queens of the Stone Age

Although it seems to be an innocent enough song from a supportive big brother to lonely and misunderstood little sister. But that innocence is what makes it so horrible, because it is really about a big brother attempting to coax his little sister into engaging in incest. With one particularly disturbing line that goes, I wanna show you all my love.

9. Raspberry Swirl - Tori Amos

This is a great song to dance to, also to get your period to. The lyrics are about how it is unfair that women have periods. Gross, but not wholly unnecessary, it is the worst. But why is it named after a type of cheesecake. Along with some lyrics that are heavily against having a period there seems to also be some underlying references to being deflowered. There is also a line repeated throughout the song, everybody knows I'm her man, which adds an element of confusion, because Tori Amos is a woman. Hm.

8. All I Wanna Do Is Make Love to You - Heart

First of all the title of this song is totally misleading. This is a typical 80's rock love ballad with a twist. There were, in fact, some ulterior motives behind this seemingly kind act of picking up a stranger on the side of the road. And the euphemisms in the lyrics: we made magic that night, oh, he did everything right, brought the woman out of me, are just the preamble to what comes next: I am the flower you are the seed, we walked in the garden and planted a tree. That's right, she picked up a dude on the side of the road to impregnate her because, as it is explained later in the song, she is in love with someone else, and that's the one thing he couldn't do.

7. Lightning Crashes - Live

This is probably my favorite song on this list, a moving and poignant ballad about a young mother who gives birth to a beautiful little blue-eyed baby and then dies shortly after. A truly sad story, with eloquent, poetic lyrics like, oh, I feel it coming back again, like a roll of thunder chasing the wind, that is also super gross. One line totally changes the entire mood of the song from thoughtful to disgusted, her placenta falls to the floor. Blegh.

6. Maxwell's Silver Hammer - the Beatles

This song is surprisingly upbeat and catchy considering it is about a serial killer that murder's people with his hammer. If you listen closely you can even hear Paul McCartney laughing as he sings. First, Maxwell calls up a girl from school and asks her on a date, when he comes to pick her up he hits her on the head with his hammer instead. Then, Maxwell gets in trouble at school, the teacher makes him stay after class and write on the blackboard, I will not be so oh, oh, oh, but he hits her with his hammer instead. Maxwell gets arrested and goes to court, and the judge sentences him to go to jail, but instead (you may be able to guess where this is going) he gets hit on the head by his own silver hammer. Bang, bang.

5. One of My Turns - Pink Floyd

A song about a man growing older and getting stuck in a rut with his significant other and then murdering his significant other with an axe. So, your relationship has gotten stale, you are looking for a way to spice things up, reignite the ole flame. You could go on a vacation, or try couples therapy, or you could take a page from the Pink Floyd play book and get your favorite axe from your suitcase and "take your turn". The song seems to imply that the couple takes turn murdering each other with axes, hence the title. Also before I move on I'm gonna go ahead and speculate that Roger Waters was a secret axe murderer. Just putting it out there.

4. Possum Kingdom - the Toadies

This song is about having sex with a girl behind a boat house at a state park and then killing her. Or does he kill her first and then have sex with her? I don't know, the timeline is a little sketchy, but there is definitely killing and sex. The fact that I used to go on family camping trips with my family at Possum Kingdom State Park as a child only makes the song more disturbing for me personally. It is a great song though.

3. Young Girl - Gary Puckett

This is a song about a guy that is openly struggling with his desire to molest a young girl, after he falls in love with her and then finds that she is jailbait. Well you know what guy, your love isn't the only thing that is out of line. This song is out of line and just terrible. I know the 60s were a different time, but really, no one found this song to be offensive and inappropriate. It reached #2 on the Billboard Hot 100 and #1 on the UK charts.

2. Father Figure - George Michaels

Honestly, I'm not even sure what to say here. This song is horrifying. Mothers hide your children, George Micheals wants to be their "father figure". This should be illegal, oh wait, it already is, and the people who commit this crime are generally referred to as pedophiles, or priests. Nice one about child molestation, George, I'm shocked you didn't take home the Grammy. What I'm really shocked about is that more than one person thought this was a good idea.

1. Delia's Gone

This is a traditional American song that hates women, it has been sung by a wide variety of country artists, including Johnny Cash, Waylan Jennings, and even Loretta Lynn, for shame Loretta. It is basically a confession, a mid-tempo, remorseless confession, in which the persona says that if he hadn't shot her, he would've married her. He then goes on to say that she was a devil woman. This song beat out Father Figure narrowly, based solely on the fact that it is a true story. The origins of the song have been traced back to an actual incident that occurred on Christmas Eve, 1900, in Savanna Georgia. Delia Green, 14 years old, was shot to death by her 15 year old boyfriend Moses Houston after she called him a son of a bitch for making loud, derogatory, sexual comments about her in front a group of their friends and family. The song culminates with the most anti-woman lyrics ever, if your woman's her like Delia got done.

Music inspires people, it uplifts people. Music has been proven to affect a persons perception of time, repair brain damage, prevent seizures, boost your immune system, restore lost memories, as well as much more. Music is perhaps the most powerful form of expression. It can also tap into our primal fear. Music is the soundtrack of our lives, and I suppose sometimes life is pretty disturbing. So you could say that it is art imitating life. Or you could say it is just bad taste, in some cases.

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Dirtgirl profile image

Dirtgirl 5 years ago Author

No, Thank you for stopping by, tell your friends. And I don't know who the artist is for that album cover, but I bet you could google it.

Cer 4 years ago

what about "polly walk off earth?"

Ben 4 years ago

I would put "Zombie" from the Cranberries somewhere in that list

Rrisen profile image

Rrisen 4 years ago from PA

Throbbing Gristle - Slug Bait. Listen to it at night with headphones. You will be disturbed for a couple days. You will hear lyrics of the song in your head over and over again.

Linn 4 years ago

Dude. "Little sister" is slang for an attractive woman, a pet name for girlfriends etc. The song is all about sex, but not about siblings!

Ginger 4 years ago

Daddy-Korn. Though he (their singer) was not actually raped by either of his parents, he was by a family friend (who was a woman). He breaks down crying while singing it and it's one of the most emotionally intense songs ever recorded.

Sphinxs Sanctum profile image

Sphinxs Sanctum 3 years ago from Southern United States

These might be a bit on the Mild Side compared to what's available but a fun read!

Have a look at "Cold Ethyl" by Alice Cooper or some of the X-rated work by Mr. David Allen Coe. Or - how about "Crablouse" or any number of songs by Lords of Acid? Just some suggestions that have made me laugh & say "Eeewww!" LOL

Dark Lord Sasuke 3 years ago

The beta version of the lavender town theme song. Little kids hear the tones different and it makes them nuts. Partially weird because it was made for a game on the original gameboy. I heard it and it made my heart race. Also Pet by Tool.

Iowa by Slipknot

Scissors by Slipknot

Sleep by My Chemical Romance

The beginning and end of Hate Me by Blue October

Shadow temple theme song in Legend of Zelda Ocarina of timw, try going through the temple while hearing it

And animal crossing k.k. dirge

PLfram 3 years ago

I wouldn't automatically consider songs like this disturbing as long as it's plausible to assume that the singer is only role-playing, not actually advocating or threatening abuse or violence. They get close to the line from time to time, as with Donovan's line from "Mellow Yellow", "I'm just mad about fourteen"; I've heard that in concert he was heard singing "I'm just mad about 14 year old girls". That seems over the line, but even there he could have meant it sarcastically; I'm sure he was chased by them regularly. Another creep-out song is "I got ya!" by Joe Tex; the funkiest rape-rap ever recorded. "Jailbait" by Ted Nugent is he worst, since we already know he bragged about sex with underage girls, and in the song, he offers to handcuff and rape a 13 year old; not cool. Anyway, I don't get the problem with "Young Girl"; at least he acknowledges that there is something wrong with his attraction and is trying to avoid contact with the girl in question; at least give him an A for effort.

Worm 3 years ago

I know you have one from Pink Floyd already, but how about The Trial? It is a bit disturbing...

Gmac98 3 years ago

Daddy by KoRn... No question. There's a reason everyone crys when they hear it. ChildRenOfTheKoRn4Life

Pseudo 3 years ago

"Mommy" by Mushroomhead is probably the most disturbing song I've heard.

"Mother may I, mother may I please go outside and play? Don't put me back in the dark. I promise, I will not tell anyone. Mother may I? The way that you touch me, should I feel shame?"

Anon 3 years ago

Dude, Tonetta - Pressure Zone makes this stuff nursery rhymes.

Ben 3 years ago

Here are korns most disturbing songs:

Rita ZR profile image

Rita ZR 2 years ago

I'd add "Stand by Your Man" by Tammy Wynette. It might seem soft by today's standards of lyrics (no swearing, violence, etc), but it's theme of accepting your significant other's bad behavior is truly a terrible message.

DammedMan 19 months ago

You'll find the top most disturbing songs there!

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