Noble Brothers Productions

Latest History

The group re-vamped itself, sacking most of its original cast members, making way for more experienced actors. In February 2009 the group shot a 9-minute pilot, No Escape showcasing the major changes since Blue Dragon. In early April 2009, filming began for their new feature length movie, The Hope Within which finished shooting on the 15th of August. This is by far their biggest and most ambitious project to date and will be sent to several film festivals in the UK in 2010.

The group also made a short dramatic movie, called Inner Strength set in a secondary school starring four female pupils. The film was written and directed by John-William Noble and edited by Graeme Noble. The film showcased a professional style of filmmaking and has been selected to be screened at the 2009 Co-operaitve Young film makers festival. In July 2009, director Graeme Noble and cast member Martin Sandison shot and choreographed a short fight scene called Let's Fight! which was done as a rehearsal for the action sequences in The Hope Within. The group made their first intentional comedy film two weeks after Let's Fight! with Blue Dinosaur. Towards the end of filming 'The Hope Within,' the group filmed a 20-minute action comedy called Golden Boy. This film featured some extreme comedy and even introduced comedy in the fight sequences. The fight scene between Graeme Noble and Martin Sandison containing a comedic mix of modern-day kickboxing and old school shapes!

Some of the cast in a on Set Photo
Some of the cast in a on Set Photo
Finale on Set of 'The Hope Within' Feature length film coming soon!
Finale on Set of 'The Hope Within' Feature length film coming soon!

NB Style of Film Making

The group started out as just another independant Kung Fu film group. However, after the completion of Blue Dragon and due to the fact that none of the cast members were particularly talented in martial arts, founding members Graeme Noble and John-William Noble decided to add some originality into their style of filming. This was done so that the group would be able to compete with the best but do so with a completely different approach. Therefore, for the group's following feature-length, The Hope Within, it was decided that it would contain a Christian storyline. Thus, although there would be violent action sequences, the movie would not promote such behaviour. Instead, the movie would promote something positive and the violence would be shown as 'wrong' behaviour. For entertainment purposes though, Graeme Noble still persists that Noble Brothers Productions contains at least some Hong Kong style action sequences. With short films such as Golden Boy, the group have shown that they can also introduce comedy into their films. For their forthcoming feature length films however, the style of filming will be completely serious and have at least some level of Christianity in the storyline and shall include action sequences!

22 of the 26 NB Cast at The Cast and Crew Premiere of 'The Hope Within', coming to Film Fests of 2010!


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