New Eurovision 2011 prerformance of lovely German girl Lena Meyer!

Lena Meyer amazing performance

Great looking German girl Lena Meyer preformed awesome on this year's Eurovision show!

To be honest, she was my personal favorite this year too! Too bad she didn't won, I loved to see her smile and excitement after her second win, but that's it. Of course, that doesn't mean we can't enjoy her performance and beauty anyway!

Check out her latest photos of her performance and videos in this hub and enjoy :)

Don't forget her music video for Eurovision 2011!

As well as last years winner performance video!

Enjoy and feel free to comment ;)

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Sesshoumaru2st profile image

Sesshoumaru2st 5 years ago from The Hub World

hey dude update this hub and stop posting crap man.I haven't learn one thing about this girl other than she is a German singer.You know what that means right? I have to leave your hub/this site to learn more about this girl's lifestyle,goals,thoughts,and other essential things people might need to find this hub interesting.I'm not trying to bash you...OK, I am bashing you because I want you to do better than this.

Ecchi profile image

Ecchi 5 years ago Author

Well, this hub was for those who already know who she is.

Check out my other pages before bashing me.

You can find more about her in my previous hub page about her:

Thanks for the commenting anyway. I'll try to do my future hubs more valuable :)

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