Namitha Showing Her Valubles in Short Dresses

You can find manyphotos & stills of Namitha who is the queen in South India. This hub is specially show her valubles. You also can find many other photos & pics of Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Hindi and Sri Lankan actresses, models and girls here...

"Namitha" is the most searched keyword in South India during last few years. That fact is more than enough to get an understanding of her popularity among South Indians. This hub is specially to show some snaps of Namitha which showing her valubles in short dresses. Enjoy.

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suresh 6 years ago

i love u

suresh 6 years ago

i love u

ramnath 6 years ago

ur realy sexy and cute girl

NIRUPAM TAMANG 6 years ago

please marry me namitha i will die i if cannot get you

chandroo 6 years ago

No wonder ure giving sleeplessnights to men irrespective of their age. ure too sexy and looking supreme fit

S Sikamani 6 years ago

Namitha, un irandu periya moolaikalum un alakukku melum alaku serkkirathu. Nan antha alaku moolaikalai kasakki sugam peravendum. Melum un pundaiyai nakka vendum. Pundaiyai ookka vendum. Vaa Namitha vaa!

Sanj 6 years ago

Nami mole entha ninte mulakal.ethra valutha.enik kadich thinan thonunu.ninte pooril vaaya vach nakan vaa.ninte mulake pidkan thonunu.

gas 6 years ago

i want to fu.. in the bath tub

piush 6 years ago

i want mitt to namithaa

shakir 6 years ago

ineed to slp wth u nameetha

rave 6 years ago

love u

SALLEEEEEEEM 6 years ago


m a m 6 years ago

i like namitha mola

mydickinherhole 6 years ago

entha mula.., entha chandi.., avalde chandikkakathu thala vachu kidakkan kothi aakunnu.., njan oru vanm viduva iniyum control illa...

siva 6 years ago

hi namitha i am siva .you are sweet and good acting and super firgure

wati 6 years ago

very cute

ven 6 years ago

un 2 periya mulaiku naduvula en poola vachi okanum namitha.

Gaurav mattu sharma 6 years ago

Namitha i am your fan and i want marry with you my name is gaurav sharma maine shaadi ki poori tayariya kar rakhi hai tumhe honeymoon pe ENGLAND le jaonga my promise mere pass 50 karod rupees hai main ek fashion designer hoon my age is 21 year up

rajan 6 years ago

neeeeeeeeeee kooolllllllaaaammm ,,,,aniku thinan thonunu

skr 6 years ago


Sura sagar 6 years ago

evlo selavu alanalum paravala di un mulaiya kadichi un pundaila en poola aati oru kolantha koduthu un mulaila pala kudikanum di

Thugakpi 6 years ago

Namitha nungi nathu duda lake adi haoni aduga nungi khom khuchao ani dugi karak ta lengning a

DON 6 years ago


DON 6 years ago


DON 6 years ago


DON 6 years ago


skrs 5 years ago

ee mula engane kudichu thiirkum????

RAHIM 5 years ago



rafi 5 years ago

ninte mula kadichu eemban kothiyavunnu nee onnu ente sadanam eembumo

ajit 4 years ago

hi namita what to say becouse already too much boys written that the love u. And want to fu..... . Want marige to u . noting to speak . I can say only that yes u r nice and very good . Becouse u r those people that v cannot come up to u but v wish . If u have sum short time to speak with me so i love to speak to u my number is 08567934554 . Buy the way in june i am going to for job i working in marchant navy as 3 officer in passanger ship in spain so please if u have time so cal or give me ur number i wil cal u . Buy

profile image

vichiththra 4 years ago from colombo

i wont kiss youuuuuuu

rajon 4 years ago

i wont you

kailashkuttappa 3 years ago

dear namitha i am one of the fan of u i never watched your movie then to i like you but not in bad manner i like to your friend do be my friend so if you tell s then mail for

sex 3 years ago

0728750104-call namitha.sri lankan boy

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