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 Welcome to the place where not so popular animes come. These are the ones that only a select few too the time to watch and enjoy. Not all are listed since that would be a very long list.

These animes are'nt nearly as popular as Naruto, Bleach or One Piece, but they still deserve the love. Some fans even state that if you have never seen ANY of these animes, your not a true anime fan. Cant say I agree with that. Below are some animes, years they were created and some info about them. Enjoy and feel free to look them up after reading this!


The Wallflower

 First up on this list is The Wallflower. This was created in 2000, so its quite new and still on-going. The Wallflower is about a girl named Sunako, who was called ugly by a guy she had a huge crush on. Since then, she has shuned all forms of beauty. Sunako has a fasination with dark, spooky things-gory movies and anatomical dolls. Her aunt began to worry about her so she ends up forcing Sunako to live in a manshion with four beautiful boys. Her aunt told the boys that if they could make Sunako into a perfect lady, they won't have to pay rent. So the hilarity begins..

There are a total of 25 episodes and 27 manga volumes.

Ive personally watched this anime (3 times actually) and I love it. There's never a dull moment with this group of miss-fits. Umong the group, besides scary Sunako, is a book-worm, a cute boy, a playboy, and a fighter. Its a beautiful anime and I highly reccomend it to everyone!


Ronin Warriors

 Up next is Ronin Warriors. This is one of the older ones, made in 1988.

Ronin Warriors is about 5 boys who are the bearers of mystical armor and must fight the evil Talpa, master of the Neatherworld and his Dark Warlords. The warriors are assisted by a young student-teacher named Mia and a mysterious warrior-monk known only as The Ancient.

There are 39 episodes and 3 OVA's.

Personally, I grew up with this anime and I still love it. Its one of the ones they used to play on Toonami and also the a few of the ones that people forgot about after it went off the air. This anime is amazing, lots of action, and a great story. I highly recommend for everyone!


Kenichi: Histories Mightiest Deciple

Now its Kenichi. This anime was created in 2002, and is kind of new.

Kenichi Shirahama is a high school student who has been picke don his whole life. He then meets and befriends Miu and follows her to a dojo called Ryozanpaku. He then meets his six masters Hayato, Apachai, Akisame, Shigure, Sakaki and Kensei, who put him through rigorous training. He also goes up against memebers from a gang called Ragnarok.

There are 50 episodes and 43 manga volumes. This anime is mainly focused on fighting, with plenty of comedy of course. This is an enjoyable show for anyone, and can teach people as well. I loved it and I hope anyone who watches it will as well!


Elfen Lied

 Now onto Elfen Lied. This was made in 2002. This is one of those animes that you've either seen or have'nt and refuse to watch it.

A girl named Lucy, a Diclonius, is the main character. She was kept in a faciliy for experimenting but managed to escape, causing lots of deaths in the process and being injured herself. The injury caused her to develope a secondary child-like personality known as Nyu.

There are 13 episodes and 12 manga volumes. Elfen Lied is strictly for mature audiences only due to nudity and gore. I watched only three episodes and stopped. This anime is not for everyone, and definently not something for children.


 Now for one not alot know about, Blassreiter. This anime was made in 2007, so its quite new. It surprises me that not alot of people know about it due to the fact that many popular voice actors are in it.

Blassreiter is set in fictional Germany and centers around an outbreak of biomechanical creatures named Demoniacs. These Demoniacs rise from corpses and have the ability to merge with most technology, including cars and motorcycles. Going against the Demoniacs are a group of humans known as XAT. They police the Demoniacs in an attempt to keep the peace.

There are 24 episodes and 3 manga volumes. Ive watched this anime and I love it. It has both computer animation and regular anime involved, which makes for an interesting experience. I reccomend for older audience since there is violence and plenty of bad language.


Gun X Sword

 Gun X Sword, also knows as Gun Sword, was made in 2005. This anime is interesting and kind of reminds me of a Gundam show.

Gun Sword is set on the Planet of Endless Illusion. Protagonist Van travles the world searching for a man with a clawed right hand who killed his bride. He is joined by several other travles who each have a connection with the man with the claw.

There are 26 episodes. This was an amazing anime to watch. I will warm there is some scenes to watch out for but nothing to bad. Also, Gun Sword has a surprise ending that kind of catches you off guard. Everyone should watch this anime.


Saint Seiya

 Finally, Saint Seiya. This anime was created in 1986, making it the oldest anime on this list. I dont know much about this anime since I never watched it but I have heard great reviews about it.

Six years before the events at the focus of the series, 100 orphans from Japan are sent to different parts of the world to become legendary warriors known as Saints, under the command of Greek Goddess Athena.

There are 114 episodes and 28 manga volumes. To me, this kinda sounds like Ronin Warriors, just with more warriors and shinier armor. I may have to watch this show to get more info and in-sight about it.

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Carlos 4 years ago

Here in Brazil, this anime was a great success.


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