Oprah Network New Show Audition - The Personal Assistant

So after re-reading the rules for the contest to get my own show on the new Oprah Winfrey Network, I discovered that you can use "Social Media" to promote your show idea and get people to vote for you.

What I've discovered over the past three years of being on hubpages is that not only is hubpages a social media outlet it's a social family and network of friends. (Not just sucking up here).

I really enjoy being a part of the HUBPEOPLE and I hope that my fans and the fans of my fans will take the time to go to the following link to watch my television show idea and/or to vote (several hundred thousand times)!!! You can vote as often as you like so please do so. Let's get a hubber his own show, shall we???


Thanks everyone for the support of my writing and my latest project!

I'm also including the video I created when I discovered that there were people who had hundreds of thousands of clicks/votes all ready! Enjoy!

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