Outpost: Black Sun (2012)

In 2008 a little British horror film named Outpost took people by surprise. It had a nice premise about unstoppable Nazis along with great action. Well that movie has a sequel that for some reason is taking a very long time to get released here in the US. The name of the film is Outpost” Black Sun. both films are directed by Steve Batker.

The film pretty much kicks off right after the first one. It follows Lena (Catherine Steadman) who is investigating WWII war criminal Klausener (David Gant) she trails him back to the infamous bunker. She is met by a secret US military team send in to destroy the Nazis but they soon realize that things are a lot more complicated than they thought.

I’ll start off with the bad. The first outpost was so successful in creating a creepy and almost claustrophobic atmosphere that added greatly to the overall film. In the sequel things are taken outside for the most part. It’s understandable but this takes a lot away from what made the first film so good and scary. Although the film ventures into the bunker around the halfway point, it loses its atmosphere. The other thing that I had a problem with was the ending. It’s just comes off as illogical. I think they should have left off a lot better considering that they plan on making a third film.

The movie has taken a different direction as it seems to involve a lot more action but that’s not necessarily a bad thing since the action is done really well. The gore is ramped up so that’s a plug for any gore hound. The pacing of the film goes by fairly quickly maybe to quickly but it keeps thing interesting. Barker does a great job at directing. He certainly has an eye for doing horror and action sequences and proves it with Black Sun. The set design was also great considering the films modest budget. Barker does a great at get the tempo of the film just right and not letting up.

Overall I felt that Outpost: Black Sun does not reach the level of excitement that the first film carried but does have its only moments. Barker has managed to make his sequel bigger than his first. There is a lot more action and blood but that doesn’t seem to be enough to keep the viewer interest as it loses its magic from the first film. All in all I would recommend this movie only to those who have seen the first one and are interested, 3 out of 5.


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