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Beautiful Mexican Actress - Ninel Conde

Beautiful Mexican actress, model, TV host and Latin Grammy Award-nominated recording artist Ninel Conde was born on September 29th, 1970 in Toluca, Estado de Mexico, Mexico.
Ninel started out as an actress, debuting in the 1995 telenovela Bajo un Mismo Rostro on Televisa.
She appeared in minor roles in La Antorcha Encendida and Luz Clarita the following year, then jumped over to TV Azteca to appear in Catalina y Sebastián in 1999.
Then in 2000, she appeared in two more telenovelas for TV Azteca, Besos Prohibidos and Vuelve Conmigo.
Moving to Univisión in the same year, she appeared on La Revancha.
Ninel appeared on the third season of the reality show Big Brother VIP, and was voted off after 43 days.
That season was won by Mexican actress, singer and television host, Verónica Castro (who has won five Big Brother competitions).

Ninel Conde
Ninel Conde

After Big Brother VIP, Ninel landed the role that would bring her the most fame, that of Alma Rey on the Televisa telenovela, Rebelde.

Rebelde was a remake of the Argentine telenovela Rebelde Way, and it ran for three seasons on Televisa and was so popular with the fans that it was broadcast in not only Mexico, but in the United States (on Univision), Peru, Romania Acasa TV, Brazil, Spain, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Croatia and Albania.
It was even so popular, that they had guest stars like Hilary Duff, Gorillaz and Lenny Kravitz.
Yes the show did pretty well.

Anyway, Ninel's character Alama Ray was a famous model and singer on the show, and the mother of Roberta Pardo (played my another very popular actress, Dulce Maria).

In 2005, Ninel started appearing on the American series Ugly Betty as Sofia Rivera in the show-within-a-show, Vidas de Fuego.
In 2008, she appeared on the telenovela Fuego en la sangre (Fire in the Blood) as Rosario Rodriguez.
In 2009, Ninel appeared in one episode of the Televisa variety series Desmadruga2.
From 2009 to 2010, she appeared in Mar de Amor (Sea of Love) as Catalina "Coral" Mijares, the main villain.

Ninel has also done stage work, appearing in the play, Mujeres Frente al Espejo in 2002.

And besides acting, Ninel has a singing career.
She released her first album Ninel Conde in 2003, followed by La Rebelde (2005) and Libre (2010).
Ninel has released two compilation albums, Y... Ganó El Amor (2005) and 20 Grandes de Ninel Conde (2008).
She has also released several singles and music videos.

In 2011 she released Ayer y Hoy, her third album.
Also in 2011, Ninel was nominated for three Premios People En Español awards and a Premios Texas award.

In June of 2012, Ninel (along with Javier Ruiz, a well known dermatologist) opened a beauty clinic in downtown Mexico City.
She has also said that she is working on a new album to be released in 2012.

In April of 2014, Ninel Conde announced that she and businessman George Medina were expecting a baby boy..
Photos of a pregnant Ninel quickly started surfacing.

Ninel Conde
Ninel Conde

Ninel Conde Filmography

"Bajo un mismo rostro" (1995)
"Al derecho y al derbez" (1995)
"Luz Clarita" (1996)
"Perla" (1998)
"Besos prohibidos" (1999)
"Catalina y Sebastián" (1999)
"Lo que callamos las mujeres" (2000)
"La revancha" (2000)
"Como en el cine" (2001)
"La hora pico" (2004)
"La escuelita VIP" (2004)
7 mujeres, 1 homosexual y Carlos (2004)
"Rebelde" (2004-2006)
"Ugly Betty" (2006)
"Fuego en la sangre" (2008)
"Desmadruga2" (2009)
"Mar de amor" (2009-2010)
"Aventurera" (2011)
"Love Rules" (2012-2013)
"Nueva vida" (2013)
"Un gallo con muchos huevos" (2015)

The video for Vivir Asi Es Morir De Amor from the album Ayer y Hoy

Ninel Conde Fotos

Ninel Conde
Ninel Conde
Ninel Conde
Ninel Conde
Ninel Conde
Ninel Conde
Ninel Conde
Ninel Conde
Ninel Conde
Ninel Conde
Ninel Conde
Ninel Conde
Ninel Conde
Ninel Conde

Ninel Conde - Ni un centavo/El bombón asesino/Rabiosa

More Ninel partner trouble.
More Ninel partner trouble.

It appears that Ninel Conde's boyfriend Giovanni Medina is involved in a fraud scandal.
Ninel is denying any separation rumors and saying that she knows nothing about the scandal.
She might need to up her standards of partners.
Her ex-husband Juan Zepeda was charged with copyright infractions, fraud and theft.

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maven101 profile image

maven101 6 years ago from Northern Arizona

Now that's one illegal immigrant I would allow into my home anytime...Nice pics...hanks, Larry

sabrebIade profile image

sabrebIade 6 years ago from Pennsylvania Author

maven101: LOL...that's bad! And funny!

Thanks for stopping by!

Cheeky Girl profile image

Cheeky Girl 6 years ago from UK and Nerujenia

Aw dang - illegal immigrant! That's a bit heavy! She's a beauty! Great hub, sabre! I will keep an eye out for her films. Great hub!

anonimo 6 years ago

que bonita eres

Phillyfreeze69 6 years ago

Ninel Conde is a very multi-talented performer. Her physical attributes served her well as she portrayed a famous model and singer as Alma Ray. The 6 photos captures her voluptuous figure superbly. Ninel, is like fine wine and cheese...she gets better ith age!

fars4u profile image

fars4u 6 years ago

my dream

jasmine 4 years ago

j'aime tes photo c'est très jolie j'aime bien votre role dans Mar de Amor ça vous tés bien le role de la méchante

Shtegara 4 years ago

Je vous admire

Phillyfreeze profile image

Phillyfreeze 12 months ago from Louisville, Kentucky

Ninel's transition from successful actress, model, to wife, mother and business woman has been relative smooth with her marriage to successful businessman George Medina. Thanks for adding her photo gallery, it is visual proof that Ninel is one of Latin America's most gorgeous talents.

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