Odette Yustman vs Megan Fox with Pictures

Odette Vs Megan Fox


Many fans feel that Odette Yustman and Megan Fox look alike except for their eyes and personality. Both have a great body, sexy tight and dangerous curves that make men drool. Megan Fox is considered more sexier perhaps because she exposes more. Megan Fox shot to fame lightning fast with the monstrous hit of Transformers, especially the one scene where she bends over to look at the car engine was so hyped it got stuck in people's minds. Odette Yustman emerges as a wholesome actress with hot features and some acting talent as well.

Odette Yustman Vs Megan fox

Odette and Megan picture
Odette and Megan picture

Megan Fox movies

Megan Fox brief biography

Enjoy the breathtaking sexy photos of Odette Yustman vs Megan Fox in this hub and post your comments in the comments section given at the end of this page. Odette Yustman has given an awesome performance in the movie "Cloverfield" released in 2008 and fans are eagerly waiting for her upcoming movies, especially "The Unborn" movie.

Megan Fox has one of the prettiest faces in Hollywood. Megan's blue eyes makes her sexy body even more appealing. She also has an incredible complexion and curves that drive men wild. Megan Fox has six tattoos, including a portrait of Marilyn Monroe. a face this beautiful can't be limited to just acting; Megan Fox has posed for FHM numerous times, as well as GQ, Maxim and Arena.

Megan Fox got her big break from the big action movie Transformers. In Transformers, she plays the lead female and love interest Sam Witwicky. As of now Fox is engaged to actor Brian Austin Green and was preparing for the shooting of the Transformers sequel to be released on the Summer of 2009 in US. Megan is a sexy talented upcoming Hollywood actress and the most searched item girl on the internet.

Megan fox sexy pictures

Sexy Megan Fox bikini pic
Sexy Megan Fox bikini pic
Sexy Megan Fox pic #2
Sexy Megan Fox pic #2
Megan Fox in Transformers
Megan Fox in Transformers

Odette Yustman's movies

Odette Yustman brief bio

Odette Yustman is an young, sexy and talented American actress who shot to fame recently. Odette, born on May 10, 1985 in Los Angeles, California has all that is required to become a big star in Hollywood and is well on her way to stardom.

Odette Yustman grew up on a farm and is a sweet country girl and also has the sexy looks and a beautiful smile. As a former model, Odette Yustman has the beauty to shine and the body to stun. Odette has long brown hair and matching eyes that come from her Cuban background.

After the praises and accolades Odette received for her performance in Cloverfield, Odette Yustman turned heads with a sexy GQ photo spread. She's also appeared as a cover model for Vanidades. Odette also has cover appearances in the popular magazine Maxim in www.maximonline.com website.

My vote goes to Odette Yustman as it looks like one can have a good quality time with her.

Odette Yustman pictures

Sexy inviting Odette
Sexy inviting Odette
Beautiful smile of Odette
Beautiful smile of Odette
Sexy Odette Yustman picture
Sexy Odette Yustman picture

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Odette Yustman Vs Megan Fox: Who would you spend 24 hours with?

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Sexy Megan Fox video

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Comments 43 comments

Random Person profile image

Random Person 7 years ago from San Diego, California

They are both beautiful!!

Drew Breezzy profile image

Drew Breezzy 7 years ago from somewhere in my mind

Megan Fox

whatevs 7 years ago


d. 7 years ago

Odette. She's beautiful and breath-taking :)

7 years ago

odette. half megan's face is fake

CAPS LOCK 7 years ago

Megan fox. but odette is not bad

chanel 7 years ago

they both are gorgeous. i would love 2 look like either one of them lol.

chaikovski 7 years ago

they are both sexy..my favorites

Dishprobe 7 years ago

Odette...simply beautiful and innocent! x_x

ocelot 7 years ago

megan fox looks like a tranny.

Canney 7 years ago


Erland 7 years ago

Megan is a bitch, on the other hand odette is the beautiful expensive mas of innocently.

Odette the beautiful mas

Tom 7 years ago

Odette is more natural non hollywood beauty...but megan fox is alot hotter...

Al 7 years ago


Ray 7 years ago

Megan is so damn fake! Odette is beautiful and natural and her personality is so much more beautiful. She has this natural glow that surrounds her that Megan can't compete with.

and you care because.. 7 years ago

odette duh!!megan is a big fat slut!!

POCKETSNZL 7 years ago

i would hahve both, but if i had to choose... i wouldnt it would rip me apart megan is more of a voluptous sexy but odette has a more honest look to her and is still beautiful i guess either way i will never get either of them so i'll continue to masturbate over them both.

Libertine 7 years ago

Odette looks pretty in Weezer video. The rest of the time she looks like every other Hollywood whore, hot, but not pretty. As far as Megan Fox, hot yes, pretty, no.

michelle 7 years ago

they do LOOK ALIKE and they could go 4 twins i guess but ya so they should e bothe

Kevin 6 years ago

I couldn't decide who to spend 24 hours with hanging out at my Mansion home with Megan Denise Fox or Odette Juliette Yustman. I would personally, have Megan and Odette over at my place together I love both, of these Hollywood babes and both, are my crushes. Odette's engaged to be married, this year and I'm happy jealousy for her and Megan Fox is talking about settling down by 25 and if that happens I'll have happy jealousy for her two. I want Megan and Odette to both, be my best friends either one of these ladies I would have love to date. Its all in God's plans and if it isn't meant to be all I can be is a best friend to them I'm satisfied with that. Congratulations Megan Fox and Odette Yustman on starting a life and family.

gaw11 6 years ago

Odette for sure!! Megan is hot but to many tattoos.

kashu profile image

kashu 6 years ago

you are so beautiful girl

and i love you megan fox

vali 6 years ago




odette is just sweet and she look like other stars

BUT MEGAN IS DIFFERENT, HER LIPS EYES every thing is perfect

sdgdfhfdhd 6 years ago

Megan Fox was hotter in 2007, now shes had to much operations and her face is getting less and less attractive... But Odette so really hot!

Malaysian Tiger 6 years ago

Both are pretty ... Odette is my choice over Megan but still Jolie rulezzzz !!

liyah williams 6 years ago

megan fox is pretty and so is odette and im not gay so im not gonna choose but they look like twins and odette should but in some blue contacts and they will be :) and megan fox is really fake...

6 years ago

Odette by left, Megan by right, Like twin cam.

suckerz 6 years ago

i prefer odette. She possesses an angelic face that i've been dreaming of. lol. while megan is like a succubus, her role in jennifer's body (movie) suits her best -- very seductive.

anand 6 years ago

both are degraded when elisha cuthbert comes into play

ODETTE 6 years ago

ODETTE FOR THE WIN. If Megan Fox could've kept her same looks like in her movies *cough* Transformers, then I might have a second thought, but in real life, she's *thumbs down* compare to Yustman and her natural looks

Jon 6 years ago

Megan is extremely fake and odette isnt even that pretty. i love my wife

ODETTE 6 years ago

Odette seems more purly beautiful... therefore she gets my vote

Adam 5 years ago

Megan is hot but she knows it that's the problem. Now odette is simply breath taking. RadiAting beauty. I could go on n on. Bottom line I've seen beautiful woman in my lifetime but odette tops all of them. Her eyes are the key to her soul just stare into them u will see what I mean. Simply the most beautiful perfect woman ever put on this earth

John Smith 5 years ago

Definitely Odette. She is just... breath-taking? Well her beauty has a kind of depth I guess? Anyway, best woman I have ever seen.

Brownie3492 5 years ago

They both look unbelievable. They've both made just about the same amount of movies. Which ones hotter/sexier? I can't choose, their both hard tens.

Arwidson Ruiz 5 years ago

Odette es la mejorrrrrrrrrrrrr, megan es bella pero odette se la lleva por delante en su belleza y lo angelical que es...

Tititi 5 years ago

Odette! Simpler and more natural!

megette 5 years ago

Both are B-E-A-UTIFUL.

girl's perspective 5 years ago

they're both equally hot/pretty/beautiful in a completely different way.Megan has this unreachable-and-unreal Hollywood aura which is just as enticing as Odette's honest-and-real girl-next-door aura.....i don't even get how they're being compared.

BTW,it's totally uncool to be bitching about Megan,all she's doing is making a living out there like everyone else,so fuck off.

it does seem like Odette gets across her personality more,but just because Megan doesn't mix personal life with work,

again,the're completely different so WHATTS DA QUESTION HERE????

Paco 4 years ago


odette is sooooo hoot! 4 years ago

I love them both but if I'm to choose one, it would be odette.

Mp 3 years ago

theres alot of haters in here

Dany 2 years ago

I like everything in Odette.... she is charming!! I love you Odette!!!!

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