Photos of a body believed to be young Natalie Holloway have been released after a couple from Pennsylvania, John and Patti Muldowney took pictures while snorkeling in the shallow waters of Aruba.

After the disappearance of Natalie Holloway last May 30, 2005, Dutch primary suspect Jordan van der Sloot has given two confessions with regards to the young Alabama teenager’s missing case. Two years ago he claimed to have thrown the body out into the sea during an undercover operation conducted by Dutch crime reporter Peter R. de Vries. In his second claim which was made this February 2010, he declared to German-language broadcaster RTL that he did not dump the body into the sea, but instead, hid the remains of Alabama teenager Natalie Holloway in a nearby marsh in Aruba. During his trial, van der Sloot’s assertments were dismissed believing that he gave multiple false versions of the story in order to hide the truth. “It became clear that this statement is hold together by lies and fantasy,” says chief prosecutor Peter Blanken to “De Telegraaf.”

But the shocking photos of skeletal remains taken by the Muldowneys in Aruban waters has led to the speculation that Dutch suspect Jordan van der Slooth might have indeed told the truth in his second confession, and that the body found by the couple might have indeed belonged to the missing Natalie Holloway.

Natalie Holloway was an 18-year old Alabama high school graduate last seen leaving a bar in Aruba five years ago during the last night of her graduation trip. Since the case was opened there have been no hard evidence to prove what really happened to her. But the release of the shocking photos of human skeletal remains found in the ocean floor in Aruba might give clarity to what really happened to Alabama teenager Natalie Holloway. Hopefully, the release of these photos would uncover the truth behind her untimely death, and bring justice to her and her family.

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VeronicaNY profile image

VeronicaNY 6 years ago from New York

I have been following this story from the beginning, but unfortunately, we still have no idea what happened to this girl :( You should write a blog about the jerk, Joran!

vanessa 6 years ago

poor girl!

feelinsry4nat 5 years ago

shame poor grl nd hi iz a jrk ths joran gy

Mike 4 years ago

In what I really think what really happen was Jordan Vanderslot druged her by a date rap drug called GHP and put,into her drink either in her alcoholic drink or in her water in order to make her body go limp and seized. Then took her body in a boat with his friend that had that boat and took the boat and dumped the body of Natalie into the sea. He also killed the other girl too all because of the girl looked at his lap top, The Dutch police offiers and lawyers should have taken away his lap top computer in order to look at all the probably cause of what really happened to Natalie.

I would like to see Final Justic done toward Jorden Vanderslot and put him behind bars for the rest of his life. Like two life consective life sentences because he could have done it towards his own people in Aubra.

Then they too would want final justic too.


gary 4 years ago

why make something so simple so complex. the guys got the girl drunk and used a roofie. ( benzodiazapine) like xanax. valum and drugges. they took her out put her in the car and took advantage of her. they went to the beach she bacame nauseated vomited and aspirated. it is unlikely that she had a seizure because these type drugs stop seizures. she died and he paniced. they took her to the daddys boat and he and them went on a boat ride of probably about 30 miles out and dumped her body. case closed the pictures the couple took are not of a skeleton and it is not her. She was eaten by sharks and crabs and the creatures of the sea. CASE CLOSED.

anon 4 years ago


though your theory is a clausable one there is no need for your blunt ignorance.this wasn't just a body, this was a life of a young girl with her whole future ahead of her, this was the body of a being that two loving people raised,loved and cared for..this was someones little girl. to say she was just eaten by sharks and crab, ect, ect."CASE CLOSED" is extemely arrogant and rude of you.lets see if somone took your daughter and you read someone so ignorantly dismiss the hopeful finding of skeleton, see how that sits with you.

from a thoroughly distgusted bystander.

amanda 4 years ago

yeah I agree with you on that I have 3 daughters and if I was told that there was any kind of picture linking to one of them I would want to see it and I would always have hope that my little girl was alive.

Dale Motte 4 years ago

Gary is most likely correct in that crabs and sharks consumed her. These types of sea animals are not going to pass up a free meal. 4 years ago


Jay 4 years ago

So are you saying the sharks and crabs ate and digested her whole remains bones and all? Had to be some huge ass reef sharks. Sharks don't chew but swallow prey in whole pieces so that's a bold statement. The only people who really know are those involved but I have a pretty good idea the dirtbag killed her. So?

D. Smith 4 years ago

The rumor on television is that the crab cages were missing, so she must be at the bottom of the ocean in a crab cage.

sara Kaye Plummer 2 years ago

I think her body wont b found

kimberly 2 years ago

this is sad

Disturbed 24 months ago

I'm sorry that the Holloway Family has to deal with all the crap you people say about there beautiful baby girl , Get a life

JOAN 22 months ago

No matter how much time goes by, her mother will always look for her. As a mom, I'd be sure that our area schools never made a trip to Aruba and all the high schools need to take it off their list of places to celebrate. This was a horrific tradegy

rich 21 months ago

Jorden Vanderslot should not get life,he should be thrown overboard in the same boat he threw Natalee was thrown helpless into the sea,only tie cement blocks tied to his worthless ass and let him be eaten by the sharks.I have two daughters I dearly love ,and if it were them I would done what ever it to rid the earth of that scumbag.

Jose 21 months ago

Send Vandershits to Iraq let ISIS give him a "Heads Up?"

Bud Dana 19 months ago

The normal method used by these people is to drug a drink, take the girl out, haul her to Venezuela, usually to Falcon, and sell her to a whorehouse. It's legal in Venezuela and charge extra for shot at a foreign girl,. Happens all the time. I lived in Venezuela for 11 years growing up. They have no concern about raping American girls.

diane bellet 18 months ago

May God bless this beautiful family and help them each day with their every day torture 24/7 and some how some day get closure (which I believe there is never closure) to this hanis horrible tragic story of a beautiful girl who just wanted to go have fun on her last yr of school. Just a normal girl with normal girly thoughts in mind w/friends. NEVER NEVER EVER SHOULD ANY HUMAN BEING B AFRAID TO GO AWAY TO NEVER COME BACK . It is just uncomprehendable beyond thinking . We lost a very beautiful sweet heart. May God Bless your lives forever and always.

Jane 18 months ago

I would never spend my money on a vacation to aruba after the athorities have not co operated with natalies family. It is a shame and a disgrace! If I was her family I would sue the police there!

G.S 18 months ago

I still think she's there,something of her.Huge rocks,talls trees in the background.Holes dug,three. All these years.I didn't have that dream for nothing! Dreams,more than one.

Joran didn't go to Peru just to off someone.drugs,gambling,,bigger....

Laura 18 months ago

Ten years later. If the man has been trying to get help because he witnessed what happened. He has not kept what he saw from anyone. I will never go to Aruba but will never stay at the Marriot to dig a small portion with cadaver dogs to find Natalee is horrible. I have a son if do anything to find him. He's a former Marine and I agree with the guy that said vandershit needs to be chained after getting his teeth knocked out then thrown into the ocean. Sorry for those that think it's harsh / what he did to Natalee is worse. He probably killed the girl in Peru due to he'd get off easier. It's not over scum bag killer

Laura 18 months ago

To the fellow who lived in Venezuela for 11 years, don't you think or hope the FBI would've been there kicking ass in Falcon???

Michelle O'Bama 18 months ago

LOL get keyed

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