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Gael Garcia Bernal
Gael Garcia Bernal | Source


No will be of interest to anyone who's interested in Chile, U.S. foreign policy or political advertising theory. It's a semi-documentary story of a young Santiago ad agency man, Rene Saavedra, played spectacularly well by Gael Garcia Bernal, who formulated the advertising campaign against General Pinochet in the plebicite which ended Pinochet's dictatorship. Saavedra was asked by a leader of the opposition to Pinochet to consult on the group's anti-Pinochet TV ad campaign. Saavedra approached the task more as a professional ad man than as an enemy of Pinochet. His boss, head of the ad agency where Saavedra worked, advised the pro-Pinochet campaign.

The movie was shot with hand-held video cameras supplemented with TV news footage from the 15-day plebicite campaign. Well worth watching!

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