My Weekly Top 10 Songs From Unsigned Artists (#1 - 13.11.2011)

Top 10 Weekly (Issue #1 - November 2011)
Top 10 Weekly (Issue #1 - November 2011)

Here is a list of my top 10 for this week, the list is based completely on unsigned artists and hopefully it will act as a promotional tool for their talent. If you have any suggestions for upcoming issues of this weekly article, please get in touch.

A list of my chosen songs for this first issue of this top 10 series:

  • 01. Mikhael Paskalev - I SPY (Indie pop)
  • 02. Alfred Hall - So Bright (Indie pop)
  • 03. Revolver Avenue - Save Me (Indie rock)
  • 04. Stereopol - Time Machine (Indie rock)
  • 05. Emilio - Lock You Down (Hiphop)
  • 06. Hiawata! - Valley Boys (Indie rock)
  • 07. Amish 82 - Crocodile (Electropop)
  • 08. I AM SOUND - Soulmates (Indie pop)
  • 09. Angelicas Elegy - Pictures of the Moon (Rock)
  • 10. Ultra Sheriff - Make Me A Cyborg (Electropop)

01 Mikhael Paskalev - I SPY

02 Alfred Hall - So Bright

03 Revolver Avenue - Save Me

04 STEREOPOL - Time Machine

05 Emilio - Lock You Down

06 Hiawata! - Valley Boys

07 Amish 82 - Crocodile

08 I AM SOUND - Soulmates

09 Angelicas Elegy - Pictures of the Moon

10 Ultra Sheriff - Make Me A Cyborg

Have a listen through the list, I am absolutely certain you will find something that you like. Tell us what you think about the songs in the comment field below.

Enjoy! :-)

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roy 4 years ago

you should check out this amar kanwal, he has far more support in the industry and is unsigned then most of those artists you listed..

Brian 4 years ago

Check out You and Me Alfred, well played catchy songs. Amazing singer, worth the while. They're on Spotify or elsewhere you expect to find music...

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