PUT THEM ON DVD ALREADY! - Old School Nickelodeon Edition

"Aaahh! Real Monsters"
"Aaahh! Real Monsters"
"The Adventures of Tin Tin"
"The Adventures of Tin Tin"
"Alvin and the Chipmunks"
"Alvin and the Chipmunks"
"Clarissa Explains It All"
"Clarissa Explains It All"
"Eureeka's Castle"
"Eureeka's Castle"
"Get the Picture"
"Get the Picture"
"Grimm's Fairy Tale Classics"
"Grimm's Fairy Tale Classics"
"Hey, Dude"
"Hey, Dude"
"Kenan & Kel"
"Kenan & Kel"
"Legends of the Hidden Temple"
"Legends of the Hidden Temple"
"The Littl' Bits"
"The Littl' Bits"
"My Brother and Me"
"My Brother and Me"
"The Mystery Files of Shelby Woo"
"The Mystery Files of Shelby Woo"
"Rocko's Modern Life"
"Rocko's Modern Life"
"The Secret World of Alex Mack"
"The Secret World of Alex Mack"
"The World of David the Gnome"
"The World of David the Gnome"

1. Aaahh!!! Real Monsters

I remember how cautious I was of this show when it first premiered. The character drawings seemed kind of weird, and the series seemed to be a little out there. Turns out, it was an instant classic.

2. The Adventures of the Little Koala

One of the premier Nick Jr. shows, this was nice bit of harmless fluff that doubled as entertainment as well as educational programming.

3. The Adventures of Tin Tin

Now that word on the web is Steven Spielberg may be bringing a live-action version of this to the big screen, is a DVD set of seasons on the horizon?

4. All That

The original was like Saturday Night Live on SNICK. A little overacted, but a very fun show to watch.

5. Alvin and the Chipmunks

Do you mind spending $20 or more for 14 episodes available on the Alvinnn!!! Edition DVD? I do. I'd like a full season of this, please.

6. The Angry Beavers

This was by no means my favorite show, yet I watched. It was something nice to have on in the background on Saturday mornings.

7. Animorphs: The Invasion Series

Popular as the books were in the day, this show really wasn't, though it wasn't too bad honestly; a cross between Power Rangers and The X-Files.

8. Are You Afraid of the Dark?

An unscary show packed to the brim with cheesiness, this is definite SNICK classic for those who remember it.

9. Catdog

It took a very long time for this show to grow on me, and by the time it did, it was off the air.

10. Clarissa Explains It All

A less intense (not intense at all, really) My So-Called Life for the Nickelodeon crowd.

11. Cousin Skeeter

A talking puppet that's somehow related to Robert Ri'chard proved to be a better actor than either of the two human leads.

12. Double Dare

Talk about fun, family-friendly shows, this was the definition of it, made especially enjoyable thanks to a host who struck the right tone: Mark Summers.

13. Eureeka's Castle

Most flocked to Big Bird, but my giant companion was Magellan the dragon. I don't know that I ever learned anything from the show, but I had fun pretending to.

14. Figure It Out

This show made it known just how talented (and weird) some kids your own age were, and to this day, it's the only thing I've ever known host Summer Sanders for.

15. Get the Picture

My memory is incredibly fuzzy on this show, though I remember Mike O'Malley hosting, and kids looking at a giant screen to try to solve a picture puzzle. Sounds like it was probably fun.

16. Grimm's Fairy Tale Classics

Fairy tale stories will always be around for kids to hear, but this was the best way for those classics to be seen on screen.

17. Gumby

It's hard to even think of claymation without thinking of this (still) entertaining kids series.

18. Guts

All the medals, trophies and statues in the world can't compare to taking home a piece of Aggro Crag, the ugliest-looking fake mountain of all time.

19. Hey, Dude

Long before she was Ben Stiller's wife, Christine Taylor was one of the interns (I guess? Did they actually do anything?) on this show. Not a whole lot happen, aside from a few romances, but it somehow kept our interest.

20. Kablam!

Now this was a show I think my parents enjoyed just as much as their kids. And why not? There were plenty of great animated shorts here, most notably Life with Loopy, Sniz and Fondue and, of course, Action League Now!

21. Kenan & Kel

It never won any Emmys for its writing (and there's a good reason for that), but back in the day, this was nice piece of mindless entertainment.

22. Land of the Lost

A family falls into an earthquake and lives in a treehouse where dinosaurs live near by. The car was neither damaged, nor did it ever run out of gas. Made sense as a kid.

23. Legends of the Hidden Temple

Even at a young age, something about men hiding in closets and popping out to hug kids seemed weird. And yet, it was often the highlight of this show.

24. The Littl' Bits

Another Nick Jr. original that was an immediate favorite of mine; the theme song is still fresh in my head.

25. Maya the Bee

While The Littl' Bits was my top Nick Jr. choice, this show was my sister's. It never really felt like you were skipping school unless you were watching this.

26. Muppet Babies

I never got into the Muppet movies, but this was something I enjoyed over and over again.

27. My Brother and Me

Goo punch. That's all I have to say.

28. The Mystery Files of Shelby Woo

If you ever felt adolescent detectives were much smarter than you, trust me, you felt the exact opposite when you watched this.

29. Nick Arcade

Sure, this was lame, even in its heyday, but it was impossible not to watch. Video games never go out of style.

30. Noozles

I honestly don't remember too much about this show, except for the fact that a koala would occasionally climb a tree. Sounds interesting enough to me.

31. Rocko's Modern Life

In my opinion, Nickelodeon's best animated comedy ever (next to Hey Arnold!). Behold the voice acting of Charlie Adler.

32. Roundhouse

A little too experimental at first for me, this eventually became a favorite, once I decided that I didn't care if I understood what I was watching or not.

33. Salute Your Shorts

If anything, it made camp seem like a terrible place to be (Were they in camp year round? Seemed like it.) But it was anything but torture to watch Donkey Lips and crew.

34. The Secret World of Alex Mack

Technically, this is on DVD already. The first season is available, but only online. Bring on the others.

35. Space Cases

After recently rediscovering this, I can honestly tell you that this was a horrible show. So bad, it's good.

36. Weinerville

"Odd" is a word that doesn't do this show justice. It's more like "insanely crazy." Interesting show for kids.

37. What Would You Do?

One of the most fun family shows to watch, next to Double Dare, thanks again to host Mark Summers.

38. Wild & Crazy Kids

Sack races, kids rolling down hills in giant beach balls, lots and lots of pies. It was a feast for the adolescent eyes.

39. The World of David the Gnome

Maybe the show Nick Jr. ever had on its roster. But fair warning, don't eat leaves because the gnomes the do. They're not good. At all.

40. You Can't Do That On Television

One of the true old school nick shows that perfected the art of getting slimed on television.

Titles already available on DVD include:

The Adventures of Pete & Pete

Clarissa Explains It All (season one)

Danger Mouse


Hey Arnold!

Inspector Gadget (though it appears to be going out of print)

Looney Tunes

Ren & Stimpy


The Secret World of Alex Mack (season one)

Tiny Toon Adventures

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Fun Arcade 7 years ago

I remember those good shows.

Ray Hatton 7 years ago

Noozles was fantastic show, which the koala comes back to life if you rub his nose, and was from a magical dimension of Koala-wala land, filed with talking austrailian animals. His pink sister could fly and had what looked like a piece of lipstick and would draw a portal to their land. There is some wild adventures, and the last episode is really sad. Time traveling to the past, the human girl witnesses the day her father disappeared, and can't stop him.

Buena Vista aparently owns DVD rights to Noozles. Call them @ 1-800-477-2811 and request that the show be released on DVD. Press the zero key repeatedly to talk to the operator (to bypass the automated menus) and DEMAND the show be released on DVD!

Amanda108 profile image

Amanda108 6 years ago from Michigan, United States

I loved so many of these! If they'd release them to DVD I'd introduce my little sister to them.

tavonmn9 5 years ago

yea these shows are hard to find classics y not have little kids get a chance to enjoy wat we experinced

trusouldj profile image

trusouldj 5 years ago from Indiana

I'd love to see Double Dare on DVD.

Amber gillespie 4 years ago

I think old school Nick was better then now i wish for a day they play them an ask kids to vote so they can return Nick became violent an noon educational

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