Nude Glee

Are You a Gleek?

To Gleek or not to Gleek that is the Question.
To Gleek or not to Gleek that is the Question.

No Media Bad Media!!!

Child bit by dog, house robbed, gas prices going up, rich celebrity gets drunk or high or laid. No media. Stop it! Bad media. These are not news stories. Politicians lie - not a story. When Sen. Jon Kyl (R-AZ) recently said that "abortions make up well over 90% of what Planned Parenthood does", many took issue with this statement, since the figure is actually closer to 3%. This issue nearly caused a shutdown of the government. Sen Kyl has a simple and straightforward explanation for his figure he lied!!! House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer confessed that politicians don’t always tell the truth. In fact, he said, they lie!!! Now this is news, politicians running out of spin such that they just admit, "phuck ethics, honesty, integrity, and all the American's political lies infect." This is news and for any real American considered FRAUD. I am one of the growing masses that can't watch what is called a newscast nowadays. That is why the most trusted news today is "The Daily Show and The Colbert Report". Yes, guys we know it is a comedy show. That is the measure of how bad mainstream media has become. With John and Stephen we can trust the facts (set ups) are more real than an average news program. Then they ease the pain of the whores we call government with an appropriate joke. Please mainstream, reclaim your rightful place as skeptical investigative trustworthy reporters you used to be.

That's News

If a kid is bitten by a dog or scratched by a cat, not news. But, if you run across these stories:

"Chihuahua decapitates it owners."

"New reality show featuring lobbyist and the politicians they have bought, Transparency."

"Cost of living is now $0, humanity one step closer to proving being made in his image."

"Kevin Smith sweeps Oscars."

"John Stewart runs for president, and wins by landslide."

"America takes the lead in green energy, pollution reaching zero."

"Health care is free for every human on the planet."

"Oil companies go bust trying to force prices above $10/gal. Green energy is now almost free."

"Using hidden camera's, the President exposes back room society"

"Owner of Twin Towers admits again, "We decided to pull(a demolition term) the buildings"."

"Military spending becomes transparent."

These and many more would be news.

Shining the Turd

Gleeks Unite

Keep Glee great by boycotting the up coming "Friday" episode. Show producers that over 2 million dislikes can't be wrong. This is our voice, the voice of cloud sourcing. Blogs, You Tube, etc. are rated by the audience, sometimes very brutally honest. Yes, we have a morbid want to join a tribe. Whether that tribe is a religion, political group, or laughing at a cat video. No mainstream media this does not guarantee we want you to ride it into the frigging ground. I am a father and was introduced to Glee by my daughter. Any groups out there that whined about the adult cast taking sexy pics have not watched the show. It is a great show to watch with your children to make those common questions comfortable to talk about. It is a bridge to conversation. Hearing and watching the Friday vid is like sitting on a thumbtack, so very unpleasant. And most of us agree to the tune of over 90%. So here us Glee producers we do not want to sit on tacks!


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