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PK(2014) movie

This PK is the first Bollywood production that was shot in Belgium,

PK a comedy drama Indian movie about an astronomer from other planet went to the planet Earth,

PK(drunk) in a movie is an alien for us who have the same looks like human, when he went in our ball(planet earth) someone stole his remote control for his spaceship, wherein the twist of the story begun.

PK wasn't really his name? no one knows. In PK's planet, no one can talk, their type of communication was like telekinetic.

This is one of my favorite movie of Aamir Khan one of the leading actors in 3 Idiots

Genre: Drama, Science Fiction & Fantasy, Comedy

Directed By: Rajkumar Hirani

Written By: Aamir Khan, Rajkumar Hirani, Abhijat Joshi

Run-time: 2 hr. 30 min.


  • Aamir Khan as P.K.
  • Anushka Sharma as Jagat Janani / JagguSanjay
  • Dutt as Bhairon SinghBoman
  • Irani as Cherry BajwaSaurabh
  • Shukla as Tapasvi Maharaj

A few things About Aamhir Khan

Bibliography of Aamhir Khan

Aamhir Khan was born March 14 1965 at Mumbai, Maharashra ,India

He is also a film maker, producer, director, screenwriter and actor.

His mother is Jeenat Hussain

and his father is Tahir Hussain

Religion: Muslim

Soundtracks Used in the movie

The following video was the scene on the where the soundtrack was been applied.

Chaar Kadam

Chaar Kadam

This is the first song that has been used where in Jaggu and Salfaraz met and fall in love but Jaggu was disappointed when she knew that Salfaraz was Pakistan(Muslim).

Tharki Chokro

Tharki Chokro

This is one of the funniest scene ever in this movie . Pk was craving to hold any girls hand. They were thinking that his a pervert.

Love is the waste of time

Love is a waste of time

At first i was thinking , why loving is a waste of time. Until PK say this line at the end " Why would i waste my time for you , I don't even love you at all" but in real he was just hiding his feeling.

"love me enough to let me go"--jaggu

Pk Dance Theme

PK Dance Theme

This part is where PK fall in love with Jaggu and he teach her what they are doing when their is sadness on their ball.

Scenes Deleted on PK


Authors' review on this movie..

This movie shows about:

  • Religious Belief: (at this part many people told PK that the only one who can help him is God, but how many religion do have ? and how many God do the people praise? in the story, Pk joins much religion just to have his remote(it around blinking crystal that wear like a necklace)
  • Sacrifice:(I'm talking about the love that he have for Jaggu, In which Pk set aside when he knew about Salfaraz)
  • Courage: In this movie you will notice that PK does his best just to bring back the remote that he was looking for.
  • Humanity: It how we should accept any whose not belong to us: like PK and Jaggu though Pk is an alien Jaggu help Pk to have his remote. Another is Pk, he gave money to an old man whose celebrating anniversary with his wife, the old man doesn't have enough money because his wife ordered another glass of ice-cream even the old man lied to him(he already know when the old man holds his hand)he still gave the money that he has and also a tip.
  • Love: the love story about Jaggu and Salrafaz and the love of Pk for Jaggu.
  • Truth and Lies: PK wasn't know how to lie, but, in the end, he did a white lie saying that he didn't love Jaggu at all.

When you watch this movie its just like what happened to us now a day.

Belief vs the other belief.

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After Watching the PK can ask you about...

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