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News: Chelsea Clinton is now a TV reporter

Comments: So, like her father, she will also become a media glare now? Best wishes.

News: Indians are hit hard as Britain cuts jobs for non-EU workers

Comments: If Britain thinks that it can prevent Asians including Indians from entering Britain, it is wrong! Already there are many Muslims of Pakistani origin settled in Britain. In 1948, there were 10000 Muslims in Britain. In 50 years, this figure has swelled to 2.3 million in 1998. In about two to three decades time, Asians, particularly Muslims of Pakistani origin will be the majority community in Britain as their population is growing in geometric progression. It is like bolting the door inside when the thief is inside!

News: New York cops evict ‘Occupy Wall Street’ protesters, arrest 70

Comments: More than the New York cops, winter will play the spoilsports with the protesters. US winter is severe and biting. Even though the protesters are planning to put up tents and other arrangements, the protest will finally fizzle out. This is because the protesters lack clear cut idea about what they want. Leftists, socialists, communists and possibly anti-American elements might mix with the protesters which may further mar the show.

News: Britain to deploy missiles for London Olympics safety

Comments: Ever since Israeli athletes were massacred in the cold night of Munich Olympics of 1972 by Palestinian terrorists, all the nations conducting major sporting events take extreme care of safety aspects. The British government should be ultra careful and should not leave any stone unturned to spoil all attempts of the terrorists to create trouble.

News: US industrial production rises more than the forecast in the month of October

Comments: This is a clear signal that manufacturing activity has picked up in US and is significantly contributing for the fourth quarter growth. Now it is less probable for the US to slip into recession. Available indications are that the economy will grow albeit slowly. But still the government should be cautious. The available trend may even be a false signal. The greatest concern for the American economy is the artificial devaluation of Chinese currency Yuan.

News: Fewer Indian students are bound for US this year

Comments: Indian students going to US for higher studies depend on the University grant that binds them to teach to undergraduates unlike the Chinese students who receive Chinese government sponsorship. Because of economic hardship, most of these funds from the universities have dried up and hence the drop in number of Indian students by 1% this year. On the other hand the number of Chinese students entering US has sizeably increased. This is a worrying trend for US. Chinese students are never loyal to USA. They are loyal only to their country China. On the other hand, Indian students are loyal to both USA and India. Moreover Chinese cannot be trusted. They spy and send crucial information about US security and other details back home to China. China is a competitor to US in the world both in economy and defence. India is not a competitor to US. The US government should find some way to encourage more Indians entering US for higher studies. That will be good for them and the Indians. It will also strengthen Indo American friendship. America needs India’s help to contain China.

News: USA is looking at higher foreign direct investment from India

Comments: What a U-turn of affairs in the last two decades. Till two decades back, India was considered as a beggar and untouchable. It was looked down by advanced countries with nonchalance. Now India is one of the top five economies in the world next to USA, Germany, Japan and China. In terms of purchasing power, India is second in the world. In Asia, India is third largest economy next to Japan and China. No wonder, India’s help is sought even by European Union to mitigate the debt crisis.

News: US soldier has been convicted for Afghanistan thrill killings

Comments: US bombarded Afghanistan and killed one million people. It was nothing but thrill killing. Earlier, Afghanistan headed by the Talibans and Osama bin Laden bombed World Trade Centre, New York and killed thousands of Americans. This was a thrill killing for the Talibans and the Islamic fundamentalists. One thrill killing breeds another thrill killing. It is like a serial murder. Why convict a single soldier for this?

News: News of the World spied on William and UK politicians

Comments: This is not news. Had the News of the World not spied on William and the British politicians, it would have been news. What normally happens is never considered as news. Only abnormal things come in the category of news. By the way, the British people love such spying and reports based on such spying. The British people love gossips and particularly gossips that involve their Royal Family. If somebody writes that Prince Charles is not the real father of Harry, millions of copies of the edition containing this ‘news’ are sold in the news stand. If people want this sort of stuff, why blame poor Murdoch?

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