Nicole Richie's Weight Loss Secret

How DOES this happen?

There has been some speculation that Nicole's dramatic weight loss was in fact simply an effort to be able to fax herself to exotic far-off destinations and save on plane fare. Let's be honest, she barely exists anymore, she makes waifs look like giant trolls. There are runway models hunting her down in between lines of cocaine to try to figure out what her secret is.

What IS her secret?

Nicole spoke out to Vanity Fair magazine, blaming her break up with DJ AM for her massive weight loss Whilst I'm all for making men culpable for almost everything wrong with the world, I'm not quite buying that story.

She then went on the Tyra Banks show and said that it was due to stress. She confided in Tyra, and Tyra's worldwide audience saying “A lot of people gain weight under stress and I lose it... I know the photographers are following me every day... they're looking for something wrong and that doesn't feel good at all. “

Hmm, is it the fault of the paparazzi then? They're also an easy mark for blaming things on, so maybe they did cause her weight loss, maybe they also cause certain types of cancer, I don't know.

Nicole Richie also sought diagnostic treatment to try and ascertain why she was losing weight. Now I am going to go out on a limb here, but I am thinking the results of that long and arduous process turned out to be something along the lines of “doesn't eat enough.”

Nowadays Nicole is doing better, at least in the sense that she is no longer loosing weight. I'm not sure she had any more weight to loose really, not unless she started ditching internal organs like a hot air balloonist heading towards a lava flow.

Moral of the story kids? Eat more. Unless you are overweight, in which case, eat less. I know this is pretty revolutionary, but Nicole has shown me the way.

Perhaps not enough of this?

Nope, still not enough...

A little better...

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gdfg 9 years ago

wow shes skinny

give her a break 8 years ago

shes not THAT skinny, she doesn't really have that many curves, besides, wots the big deal? so what if shes underweight? she can gain weight if she wants to.

i want to be skinnier than her! 8 years ago

i think it looks totally beautiful, i mean, it doesn't matter what you wear if you're skinny enough, you'll look gorgeous in anything

nicole fan  8 years ago

She is beautiful. i dnt care what peopla call her. She isn't that skinny

JO 8 years ago



Jojo 8 years ago

OK- I think Nicole has a slender figure now BUT I don't think she is a dangerous weight! She still concieved a child while being quite slim which would not have been possible if her weight was too low . She gave birth to a healthy baby girl so I think that indicates she is healthy!!

kim 8 years ago

th e broad looks crackish........come on esp in the first pic the second is better even though she looks adolescent

kristenssn profile image

kristenssn 8 years ago from Sacramento CA

Wow, the people who commented on this article clearly have no medical knowledge whatsoever. This is a clearcut sign of anorexia if I'd ever seen one. Hey, fourteen-year-old girls can become pregnant, does that mean it's healthy too?

tamara 8 years ago

guys look how skinny she is. she's only skin and bone its disguisting she looks anerexic

Kim 8 years ago

I think she looks great

Richie 8 years ago

She isn't that skinny. She looks fine for me.

She isn't a walking bone.

TwentySomething 7 years ago

You are visually impaired if you think she isn't "THAT" skinny! Just how thin would she have to be, to be considered THAT skinny? Something along the lines of the skeleton in the corner of my anatomy class?! She is frighteningly thin. Being able to carry a child to term is not necessarily a sign of a healthy body. If good nutrition were a requirement for childbearing, then parts of Africa would void of people right now!

Tiphany 7 years ago

She looks fabulous!! I love her look and would die to look like her!! You go girl! :)

jorie 7 years ago

she has a anorexic nervousa...

many woman now died on that disease,i really concern to nicole and to other girls out there who don't know if they have that desease or they don't want to accept it that they have anorexic.....8s not important if you are fat or skinny as long as you eat on theright time and the right foo....

if you notice some symptoms of anorexic please see a doctor right away..

maybe time will come you want to be heathly but you cant do that anymore because of what you've done on the past....

kendra 7 years ago

i think she looks good. a lot better than before.

mimma 7 years ago

she so a corpse...

Miss_A 7 years ago

She's so skinny... ugly...

Kelly 7 years ago

Of course she is skinny.!! She looks like she is dying of starvation. Come on!! She looks like a skeleton!

cel 7 years ago

I think you all are looking at different pictures of her at different weights and confusing each other, because in the first one (in the teal green-blue bikini) she does look sick, but in the last (in the black bikini) she looks healthy thin

samsul 6 years ago

she s so nice .

anika +amin  6 years ago

i think it is not true .because it is like a photo .

elin 6 years ago

She isn't a perfect size but she's stunning! it shouldn't matter if your too skinny but ovcourse it gets dangerous at one point.

in 50 yers or so most of us will be over weight or obese in the uk.

vika 6 years ago

I wanna be like her love it

jess 6 years ago

u people need help.... being that skinny can not be heathy...

Dsmt 3 years ago

She's a model type of what thin looks like. If you'd like to be thinner, than you can let her inspire you. If you like more meat on your bones good for you. I think she doesn't carry one extra pound, and I'm impressed. Teach me calorie restriction with this kind of self control!

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