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Tip: This hub is best read at night during a full moon!  You never know what may be lurking in the dark....
Tip: This hub is best read at night during a full moon! You never know what may be lurking in the dark.... | Source

Mystery Stories

Mystery stories to boggle the mind, vampires, werewolves, creatures of the deep, the Jersey Devil, and chupacabra. Do they exist, do they? Most of us would say no, but there are unforgettable stories and eyewitnesses that just can't be explained. Where did these stories come from? Stories of vampires and werewolves can be traced back hundreds of years and they've persisted to this day, why?

There's nothing better than sitting down and reading about unexplained mysteries. A good mystery story that boggles the mind and simultaneously gives you chills! I'm not going to try to change your mind or make you believe these things exist, I'm just going to tell you some good mystery stories, and hope you enjoy.

"The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science." - Albert Eistein

Mystery Stories

Mystery Stories- Vampires

Vampires- Creatures or beings believed to be undead (without heartbeat) who solely survive by feeding off of others. This is generally by sucking the blood of human beings, but can be considered feeding off of emotions or feeding in a sexual nature off of human beings as well. They are thought to be beings of super power and unable to come out in the light.

Tales of vampire-like creatures have persisted for thousands of years, from evil blood-sucking entities and spirits, to the modern vampire image we know today. The vampire image we know today came mostly from Europe in the 1700's. This was a time when superstition was strong and people were easily spooked. The belief in the paranormal, witchcraft, and all sorts of creatures of mystery were strong. Mass hysteria erupted easily and there were people publicly executed that were believed to be vampires. Why has the vampire image and legend persisted for so long?

There are some tribes that practice the drinking of human blood in their rituals as well. In the modern world there are people who claim to be vampires. Some sleep in coffins and even claim to drink human. With the release of movies and TV series hits such as "Twilight", "The Vampire Diaries", and "True Blood" vampires have taken on a much different image in this day and age. Vampires have been romanticized but the in all cases, the fact remains in all images of vampires, they need human blood to survive.

It has been noted throughout time that purported attacks and stories of vampires have increased when rabies outbreaks have occurred. Rabies is a disease generally found in animals that cause them to become overly aggressive and violent, unpredictable, and foamy at the mouth before they die. If you think about vampire attacks, they are often portrayed as being incredibly aggressive and violent as they attack their victims. I've included a video below examining the rabies and vampire connection, it's very interesting.

I've also included a video of the show "Beyond Belief- Fact or Fiction" which often features incredible mysteries. This tells of a factual story in a hospital (remember it's been a little embelished for TV). This video itself is slightly blurry but can be heard well and tells quite a tale! So do vampires exist?? I'll let you decide.

Mystery Stories


The plesiosaur, thought by many to be the actual identity of the mysterious sea and lake creatures spotted today.
The plesiosaur, thought by many to be the actual identity of the mysterious sea and lake creatures spotted today. | Source

Mystery Stories

Mystery Stories- Creatures of the Deep

Sea Serpents- Long-bodied creatures with snake-like heads living in deep lakes and the ocean. Many other features are attributed to them through various eye witnesses such as horns or antennas described by some. Long bodies and snake-like heads tend to be described by all. Examples of such creatures include Nessie, Champ, and Ogopogo. These are nicknames give to the creatures spotted in different lakes. Many experts believe if they do exist, they are plesiosaurs.

Plesiosaurs are aquatic dinosaurs that lived in the Jurassic time. They are believed to have lived in European oceans and fed on small marine animals. They closely resemble the eyewitness descriptions of the creatures spotted in lakes and the ocean as pictured in the right.

Nessie is probably the most famous of sea serpent creatures. Hundreds of eyewitnesses have reported seeing her in the Loch Ness lake since 1933. Loch Ness lake is located in Scotland and is 1000 feet deep and 24 miles long, making a search very difficult. There have been several searches conducted, photographs, and video taken. Though some of these pictures and video have been proven to be hoaxes. An account of recent sightings can be found at Nessie Sightings.

Sea serpents have been spotted and accounts recorded well before the 1900's though. In July 1734, a man named Hans Egede was travelling to Greenland and spotted an incredible sea monster. Part of his description included seeing, "...a very terrible sea-animal, which raised itself so high above the water that it's head reached above our maintop. It had a long, sharp snout, and blew like a whale, had broad, large flappers, and the body was, as it were, covered with hard skin, and it was very wrinkled and uneven on its skin; moreover on the lower part it was formed like a snake, and when it went under water again, it cast itself backwards, and in doing so it raised its tail above the water, a whole ship-length from its body. That evening we had very bad weather." [Reader's Digest Assoc., Inc. Mysteries of the Unexplained, pp. 138-139]

Several account of this type have been recorded by seaman for hundreds of years. Modern day times are still spawning eye witness reports of sea serpents as well. Including three reported sightings of Nessie in 2011. Does she exist? I'd like to think we don't know everything there is to know about our own planet and that she still harbors some mysteries from us. I hope Nessie does exist!

Mystery Stories

Jersey Devil Pictures

Mystery Stories- The Jersey Devil

The Jersey Devil is variously described as being the size of a very large bird and having cloven feet, or hooves so to speak. It is thought to inhabit New Jersey. Though not nearly as famous or seen as often as Nessie, it's quite a tale in itself.

The first known reporting of the Jersey Devil was in 1735. The phenomenon gained popularity in 1909, when during a week a week span there were several sightings and unexplained "hoof" prints throughout the city. There have been recorded reports of the creature attacking people and even being shot at with no effect. Through the years, sightings have been reported on occasion, including in 1960 a series of unexplained prints were noted once again along with loud shrieking reported.

There have been multiple sightings reported to the New Jersey Devil Hunters, some credible and some not. The History Channel show Monster Quest went in search of the creature following eyewitness accounts and recent new footage of the unexplained "hoof" prints, even seen on rooftops. I've included a video clip of this episode that's incredibly compelling. Does the Jersey Devil exist? Many residents of New Jersey certainly believe they do!

Mystery Stories

Mystery Stories- More to Come

Have you ever spotted an unidentified creature? Perhaps you may have spotted bigfoot or a lake monster yourself. Please answer the poll question and leave us a comment! Thanks for reading Mysteries to Boggle the Mind- Monsters. I had so much fun writing this one I plan on doing several more over time, including a part two of the Monsters series! I hope you enjoyed this one!

Unknown Creatures

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caluyaronel1992 profile image

caluyaronel1992 4 years ago from Philippines

Interesting hub Vampsdes. I myself is interested to know if the Loch ness Monster and Devils are real. Maybe they are, or maybe not. That Jersey Devil is scary!

Vampsdes profile image

Vampsdes 4 years ago from Missouri, US Author

Thanks for reading! Yes I find mysteries and creatures of the unknown very interesting. Some I think have a chance of existing, some are just so far out there though! If you didn't have the time to watch the monster quest video on the Jersey Devil, come back when you do, it's worth it. You're right, it is incredibly creepy, and many people in that area do believe it and are terrified of it!

caluyaronel1992 profile image

caluyaronel1992 4 years ago from Philippines

I just finished watching it. If was living there I would immediately move out.

Vampsdes profile image

Vampsdes 4 years ago from Missouri, US Author

Ha ha! Yeah if I lived in that area I would definitely be on edge all the time. Then again they probably grew up with the stories and legends. Still, mysterious hoof prints in the snow all over the place, including on top of houses! Gives me the chills every time!

DS Duby profile image

DS Duby 4 years ago from United States, Illinois

Awesome hub, my knowledge of the Jersey Devil was pretty limited before reading your article,I honestly didn't even know it could fly. You have provoked me to research it even further, Thank you.

Vampsdes profile image

Vampsdes 4 years ago from Missouri, US Author

Yeah the Jersey Devil is one of my favorites, there aren't good descriptions or at least there is a lot of variations in people's descriptions over the years. I was a huge fan of the show Monster Quest, even though they rarely found anything. Their Jersey Devil show and their Giant Squid quest really stuck out in mind.

I hated that the show got cancelled, but I guess that's how it goes. Thanks for reading, I appreciate it! :)

epigramman profile image

epigramman 4 years ago

love the passion here in this most fascinating of all hub subjects - the eternal mystery - you are a wonderful writer and you took me on an exciting journey here - a captivating and fun read - lake erie time ontario canada 10:38am and it really stirred up my imagination, big time. love your hub name.

Vampsdes profile image

Vampsdes 4 years ago from Missouri, US Author

Thank you for such a nice comment! I absolutely love researching these things. It absolutely fascinates me! I'm going to be writing more of these. I'm currently working on one about miracles. I've just been really really busy. But it's so fun to write them! Thank you again!

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