Oliver Hartwin German Cannibal

Oliver Hartwin German Cannibal

 I just saw the movie Grimm Love which details the lives of Oliver Hartwin, a cannibal and his victim Simon Brombeck. It is based on the real life story of Armin Meiwes. This movie is considered a horror film due to it's grotesque story line however it falls into the category of a crime drama in my opinion.
The crime occurred in Germany roughly a decade ago and the movie has also gone by the names Butterfly and Rosenberg(spelled Rohtenburg).
It's a sick, twisted tale of two men and the woman who decided to study and do her thesis on this crime for her criminal psychology class.
Oliver Hartwin is the cannibal, the man who spent much of his life caring for his sickly Mother who appeared to be somewhat manipulative and controlling. His victim Simon Brombeck was the willing participant. Willing? You're probably wondering. Who would willingly participate in his own cannibalism? Simon Brombeck. His Mother committed suicide when he was nine years old after she saw him playing doctor with another little boy. Apparently she couldn't stand the thought of her son being gay. As it turns out he was gay. He spent his entire life blaming himself for his Mother's suicide.
Oliver Hartwin began looking for his first victim after his mother died. He went online and started visiting cannibalism sites to satiate his sick desire.
Soon he found Simon Brombeck. His willing victim. Oliver only wanted to eat the flesh and Simon wanted him to eat his penis first. In fact Simon had visited male prostitutes and begged them to bite his penis off.
Oliver Hartwin made a videotape of his actions which the college student later attempted to get and managed to. Needless to say she was horrified by what she saw and it probably changed her forever.
Oliver Hartwin consumed 51 pounds of Simon Brombeck and went back online to find another victim. This time people realized he was serious and he was soon captured and sent to a mental facility.

One of the questions that comes up in this film is the loneliness both men felt. Granted they both appeared to live very desolate lives. One with an imaginary friend that he never really seemed to get rid of and the other who was living with his partner but was still not satisfied. It seems he just wanted to die. Unfortunately in a very sick, twisted fashion. It seems hiring someone to kill him would have been a better option but perhaps he wanted to feel the utter pain and agony of being cut up rather than having a quick. far less painless death.
Nevertheless when does sick become too sick for even the most depraved individual?
As the old saying goes, "Sometimes truth is far stranger than fiction". Sometimes truth and reality are far sicker than any fictional horror story someone can write.

Another theme to the film was what makes us so different from them? Well, for one almost no one acts on a fantasy that sick but how many people fantasize about something so depraved that it blows the human mind? It is something so far beyond reality or so we think that our human minds cannot comprehend the depravity of it all.
Filmmakers put their depraved thoughts on the screen every day but it is for purely entertainment purposes and nothing more.

I did a little research online and found a blog that details movies. I was surprised to see how very different our takes were on the movie. While the other blogger goes into detail about the restricting lifestyles each man has and how this cripples them which it does I attack it from a far different perspective.
Once I started watching this movie while I thought it a little too depraved for my taste which is rare I was also fascinated by it.

It is based on the Armin Meiwes case. Surprisingly, the plot is very close to the movie adaptation of the characters. Mr. Meiwes published an ad online looking for a willing victim he could consume and Brandes came forward to be that victim. Brandes took a large amount of painkillers, alcohol and sleeping pills before becoming the ultimate victim. He insisted on having his penis severed by being bitten off but that didn't work so Meiwes cut it off with a knife and ate some of it and tried to feed some of it to Brandes but he couldn't eat it saying it was too tough. Meiwes then sauteed it in a pan with, salt, pepper, wine and garlic but it was inedible so he fed it to his dog. Meiwes eventually killed Brandes(by stabbing him in the throat) in a room he had built just for this purpose, a room he called the slaughter room. Meiwes read a star trek book while Brandes lay in a bathtub bleeding. After Brandes died he hung him on a meat hook. He even tried to grind his bones into flour.
Meiwes took great effort in preparing the room beforehand, getting everything needed and doing research into slaughtering a human being like an animal. It took ten months for him to completely consume his victim.
There is a video that journalists have reportedly seen but it has never been released to the public. I'm not sure anyone would want to see it or would be ready for it.
Meiwes was finally arrested in December 2002 after a college student saw new advertisements for more victims and called the police who then searched his home and found the videotape along with body parts.
Unfortunately, after the sadistic killing Meiwes was only convicted of manslaughter and sent to prison for eight years. But in April 2005 a German court ordered a new trial. This time he was convicted of murder and sentenced to life in prison.
There has been considerable debate over whether Meiwes should have been convicted at all being that Brandes agreed to his killing. Unfortunately, Brandes is not alive today to tell his side of the story and confirm or deny Meiwes story so we have only Meiwes side of it. If at any time after the butchering started if Brandes had wanted to back out would Meiwes have stopped? We will never know. Was Brandes in any kind of mental state to decide whether he wanted to live or die?
One thing is for sure, other victims had already backed out of his twisted fantasy so Meiwes must have been getting frustrated at this point that there had not yet been a willing victim. He wanted to satiate his sick desire and eventually I believe he would have done so whether the victim was willing or not.
Websites have been created honoring Meiwes with people looking for victims. Personally I think websites advertising for criminal activity should be shut down immediately and honestly they should never be opened in the first place. What kind of a web host allows such activity to go on without taking action against the websites owner?
It is estimated there are more than 800 cannibals in Germany.
I was quite surprised at how close the movie adaptation was to the real crime.

I've found a few websites out there who put a comical spin on the murder and while I found one of them somewhat amusing there is nothing amusing about killing someone even if that person says he wants to be killed. It is not our right to decide who lives and who dies.

The movie is called Grimm Love. I found it to be an interesting movie. It's subject line is of course very dark. If you are of the faint of heart then I do not recommend this movie. And let me repeat this is not suitable for children only adults in my opinion.
The movie stars Keri Russell and is out right now at BlockBuster.

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 6 years ago

I just watched it and was surprised/shocked at how cooperative the victim was. How twisted is that??

cassiy  6 years ago

Any buddy that could eat a person is sick . BUT Oliver Hartwin was really sick they way he chooped that poor man.

victoria 6 years ago

2 sick,sad souls

Karen 6 years ago

I am commenting on how distrubing and haunting this movie was to watch and I really enjoyed this article. I am very intrested in reading based on real life events and how things drive people to do such horrific things. Thanks for this article.

SH 6 years ago

This was definitely interesting to read. I had seen the movie in a retail store and read the back, and was interested in the story more than the movie. This article was great and gave me lots of information about it. :)

6 years ago

I honestly think this movie should be banned with a view to never be lifted. It is disturbing and sickening and left me slightly traumatized. The sheer horror of events the emotional connection between the too and the fact it is based on true events - I found that the underlyinng sadness desperation there psycho social status lonliness is whatade the event so horrific that two people would commit the acts. The screams from the volunteer were horrific I've never heard anything so realistic in a movie and the genuinity of the stroke of the face with a caring thoughtful almost loving .... Are you ready ....at the end was just too much. I took about an hour to pull myself together after the film and the thought of this movie even hearing the name makes me feel sick. I wasn't looking for iit just by chance picked it up as a final choice to tale advantage of the special hire rates at the movie shop. I have told anyone I know to never watch this movie and that is why I found this blog. IT NEEDS TO BE BANNED I requested they took it off the shelf at the movie shop

Gonzo 6 years ago

If you guys thought Grimm Love was bad, you should watch Cannibal, same story told from Oliver's point of view. Talk about disturbing...

skipper7882 6 years ago

watch antichrist

Leo 6 years ago

I just watched the film and was absolutely impacted by it. I think that even though it is terrifying, and very hard to stomach, people should see it, to understand what the human mind is capable of. This is a very well written film, and the acting is excellent.

chris 5 years ago

seen grimm love it was a good movie

M.L 5 years ago

Even as a forensic psychologist, I found this movie disturbing! Most intriguing was the deep connection these two men formed, their sense of loneliness, their need for love which albeit not uncommon amongst people...however their wrapped sense of attaining it was through an ultimate act - cannibalism...being inside another. A disturbing movie, yet a glimpse of a twisted mind. In my opinion, this movie should not be made publicly available.

CB 5 years ago

Very good movie, I think we all have sick and twisted tendencies but we just keep them buried.

Egosearch 5 years ago

Agree with chris and CB.

gcody 5 years ago

I just saw the movie Grimm Love on Showtime. I was shocked by the fact that the movie is based in truth. Because of this here I am online seeking to find out more about the case in truth. Any cannibalistic behavior is shocking to me and my observation is that it is very interesting in the mind's eye of many in society today who are either fascinated or taken by the topic and the opportunity to look into the world of cannibalism, but not quite touch it.

van 5 years ago

I think that man was a sick puppy

shocked 5 years ago

I was again taken aback by what the human race is capable of...but I thought the movie was captivating and well acted. As far the actual man that committed these crimes, I think that he needs much psychological help and agree that he needs to be in an institution for the rest of his life even if he had a willing participant because cannibalism is just absolutely "wrong". And does everyone know there's a cannibal in Japan that is walking around free and is a celebrity because of it and he didn't have someone that was willing to be his victim. Now how wrong is that? His name is issei sagawa.

The Raven 5 years ago

I agree with Leo and CB, I watched and it made me think about how many time have we eaten human flesh. Food that ppl give us at work, or at a gathering. We'll never know.

GM 5 years ago


Voo Doo Lady 5 years ago

We just purchased the movie. My whole family loves horror films, but this was going to far for children. Glad we watched it first. It was excellently done film, subject matter was almost too hard to believe it was based on a true story. Your comment on fiklm also very intence. Hard to believe anyone wants to be eaten, they both had a lot of issues that went untreated. I feel sorry for them and and anyone that feels the same way. They need to get help. It is out there.

dj 5 years ago

I did not know the movie was so very sick.I do pray that God will help and save these so very very sick people in our world.

ggh 4 years ago

i think its what they wanted but in my opinion it was sick and disscusting

cc 4 years ago

I don't understand why anyone wants to be eaten

cd 4 years ago

i understand this movie and all of what happened. the world we live in today is no different from 2000 years ago (just saying). i am thankful for the resources we have today i.e internet, movies, media etc. in this way we become more and more aware of what is going on around us. society needs to understand when a person is twisted and bent that far there is no turning back for them. i don't care how much therapy they're given or how much they get analyzed they just remain that way. all i have to say is we keep an eye or two out for this. i don't think it is normal, but then again with the contents of the world today what is normal? i am glad that there websites are still up and that these movies are being made. we didn't have these inventions years ago and now that we do let's make good use of them and BE AWARE! we cannot change the fantasy of a sadistic person, at some point they will do what they have to do to get their fix. as much as i find this grotesque and utterly repulsive i have say movie work was well done and thank you for making it. this just makes me more and more aware of what is happening.

Marina7 profile image

Marina7 3 years ago from Clarksville TN

I saw the movie and I learned what it was about from your hub since it was difficult to understand watching the movie. Thanks and this is a great hub!!

mz hunter 2 years ago

I just bought the movie and before I could watch it I had to goggle it first. Lookin at all the comments confusses me weather I wanna watch it or put it away. I love horror movies but reading all your bloggs is scaring me! I paused it when I heard the names and had to read up on it first. Pushin play now..............#worried

mz hunter 2 years ago

So I watched the movie and I don't see what all the hype was about. Yes its a sadistic and pyscho its sad as well for this to happen. I've seen way worse. I recommend baby blues. Its a true story as well about a mother that flips outs and goes HAM! She killed 3, almost killed the 4th child but he lived, but the kicker she ended up pregnant at the end in a nut house! Looking for part 2 #y'all soft lol

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