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Naruto Social Hurricane

As a matter of fact I am no real fan of anime or manga artwork. The words manga-ka or doujinshi are new to my vocabulary. I am not a native English speaker, and Japanese language is yet much more alien to me. Yet lately I hear words manga and anime often enough to start asking into this seemingly weird fantasy world.

Naruto stormed into social networks as a hurricane. Naruto avatars are so widespread in Facebook or Russian Vkontakte that I start wondering if scientists have already found the most powerful psychological weapon to influence people’s minds.

Let us delve into a story of the main character Naruto a little.  He grew up in a village of ninjas. He was unaware that people would not welcome him as his body was the abode of the spirit of fox demon who demolished the village a dozen years ago. Corrupt sensei of Naruto, Mizuki made him steal a secret scroll by tricking him. Naruto is determined to be the greatest ninja in Konohagakure village and to defeat all the powerful foes and forces that are hidden within him. To accomplish this he must take special exams to enroll in Ninja Academy. Among several tests that he and his friends Sasuke and Sakura need to undertake there is a task of defeating his upper level instructor, ninja Kakashi. There are only two people who are able to do this. Will Naruto be one of them?

In the course of this story development he overcomes a lot of obstacles, passes crucibles and comes out as the greatest Ninja.


Naruto Fans enacting cosplay appearance
Naruto Fans enacting cosplay appearance

Naruto Personality

He is a troublesome and audacious boy who likes to play tricks and pranks. As all misbehaved children he is sometimes annoying and boastful. This can be understood from a perspective that he has some dark forces hidden within. Yet he learns how to cope with it, along with his friends who are all aspiring Ninjas.

Ninja Rankings

Genin is the Junior Ninja rank, that is the lowest ninja level. Chunin is a ninja who is qualified to guide and control other ninjas. Jonin is a highly experienced ninja who has great individual skills and can serve as military captain. Tokubetsu Jonin is a ninja who has special ability in one area. Kage is a shadow ninja who is the most skillful and powerful in a respective village.

Naruto Anime Series

The animated program of Naruto attracts millions of viewers in Japan who are ever eager to see what feats are there to be performed by their favorite orange and black ninja hero. The litmus test for anime popularity is the quantity of fan subbing groups. They translate native language with subtitles and insert them into screen captures of the aired TV programs.

One of the reason of Naruto popularity is that he looks like a real person, not an anime character. He copes with obstacles that many of us had to come over. His attempt to be accepted by his covillagers even though he is different correlates with our everyday life. Naruto struggles to be liked by other people, he wins loyalty and hearts of every that he comes in contact with.

Every person in the Naruto manga has a comprehensive personal story behind him, and it relates intimately with the main plot. A deep understanding of loyalty and responsibility exists in every episode, and we feel deeply the emotional power or weakness of every character. This gives us not only sympathy feelings but also empathy, allowing to relive what these characters feel and experience.

Every person in this story adds flavor to the complexity of the plot, extends Naruto universe. Sometimes it is hardly possible to connect different people and events. With these correlations you are sometimes left wondering what this or that statement means and how it will influence other parts of the story. It keeps you intrigued and involved.

Your Naruto Experience

What is your experience with Naruto?

  • I do not know who Naruto is
  • I heard about him, and would like to see the animated series when I have time
  • I see Naruto anime regularly
  • I am a fan of Naruto and take part in all kinds of discussions and cosplays
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i wanna read naruto.. where could i find it here?? :-(

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hi im rose do you guys like naruto

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iii love naruto and gess what. i love this naruto site and i love the enime pickchers i will start telling everyone that this site is the best.

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