Need an Emotional Boost? Turn to Comedy

The Medicine

 Laughter has aided people for years. A man who was told he would die in three months lay in a hospital bed for the final months. Remaining in the white and bland interior, a friend saw pitty on him and brought Three Stooges films. His room became the laugh room. Plenty of patients visited him often to smile and laugh at the three goofs, enjoying what time they had left. At the end of his three months, after every day of comedy films, the doctors checked his files and reactions. He was healed.

The Aid of Comedy

These films bring a smile to our face when we are upset, sad, angry, withdrawn, furious, and distraught. It is the unique medicine of our lives. Why do we watch Rodney Dangerfield and Adam Sandlar? They bring us the gift of laughter. You feel happy. A weight is lifted from your heart and mind. Why?

  1. Comedy distracts us from the world we live in. Instead of hearing those voices in our heads saying, "when are the bills due", or "where will I find the money to pay for John's lessons", we are entertained. People use many things to keep our minds off of life: movies, books, friends, family, video games, etc. Comedy is just another distraction.
  2. When people are happy hormones are released in the body. These hormones work to make someone feel better emotionally, physically, and mentally. You feel stronger, relaxed, interested, and more intelligent.
  3. Comedies use the world around you to see them from a different view. Something you see regularly in your home that you constantly use, someone thought of a better use for it. Situations you never knew existed entertain you. Say someone falling down a flight of stairs and into a bunch of other people with funny sounds and faces. A situation that happens often now turned into something to laugh about.

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