New Kids on the Block: A Reunion for the 80s and 90s kids


80s and 90s Kids Ultimate Dream Come True

It was just a few months ago that rumors surfaced that the ultimate and First boy band, New Kids on the Block, were reuniting. I first heard of this back in March and was completely ecstatic! I have loved the group since I was a little girl and always hoped there would be a reunion. Low and behold in April the group announced their reunion on the Today show to a very large crowd of fans, who I might add were standing in the rain, just to get a glimpse of the boys- I mean Men! But this comes as no shock to me as the guys played a major part of music history and had some really great music. I still play it to this day and even my daughters love it!

It really is a dream come true for NKOTB fans who have always loved the group and the music. It is amazing to see that the guys still can get along and put out a new album with a great sound. So far only listeners can only hear a snippet of one song "Click, Click" but the snippet sounds great! It is catchy, with a hip hop vibe and of course with the guys voices you can't go wrong!

I have been following the progress of the reunion on the group's website, and have found it amazing how the fans are showing the love and all the new info on the site and of course what is it come. The group has already released a few tour dates and I am sure the tickets are selling fast and one event sold out quickly.

How will the new music do?

Now since the reunion everyone is questioning how the music will do? will it be any good? will they still play the old stuff? It seems to me everyone likes the new sound (from the one single) and if the rest is anything they should see success. So many fans have waited a long time for NKOTB to get back together I think they will want to buy their CD just because it is them. I have read that they will be performing some of the old music which is exciting! I just wonder if they will do any of their old moves? That would be interesting to see. All in all the guys have matured greatly since the "old days" and with maturity comes experience and these guys have a lot of it. I think the timing is right and they know they have picked the right "stuff" to give the fans what we have been waiting all these years for!

Old Days
Old Days

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Kellie  8 years ago

Yeah! How exciting!

Kyle 7 years ago

Donnie jordin Danny Jonathan I am a new fan i am really the best New kids on the block i've bine a fan over 20 years i have all ur albus and i just love you music and i just want to be let you know ithat i am a big big fan I love you guys so much

urgurl_bri profile image

urgurl_bri 4 years ago from Holland, MI

I have their reunion cd. It's soo good. Great hub!

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