No More Secrets

No More Secrets

Chuck RitenouR 6-11-2013

Verse 1:

Girl, I know you've got your secrets things you don't want me to know

Like what you do when I'm away who you see and where you go.

And its true I've got some secrets, things that fill me with regret

The only way our love will survive, there's no more secrets.

Verse 2:

I know you've been unfaithful, girl, I've been unfaithfull too.

Starting today till the day that I die or until you say we're through

If you'll save all your love for me girl, the past we'll both forget

I'll bring all my love home to you and no more secrets.


No, no more secrets, we'll have nothing to hide

I promise I'll hold you close and keep you by my side.

We can make our love brand new, just like the day we first met

and our love will be true with no more secrets.

Verse 3:

Take some time to think it over take all the time you need

And if you decide you want him more, more than you want me

Then girl, I'll just walk away, as far away as I can get.

But if you want our love to survive, there's no more secrets.



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