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Working hard or hardly working

 Maybe it's me...I must be the only that knows  the economy is bad. I'm the only one who  knows jobs are difficult to find. There can be  no other explination for what's going on right now right here

I am basically's a simple enough job. Boring yes, but it pays. So I'm wondering what the problem is? Sit and read that's it...has the rest of the human race gone mad? Granted, a trained monkey could do this job...Ah! That's it! we'll just hire straight from the zoo-it's not like you could tell the difference.

Perhaps that is a bit extreme but...these are extreme times. Lack of sleep doesn't help, my brain cells dripping out of my head doesn't either. Oh well, the night is almost over and it isn't everyone there are a few people who have at least heard of the term work ethic...and tomorrow is another day down here in the dungeons.


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