One Life To Live -- A Great Way To Spoil The Todd Story ABC

ABC releases promo revealing who the real Todd is before the reveal happens on the show


If you were watching One Life To Live, yesterday, as Irene Manning arrived on Viki's doorstep to shed some light on the mystery of the two Todd Mannings having identical DNA, then you also saw the promo that aired a few moments later.

There was nothing vague about it. Starr arrived to TSJ Todd's house to announce TSJTodd is the twin brother of the real Todd Manning, while RHTodd is seen with Blair having a fit because TSJTodd stole 8 years of his life with his children and vows to kill him.

This show has tried to be very vague and create some mystery on who the real Todd Manning is. The reveal isn't supposed to happen on the show until Wednesday. Maybe ABC should have waiting until Thursday to play this promo, as most of the scenes in it won't take place until after the Wednesday reveal.

This is just a prime example of how the soaps have been killed. Network incompetence being the number one reason for it. Years ago when the networks cared about the soaps they would have never ruined a reveal that viewers have been waiting for for several months.

The hilarious thing is two weeks ago ABC was running a promo for All My Children that was over a year old. None of the stories being promoted were even relevant, and it took them several days to even realize their error.

There will be some shows I will continue to watch on ABC prime time, but after One Life To Live airs it's last episode, stick a fork in ABC daytime, because you're done.

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LULU SUE1987 profile image

LULU SUE1987 5 years ago

I have been watching One Life to Live For a long time and am really disappointed that it's going off the air. I can't believe they revealed the real tod already.

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