Neil Young Biography

Neil Young Biographical Trivia Questions

If you are a Neil Young fan, see if you can answer these questions about Neil Young based on his life and career. These Neil Young questions are tough. You are probably a diehard Neil Young fan if you can answer most of them.

What is the name of the backup band for Neil Young's live album Time Fades Away?

Stray Gators

According to legend, what famous band member was buried in a neil young

Tonight's the Night album tshirt?

Ronnie Van Zant of Lynyrd Skynyrd

What event inspired Neil Young's 1970s album 'Tonight's the Night?

The heroin deaths of Crazy Horse guitarist Danny Whitten and roadie Bruce Berry. Tonight's the Night album contains a live song about drugs sung by Danny Whitten right before he overdosed.

What is the name of the Reunion CSNY (Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young) tour of 2006?

Freedom of Speech

What is the name of Neil Young's wife?

Peggy- she is a trained singer

What was Neil Young's father's occupation?

Neil Young's father was a sportswriter. Neil attended a public school that was named after his father.

What is Neil Young's real name?

Neil Percival Kenneth Robert Ragland Young

What is Neil Young's older brother's occupation?

Neil Young's brother is a former club golf pro.

What did Neil Young like to draw when he was a child?

Pictures of trains- Neil Young collects model trains and is part owner of the famous toy train Lionel LLC company.

Why did Neil Young refuse to perform in Woodstock 94?

He was offered one million dollars. Neil thought that it had become too commercialized.

What did Neil Young want to become when he was a child?

Neil wanted to be a farmer.

When Neil was a child, he had a terrible habit of biting his fingernails. How did his mother reward him if he didn't chew his nails?

Let him play guitar.

Who were the original members of Buffalo Springfield?

Stephen Stills, Richie Furay, Dewey Martin, and Neil Young

Where did Neil Young first meet Stephen Stills?

Performing in folk clubs in Winnipeg- this is also how Neil met and became friends with Joni Mitchell

When performing with Buffalo Springfield early in his career, Neil Young would often leave the stage. Why?

Because of epileptic seizures that started when he was a boy and gradually progressed and got more severe

What disease did Neil Young contract when he was a child?

Polio- Neil Young came down with polio at age 6. He almost died and had to learn to walk again.

His family moved to Florida for a year so that Neil could recuperate.

What classic southern rock song mentions Neil Young by name?

Sweet Home Alabama- Neil Young's song "Alabama" inspired Lynyrd Skynyrd to put Neil in their hit song, Sweet Home Alabama.

Who was Neil Young's first wife?

Carrie Snodgrass- Carrie was nominated for an Oscar and won two Golden Globes

Neil Young and his wife organize an annual charity event for ?

The Bridge School for Mentally and Physically Handicapped Kids. Neil Young has two sons with cerebral palsy.

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Neil Young Biography Comments 6 comments

new york 8 years ago

in one of the questions the name of neils song was southern man not alabama. 3rd question up from bottom

Gil Peckham 8 years ago

Neil was never married to Carrie Snoggress. His first wife was Susan Acevedo

Gil Peckham 7 years ago

Also fellow Canadian Bruce Palmer played bass in the original Buffalo Springfield

Alex Irving 6 years ago

Neil Young didn't meet Stephen Stills for the first time in folk clubs in Winnipeg either, it was when he was touring in Northern Ontario with his first band The Squires. It was in the Thunderbay area I believe.

anonomus 4 years ago

i am doing a project and i am cryin because i cantbfind anything and my mom is yelling at me

Robert Ragland Young 3 years ago

Neil Percival Young, is Neil's correct full name. Robert Ragland Young, is my full name as Neil's brother.

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