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I first posted a hub not too long ago about the current neo-noir indie film I'm making entitled NOWHERE JOHNNY and nine shoot days later... I can safely say this is the best film I've ever attempted. Not just the movie storyline itself, but the experience with the amazing people I've "worked" with. Talented actors/actresses from previous films I've done to new actors/actresses I'm working with, they've all done such a wonderful job as performers and I really respect their dedication to their perspective roles. It's rewarding and fortunate as a filmmaker to have such a talented group of men and women.

it's been absolute fun. We've been filming guerrilla style every weekend or whenever possible. There's still a long ways to go, shoot-wise and editing-wise. Still plenty of scenes to shoot and I would have to speculate a run time of 90 minutes, but it's worth it. Making this movie is like a mini-catharsis.


As a filmmaker, however, one has to think about what happens after the film is wrapped. What are my intentions? Surely, the answer is obvious... get it into theaters! Haha. But that's not so easy. Oh, hell no. Like most filmmakers, I'll send it off to film festivals worth any time and hope for the best. And there's always plan B -- iTunes and Netflix. But simply hoping for the best doesn't sit well for a man like me... I'm the type who wants to be in control of getting things done. After all of this hard work, I can't simply hope for the best. I, at least, need to give my cast and crew the audience they deserve. I respect their efforts and they respect mine.

In my first hub about Nowhere Johnny, I stated that the film needs a following established in order for it to be successful. I must tell you that I feel this is even more utterly true than ever nine shoots later, since I've witnessed the admirable efforts by my cast and crew. I feel they deserve a HUGE audience, because I think they all rock and I wanna do right by them.

Please help us get this gargantuan following going by liking and sharing NOWHERE JOHNNY on the various social networks, especially Facebook.

Thank you all so much for taking the time to read my hub. As always, I wish everyone a great day and well on their endeavors. Do check out the latest trailers below. Fare thee well.


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pmccray profile image

pmccray 4 years ago from Utah

Very well done. Voted up marked interesting.

The Jet profile image

The Jet 4 years ago from The Bay Author

Thank you!

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